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  1. Seeing energy / chi more clearly

    what an awesome morning..!

    I could see energy clairvoyantly this morning, more clearly than i have ever seen it... truly 'out-standing!!!'

    WooOw i am still in awe.....

    The energy appeared to make like a barrier ...

    Updated 8th October 2011 at 02:46 PM by newfreedom

  2. The nature of dream recall

    In the OBE and lucid dream community we tend to discern "normal dreams" from other experiences in consciousness that we designate OBE, lucid dream, phasing, etc. We apply different measures to experiences: Was I lucid? How real did it feel? Did it feel ...
  3. Consciousness, Free-Will, Mind and Brain

    I wonder what would happen if I could suddenly impart 'consciousness' on my kitty. I'll bet she'd freak-out. She'd be like a cat on a leash! But without the leash.

    Is consciousness really adaptive? I'm torn on this subject (I've been reading ...

    Updated 7th September 2011 at 10:23 PM by eyeoneblack

  4. Lucidity means chosing your response

    There are many definitions of lucidity out there, but today this one struck me: If you can consciously chose your response to a situation, you are lucid.

    I once had a dream where a troll stepped out of the shadows. If I took the dream ...
  5. Never a Right time to Die

    Am still figuring out how to use this facility, so will add another dream from this weekend: I arrived at "work" one dark, stormy day, (not at all like my office!) & opened a blind which covered a window onto "the back". I was surprised to see that ...
    Tags: death, drowning
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