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  1. Full OBE

    Hey, Astral Dynamics community. At 2:52 am Sunday October 21st was the night that I have successfully labeled myself an astral projector.

    I was sleeping on the left side of my body at the time, I felt the tingling sensation and I tried ...
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  2. 1st Partial Astral Experience

    I was taking a nap in order to get the tingling sensation to astral project. For about an hour the process was not going as I anticipated. So I decided to let myself know that I'm going to try to sleep and once I'm in a dream I am going to tell myself ...
    Tags: partial obe
  3. Not in an instant

    Charles once told me that fear is resistance from the personality that may need to be overcome to do what the soul intends.

    Charles also once told me that dread can be a message that the soul really does not want you do something.
    Tags: discernment, soul
  4. Hello so happy to find this site

    Quote Originally Posted by Edenjack View Post
    I didn't know anyone had responded to my blog and was started to feel a bit down hearted , I thought I would get email alerts to replies ( maybe you can and I didn't tick the box!)nevertheless thank you for your response and this aplies to my other replies
    Tags: out of body
  5. Lying on your back for projection.

    Quote Originally Posted by LPCF View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarryn View Post
    There are quite a few so called obe experts who are adamant that you can only experience hypnagogics while on your back.
    Out of interest, which so-called OBE experts, in which books?
    I have read it a few times on the net while browsing. ...
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