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  1. Hello so happy to find this site

    I am very interested in astral projection and have been reading everything I can get my hands on about it for last probably 3 mths as I am determined to experience it.
    Briefly I lost my 6mth old twin daughter and father a couple of months ...

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  2. Illusion

    On some intellectual level we may or may not have come to the conclusion that what we perceive as reality might be illusion. I have seen this idea appearing in many guises. But another thing seems to hold true as well - no matter what people think, the ...
  3. States of consciousness

    Often we are of the impression that our reaction to some event in our life is related to that event, and maybe that event only. But any event impacting at our consciousness at any time might trigger a change in the state of consciousness and that state ...
  4. Mysticism, Physicality, Projection, etc. II

    I was reading something that I had read before and for some reason it hadn't gone 'ding' in my mind- and yet, it came to me as I was digesting some theoretical information, so I'll try to put my ideas down as they occurred to me.

    According ...
  5. Hearing audible music during sleep paralysis

    Hi, my name is Nathan, and I'm a new member on Astral dynamics, and I am very happy to be one.

    Years ago, when I first began experiencing pronounced vibrations in my head (crown chakra) along with very audible shrieking sounds and people/kids ...

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