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  1. We come to this world to give our gifts [part 2 of 2]

    Man was never meant to live in ignorance

    Man was never meant to become so encased in form that he forget who he is, and why he chose to come here to this life, he was never meant to create false identities and start wars to protect these ...
  2. We come to this world to give our gifts *[part 1 of 2]*

    We come to this world to give our gifts to those who would have use of them.

    We come to this world for value fulfilment, to express that which wishes to be expressed.

    Truth is not so much something we express, it IS what we ...
  3. The Law of Reciprocity

    You get what you give

    If you want love, be loving

    If you want kindness, be kind.

    If you want peace, give peace away

    Rather than trying to change the world,

    instead BE the change ...
  4. El Mito de la Paralisis Parte 2

    No es un mito, le puede pasar a cualquiera, tiene una base biológica, y aunque se puede utilizar para hacer un viaje, no lo recomiendo porque, si puede sobrepasar el pánico y salir, usualmente no dura mucho. La razón puede ser biológica ...
  5. El Mito de la Paralisis Parte I

    He o♥do decir varias veces que la parálisis de sueño es un mito- ya he visto esta declaración hecha en unos cuantos lugares, y usualmente la persona no explica a lo que se refiere. He visto esto especialmente cuando alguna persona que no tiene ...

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