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  1. Astral Body Spinning?

    Hi, I went to google to ask a question about spinning in the astral body,and here I am on this forum. I have been spinning in my astral body clockwise and counter clockwise while I was praticing OBE and with the mantras that produce OBE. I meditate alot ...

    Updated 17th April 2012 at 02:08 PM by CFTraveler

  2. Musings of a Psychiatric Outpatient

    I sat down today in the waiting room of the mental health department building and was waiting patiently for my appointment with my psychiatric nurse.

    Strangely today, the door was not locked and was wide open, with a brick against the ...

    Updated 13th April 2012 at 08:36 PM by newfreedom

  3. Shaping my reality

    In my job I had to make a switch of assignment to one that I really like a lot. And then I was made to mostly abandon it for another. I really have not been happy with that - now holding two positions vying for my attention, where each would deserve ...
  4. a dream thats been on my mind

    I usually don't like posting my dreams because all I have is a mobile phone most of the time and I don't like to typethem upbut the other nite I dreamt I had a exoskeleton along with this girl and Guy. The girl "robot" was fighting the Guy and he killed ...
  5. Lessons on how to shine

    In my dreams, I’ve been seeing a recurrent teaching figure whom, in the dreamstate, I associate with the main teacher I had when I was studying translation. Sometimes the guise is off, but even then I often seem to think of him as this teacher, as if ...
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