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  1. A little reality creation: VW Golf Rolling Stones

    This was so wonderfully odd, I thought I'd mention it:

    Yesterday I saw a VW Gold "Pink Floyd" edition in a parking garage. I listen a lot to Pink Floyd lately and said "I'd get a Golf Pink Floyd or a Golf Genesis anytime. But never ever ...
  2. Mysticism, Physicality and Projection

    I was just responding to a poster about the nature of projection, and it occurred to me (as it has probably occurred to mystics throughout the ages) that the differences in physicality and nonphysicality are not really existent- that we are extensive ...
  3. A bit on language

    Ever wondered about the wonderfully complex terms the Pali and Sanskrit languages have for states of consciousness? Pali, an ancient Indo-European language, can construct new words by stringing them together, something we also do nowadays for example ...
  4. A little reality creation: Sir Duke

    There's a piece I loved since my childhood for its funky brass arrangement: "Sir Duke" by Stevie Wonder. I remember hearing it on TV but I forgot all about it except the music, only the melodic lines stayed with me.

    Recently I was able, ...
  5. The Noble Eightfold Path

    I'd say many people think Buddhism is about meditation, and that meditation alone will lead to enlightenment. This leads to ideas that the only way to enlightenment is sitting in posture most of the day.

    One of the central teachings of ...

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