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  1. Sono2's Dream World (used to be sono!)

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    I am going to start a new dream diary here under my new log-in name, as I can't use my old name due to various technical problems. . . .

    This weekend I had a couple of "teaching" dreams that I found signficant:

    In one dream,
  2. Of Resistance

    Sometimes we hear of the path of least resistance and associate it with laziness. And how is this different from "going with the flow?"

    To me there is inner resistance and outer resistance. Often going with the flow is the path of least ...
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  3. So very close

    Last night I attempted another OBE, and I feel this one was closer than any of the others combined! I am positive I got myself into a trance state, and even more sure I got into a mind awake/body asleep stage. I know I felt some vibrations, and I saw ...
  4. My first blog post

    Well, here it goes. I was introduced to the thought of Astral Projection some time ago in some forum, and I started to do research. I found out that this seemed feasable through all the success stories and reasearch done on the topic, and decided I wanted ...
  5. Trying to remember my dreams


    I try to remember my dreams, but I only get glimpses of them for now.

    For example, this morning I had this image: I was sitting at a dinner table with M and his family. M was sitting accross the table and I knew his wife ...

    Updated 16th July 2011 at 07:54 AM by Imani (addendum)

    Tags: dream, remember
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