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  1. My Awakening

    It is amazing what some people go through to finally realize they are in a dream world where anything is possible. It took me 15 years to realize that same thing. I also know it had popped into my head many times, yet only now I take hold of it. I mostly ...
  2. Classic Paths of Yoga

    I was working on a yoga assignment today. There was a question that asked how Karma Yoga (work and service path), Gnana Yoga (knowledge and wisdom path) and Bhakti Yoga (Love and devotion path) could be interwoven. I had 100 words so I wrote from experience ...
  3. Relaxation is not an action

    There's a fallacy contained in the statement "I relax." Because relaxation is not something you put there. It is not brought in. It is not induced. It's in there.

    However, often we cannot "relax." This is not necessarily because we lack ...
  4. tonight

    for if you could look at each being in this world
    with a lover's eyes
    it would be paradise
  5. Learning beyond suffering

    I recently read a forum post in another forum where a user professed the belief that suffering was the basis of learning. Maybe I would have agreed many years ago, but this post finds me at a time when I experience the exact opposite.

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