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  1. Taking it from here

    I read Robert Monroe's [I]Journeys out of the Body[/I] when I was 16, and found it both fascinating and scary. I decided to stay away from it, but it kept nagging.

    About 10 years ago I got interested in magick, worked my way through Kraig's[I] ...
  2. Anyone know how to contact Robert Bruce directly?

    This is a forum for anyone who know how to get in touch with Robert Bruce, and or where to find him. Place of work and so on.
  3. Aliens Angels, Aliens Gods - The creators of mankind - Elohim Aliens.

    The ancient Indian texts (Mahabharata, Ramayana, the Vedas.) Has a great many detailed descriptions of aircraft, the so-called Vimana, which moved across the sky gods, with their flights took place both in space and between continents. UFO in the light ...
  4. My Magical Living space 2017

    this morning i was greeted by a large crow sitting on next doors t.V. areil.

    He said 'Or, Or' to me .... i said 'Hi Crow' & i threw some wild bird seed on the garage roof, he flew off.

    Welcome to 2017 !!! ...
  5. question on section 6 chapter 8

    Quote Originally Posted by sshhmmuueell View Post
    Hi thanks for the wonderful program , its a keeper .

    In section 6 chapter 8 on your talk about long term sessions ,

    You say to brush the bottom of the foot from toes to heels.

    My question is , is it only
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