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  1. eBook creation with Magic Light Press

    eBook creation with Magic Light Press

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    by Robert Bruce
    , 12th April 2015 at 04:43 AM (8 Views)
  2. ASTRAL PROJECTION - My Experience Thus Far ((PART TWO))

    [[[-CONTINUED - PART TWO-]]]

    4. Astral Get-Together.


    "So I came out of a dream that I now forget and astral projected. At first I was blind (like last time) and had spun right ...
  3. ASTRAL PROJECTION - My Experience Thus Far ((PART ONE))

    [[[-PART ONE-]]]

    I just wanted to post here a collection of the posts I've made (so far) in my dream journal on my experience of astral projection. Experience will be numbered from first (1) to last. I may add comments or my conclusions ...
  4. FIRST BLOG POST: Coincidences, or consciously/unconsciously hampering progress?

    THIS IS A REPOST OF SOMETHING I JUST POSTED ON THE OBE FORUM - I wanted to add it permanently to my blog here. More posts added later.

    POST: ...
  5. Psychic bonds

    Hi everyone,

    So I recently met somebody online through a friend, and we started talking about weird things that have happened to us. From the things he told me we figured out together that he's also got psychic abilities like me.
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