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    Welcome to the Energy Work Section! After the promotional images and videos below is an illustrated demonstration tutorial of Robert Bruce's new energy work system. For more info see the energy work tutorials and articles in lefthand menu.

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    Energy Work Introduction

    NEW Energy Ways is cornerstone of the energy work practices developed by Robert Bruce. No prior skills or experience is required and most people get results immediately. Practicing NEW methods significantly increases energy body activity, thereby greatly accelerating all aspects of spiritual development, including healing ability, astral projection, aura sight, remote viewing, and all other psychic abilities.

    NEW is a simple yet powerful method of directly simulating your energy body with your tactile senses - a true armchair system. It is easy to learn and to use. Most students move energy well and have noticeable energy movement sensations during their first practice session. Energy movements are felt with a variety of predictable sensations, including warmth, tingling, heaviness, tightness, bone deep tickling and buzzing. Body Awareness energy work is super-effective, as you are about to discover.

    The human energy body can be likened to a subtle reflection of its physical counterpart, including central nervous and circulatory systems and major organs. The energy body contains several interdependent energy systems. The primary circuit (containing major charkas) is the higher energy circuit responsible for all psychic and spiritual abilities. But this cannot be properly used (barring natural ability) until its subtle underlying circuitry (secondary chakra system) has been developed. NEW Energy Ways is an easy-to-learn method for developing and strengthening the secondary and primary systems.

    The underlying principles of NEW can be found in all Eastern energy systems, like Qi-Gong, Tai-Chi, Yoga, and Tantra, albeit in obtuse and difficult to comprehend forms. But NEW Foundations has been designed completely for Westerners, using easily understandable Western terminology.

    Essentially, NEW is a tactile system (based on the sense of touch and 'feel') that utilizes focused body awareness actions to move energy through your body.

    In practice, when one's attention is focused in a specific part of one's body, that part becomes energetically stimulated. When this focus of body awareness is given motion-meaning, when one focuses on a specific body part and then moves that focus through the body-the underlying energy body structures of that area are directly stimulated. This body awareness movement causes energy body stimulation and development.

    In this way, energy can be moved at will throughout the body, and specific energy centers (chakras) can be targeted and directly stimulated. This stimulates higher levels of energy body functioning, opening the way to psychic and spiritual abilities.

    The NEW system also has strong self-healing side effects, and healing and self-healing methods can also be accomplished with energy body stimulation. (Also see Heart Center Healing tutorial in the left menu)

    Energy Work Demonstration Exercises

    Brushing Hands and Feet

    The NEW Energy Ways system is demonstrated with the following practice:

      hand brushing hand exercise
    • Rest your left hand on your desk or lap with palm up. With the fingertips of your right and stroke the whole underside of your left hand from wrist to fingertips repeatedly.

      While doing this, memorize the feel of the touch this movement produces in your left hand. Continue stroking for half-a-minute, until you can reproduce the feel and movement of this action in your left hand from the touch memory, with your mind alone.

    • When you can do this, stop physically stroking and continue moving this feel through the whole of your left hand.
    • Continue this and you will begin to feel some peculiar sensations, like pressure, heaviness, tingling, buzzing, or tickling. These indicate successful energy body stimulation in your left hand.
    • Repeat the above exercise with your right hand, then with each foot, then with other parts of your body.

    Remember, the key ingredient to making this work is to move your sense of 'touch' and 'feel' through your body.

    Repeat the above exercise with the soles of your feet. Start by rubbing your feet on the floor to cause a residual sensation to help you focus your body awareness there. Next, rest your feet comfortably on a cushion, about 12 inches apart, or on their sides roughly facing each other. Focus on the 'feel' of the sensation you just caused in your feet, and move this 'feel' from toes to heels, back and forth. Feel this moving through the whole of both your feet simultaneously.

    Repeat this exercise with your knees, then your elbows, then your ankles, imagining and feeling that you are wrapping a bandage around them, one at a time. Note the sensations that each exercise produces in your body.

    Sensations range from soft magnetic feelings of movement, to strong tingling vibrations.

    Creating Energy Balls

    • Hold your hands out in front, palms facing, 12 inches apart. Imagine and 'feel' that you have a tennis ball sized globe of energy held in the right. Next, bounce this ball between your hands, without moving your hands. Imagine and 'feel' this ball bouncing from palm to palm. Keep doing this for half a minute, then extend the bounce action so the ball is passing 'through' your hands, several inches each side.

    The NEW Energy Ways system builds upon the above demonstration exercise with easy and progressive steps. Larger and deeper parts of your energy body-including the primary chakras-are thus stimulated and exercised. Regular practice of these methods significantly increases energy body activity, thereby accelerating psychic/spiritual development. See the NEW Energy Ways Tutorial in the left hand menu.

  • Introducing Robert Bruce

    Robert Bruce is an internationally respected author, mystic, and speaker.For over 30 years, Robert has explored the mechanics, energetics and dynamics of paranormal and spiritual phenomena (how things work); especially Out-of-Body Experience, the human energy body, healing and self-healing, spiritual development, psychic self-defence and higher-self communications.
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