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    This psychic security and wellbeing section provides information covering effective methods and understanding for countering negative spiritual conditions and problems. This section already contains many articles on these matters, and more are coming. We also plan a small private blog and/or forum where specific advice can be offered for individual problems.

    Practical Psychic Self-Defense is recommended reading. Robert's knowlege and understanding of these matters has grown significantly since this book was written. This section offers information and countermeasures not found in the book. A 2nd edition of this book will be released in early 2011.

    For most people, subjects like haunting, psychic attacks and spiritual problems involving ghosts, troubled spirits and unseen influences are uncomfort*able to discuss.

    Spiritual problems are something most of us have to experience before we begin accepting them as real possibilities. Only then do we begin trying to understand and do something about it. But given the confusing infor*mation available on this subject, it is difficult to find any practical common-sense advice from people with personal experience in this area.

    My goal is to give practical advice and effective countermeasures that can be used by the novice, that is, by the average parents who suddenly find they have a weird problem on their hands. Psychic attack and possession are not just ancient problems you occasionally read about. My work in this area stems from a lifetime of my personal experience.

    Unseen spiritual forces affect humanity in many subtle and not-so*-subtle ways. There are both positive and negative spiritual forces, with a great range between them. While fully understanding these forces is beyond human understanding, they can be observed. Many people choose to deny the paranormal—especially negative beings and forces. This is primarily because of lack of experience, and wishful thinking.

    The situation is now worse than it was in the days of our ancestors.

    Many of their beliefs and practices today we call superstitions. But some, no matter how illogical they might appear to be on the surface, are effective countermea*sures against negative forces.

    I have spent a significant part of my life searching for reasonable explanations and practical methods to help counter the influences of negative spiritual forces and beings. In my early adult life this became a mat*ter of personal survival for me. Later, it evolved into a quest to help the many people I encountered with similar problems.

    I class all spiritual forces and beings that have unwholesome effects on humans as Negatives, or Negs, for short. Negs spread unhappiness, disease, and spiritual pollution. They interfere with humans more frequently than most people suspect.

    Psychic attacks and unwholesome influences do not have to be endured meekly. All Negs have weaknesses. Much can be done to avoid and/or counteract Neg-related problems. By and large, this does not involve doing anything too outlandish. For exam*ple, most direct Neg attacks can be broken instantly just by walking across running water (a water main pipe or garden hose) or by taking a shower. Simple but effective.

    Early detection and action are important when dealing with negative forces and beings. I cannot stress this strongly enough.

    In the world today, those with paranormal troubles are frequently blamed for attracting and/or creating their own problems. Victims are said to have done something wrong, or that they have bad karma stemming from past life wrongdoings. But spiritual finger-pointing is no practical help. This is like blaming people for having birth defects or deformities. It is both demoralizing and unfair to blame victims for their troubles. Helpful advice and practical solutions are needed, not blame-based thinking. In truth, the reasons for spiritual problems is generally beyond us as humans to understand. They just happen to some people.

    Psychic attacks and other such unseen Neg-related problems are anything but simple. My ways of dealing with these things may go against popular opinion, but they are logical and practical, based on my wide range of field experience in these matters. While some of the subject mat*ter I deal with may seem distasteful and even disturbing, it is always good to be prepared for any eventuality. Many people have likened my book on this subject to a fire axe, saying it should be kept in a glass-fronted case with the words in red: “In case of emergency, break glass!”

    No single method or piece of advice can offer a perfect defense against all psychic attack and Neg-related problems. But when combined and used intelligently, these provide formidable anti-Neg capabilities. These will allow people with no occult knowledge to survive nearly any kind of influence or attack.

    While some people are more sensitive and therefore susceptible to these things, Neg events can happen to anyone. And the more people who resist and overthrow Neg influences, and the more children who grow up Neg-free, the better this world will be. In the fullness of time, this will make a big difference to our collective future.

    Robert Bruce

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    Robert Bruce is an internationally respected author, mystic, and speaker.For over 30 years, Robert has explored the mechanics, energetics and dynamics of paranormal and spiritual phenomena (how things work); especially Out-of-Body Experience, the human energy body, healing and self-healing, spiritual development, psychic self-defence and higher-self communications.
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