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  1. Level 1 Meditation for Energy Storing (guided)

    This is my first guided meditation so sorry about the quality :/ please listen with noise canceling headphones
  2. ASTRAL PROJECTION - My Experience Thus Far ((PART TWO))

    [[[-CONTINUED - PART TWO-]]]

    4. Astral Get-Together.


    "So I came out of a dream that I now forget and astral projected. At first I was blind (like last time) and had spun right ...
  3. FIRST BLOG POST: Coincidences, or consciously/unconsciously hampering progress?

    THIS IS A REPOST OF SOMETHING I JUST POSTED ON THE OBE FORUM - I wanted to add it permanently to my blog here. More posts added later.

    POST: ...
  4. Seeing People in Projection

    Hello, so it's been a while since my last successful projection has happened. But it was the most unique one I've had yet, so I'm just going to jump in and explain the best I can.

    I had watched a documentary about a month ago on Netflix ...
  5. OBE's and Lucid Dreaming

    Hi, I was wanting to get on here and post another blog the other day but my laptop got stolen and I just got it back. What a mess -_- So I am going to post about my second and third experience I've had with OBE's.

    The next OBE experience ...
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