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  1. When the student is ready- the teacher will appear

    But who is the teacher, you ask? and when will he come? what lessons does he have to offer, and who were my teachers in the past?
    The teacher could be a parent, a friend, a lover, or even a cat (Eckhart Tolle says they are the best zen teachers!).
    Tags: guides, teachers
  2. Exit body for OBE

    Hi everyone----new guy on the block.
    Got a real problem. For months I have been trying to astral project
    and have had no success. It seems, at times, I get close----but no cigar!!
    I am doing all of the right things (proper breathing, ...
  3. eBook creation with Magic Light Press

    eBook creation with Magic Light Press

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    by Robert Bruce
    , 12th April 2015 at 04:43 AM (8 Views)
  4. ASTRAL PROJECTION - My Experience Thus Far ((PART TWO))

    [[[-CONTINUED - PART TWO-]]]

    4. Astral Get-Together.


    "So I came out of a dream that I now forget and astral projected. At first I was blind (like last time) and had spun right ...
  5. ASTRAL PROJECTION - My Experience Thus Far ((PART ONE))

    [[[-PART ONE-]]]

    I just wanted to post here a collection of the posts I've made (so far) in my dream journal on my experience of astral projection. Experience will be numbered from first (1) to last. I may add comments or my conclusions ...
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