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  1. On Discernment

    Discernment is the ability to tell the difference between two things. In spiritual matters developing discernment is of utmost importance. It is the equivalent of insight, or rather the process by which one arrives at insight.

    Some people ...
  2. On Elementals, Part III

    I talked about the needs of the elementals in Part I. But sometimes it's not only important to know what you need to do, but what could be helpful to stop doing.

    Actually, stopping doing things might be as hard starting to do them. The ...
  3. On Elementals, Part II

    If we move into the mystical, we can also say that none of the energy bodies described is truly you. You could say things like "I am not my thoughts." because at times you may be able to observe them from the outside. Who observes? But I like another ...
  4. On Elementals, Part I

    In theosophy there exists the idea that when souls incarnate on the planet they take on three energetic sheaths - the mental, astral and etheric bodies. The souls's energy attracts certain configurations in these sheaths as its drive towards incarnations ...
  5. Coralie's Manifestation Manual Step Two

    On to Manifesting

    Now you are ready to do some manifesting. Realize that manifestation is what we are here to do- We (and I mean everything and everyone) create this existence. This is our job, and what we do every day. You either ...

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