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  1. Mysticism, Physicality, Projection, etc. II

    I was reading something that I had read before and for some reason it hadn't gone 'ding' in my mind- and yet, it came to me as I was digesting some theoretical information, so I'll try to put my ideas down as they occurred to me.

    According ...
  2. Hearing audible music during sleep paralysis

    Hi, my name is Nathan, and I'm a new member on Astral dynamics, and I am very happy to be one.

    Years ago, when I first began experiencing pronounced vibrations in my head (crown chakra) along with very audible shrieking sounds and people/kids ...

    Updated 17th June 2012 at 06:28 PM by CFTraveler (Removed quote tags.)

  3. Psychic robustness

    Imagine a seismograph, maybe an old-fashioned one. Picture a needle on paper, going back and forth when a shock is registered, leaving a wider mark for stronger shocks, and a narrow mark for minor shocks.

    Such a seismograph is an instrument ...
  4. The Truth Trajectory

    Imagine you were to travel from Earth to Venus in a spaceship. If you had perfect equipment and perfect data all you needed to compute is one flight plan, follow it to the most minute detail and never correct or change anything. You would blast off, ...
  5. Dream bodies

    When looking at other people's dreams recently, I noticed something:

    Some dreamers and OBErs report being very uninhibited, while others report being not able to discover the faults in their own thinking and the reality they encounter. ...
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