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  1. Fuzzy, Pleasant Tickle

    I started a dream journal to help with memory recall and lucidity. I've made some real progress since the start of journaling my dreams. A strange thing happened while dreaming on two different occasions. I began to focus on a woman in my dream, I focused ...
    Tags: dreams, lucidity, obe
  2. Illusion

    On some intellectual level we may or may not have come to the conclusion that what we perceive as reality might be illusion. I have seen this idea appearing in many guises. But another thing seems to hold true as well - no matter what people think, the ...
  3. Dream bodies

    When looking at other people's dreams recently, I noticed something:

    Some dreamers and OBErs report being very uninhibited, while others report being not able to discover the faults in their own thinking and the reality they encounter. ...
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