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  1. Su primera Proyección Consciente

    Su primera Proyección Consciente- traducción revisada- por CFT

    Este tema se concibió para ayudar al proyector que está comenzando a proyectar conscientemente. Ilustra lo que se puede esperar de una proyección consciente, ya que a ...

    Updated 6th December 2013 at 03:26 PM by CFTraveler

  2. Dealing with Challenges I set before I came here and Past life Karma

    I have yet to find out my past life. I am very eager though to find out who I was before this life. I seemed to put many challenges in front of myself. Challenges that make me seem to lose focus when meditating, causing emotional distress and a ton of ...
  3. Energy studies

    After so many years of reading texts on energy work, aka mysterious eastern styles, yoga, tai chi, etc. I've never really understood any of it. I only have my own experiences to work with, but without much understanding. Having discovered Roberts down-to-earth ...
  4. A Beautiful Boy

    I want to relate something that moved me.

    I have a lovely Year 8 class. They are of mixed abilities and, in my opinion, a perfect combination of personalities so that lessons are always productive and enjoyable. Even my students with ...
  5. Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

    Hello everyone. I decided to start today's blog with me starting up the yoga sutras of patanjali. At the same time through IIH, this will be with my meditation throughout the night. I want to follow the eight fold path as well as finish all three bardon ...
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