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  1. FIRST BLOG POST: Coincidences, or consciously/unconsciously hampering progress?

    THIS IS A REPOST OF SOMETHING I JUST POSTED ON THE OBE FORUM - I wanted to add it permanently to my blog here. More posts added later.

    POST: ...
  2. Psychic bonds

    Hi everyone,

    So I recently met somebody online through a friend, and we started talking about weird things that have happened to us. From the things he told me we figured out together that he's also got psychic abilities like me.
  3. Solitude

    I really enjoy dark, quiet places outdoors to meditate and project from.

    There is a big difference being outdoors in the darkness and a quiet place. Outside I can feel the Solitude, I can "hear" the stillness, the openness. I can see the ...
  4. My Magical Living space

    Jan 2016

    In the morning, i opened the back door & there to greet us (the dog & i) was a neighbourhood Robin, he was sitting in the branches of our wild Cherry tree.

    This wild cherry tree had seeded itself & grown in the last ...

    Updated 11th October 2016 at 02:39 PM by newfreedom

  5. A Thankful Prayer (Happy notes)

    Since this world is in need for a spoon full of gratitude, I will try my best to take my part in supplying the need. Ready? Let's go! You should try your best to feel thankful when reading the lines of this post. Give it your best shot! group effort? ...
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