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  1. A little reality creation: Sir Duke

    There's a piece I loved since my childhood for its funky brass arrangement: "Sir Duke" by Stevie Wonder. I remember hearing it on TV but I forgot all about it except the music, only the melodic lines stayed with me.

    Recently I was able, ...
  2. Shaping my reality

    In my job I had to make a switch of assignment to one that I really like a lot. And then I was made to mostly abandon it for another. I really have not been happy with that - now holding two positions vying for my attention, where each would deserve ...
  3. If you want to be happy, ask for being happy

    Reality creation begins with the intention. There actually exists a lot of confusion about what reality creation is and what a good intention is. Many intentions will create realities, but quite a few seem to backfire or not yield what was intended. ...
  4. The Power is in the Reaction

    Recently I've been made aware twice - by two independent sources - what a powerful role our reactions play.

    The first time was in a recent Charles session, where Charles emphasized the role of reaction in the reality creation process. ...
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