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  1. Pink Lotus Flower

    In Astral Projection I flew on to a beautiful golden beach. There I was greeted by a dear friend. I bowed to his presence and as I bowed I picked up the most lovely transluscent pink Lotus flower, that had appeared just before my feet.
    I went ...
  2. Greater complexity?

    I read an article(in German) that questioned one assumption present in many modern discourses - that we live in times of ever-increasing complexity and that this overwhelms us. The author demonstrates that an European living now would not experience ...
  3. The Matrix - Reloaded

    Years ago the first Matrix movie stirred peoples' imaginations. What fascinates me in hindsight is not that it did, but what aspects of it did. Putting all its illogical and less convincing elements aside, "Matrix" had a strong archetypal story lost ...
    Tags: archetype, matrix
  4. Filtered Reality

    As I am reading "The Nature of the Psyche" by Jane Roberts/Seth, I am reminded of how strongly our perception of reality is filtered by our beliefs. They encrust the lens through which we perceive anything.

    One might think that observing ...
  5. How goodwill can shape reality

    This is a story that happened in my life, though I'll be a bit skimpy on details here and there. It is about a friend and co-worker. Him and I constituted a team of sorts, or rather the remnants of one. After prolonging his contract as a freelancer, ...
    Tags: goodwill
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