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  1. States of consciousness

    Often we are of the impression that our reaction to some event in our life is related to that event, and maybe that event only. But any event impacting at our consciousness at any time might trigger a change in the state of consciousness and that state ...
  2. Psychic robustness

    Imagine a seismograph, maybe an old-fashioned one. Picture a needle on paper, going back and forth when a shock is registered, leaving a wider mark for stronger shocks, and a narrow mark for minor shocks.

    Such a seismograph is an instrument ...
  3. On Soul Age

    One term that might be the biggest misnomer of them all is "soul age." You can find the term for example in the "Michael Teachings" (an entity channeled by many individuals). The term "age" is meant to infer the wisdom that's supposed to come with greater ...

    Updated 10th December 2011 at 01:24 PM by Korpo

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