• Part 1 - The Energy Body

    The energy body is a complex structure. In many ways it can be likened to a subtle energy reflection of the physical body, composed of highly structured etheric matter. Etheric matter is not scientifically recognized but, metaphysically speaking, this is the binding substance that exists in between matter and non-matter, the substance that binds physical with nonphysical.

    The energy body contains several interdependent energetic circuits. I have defined these logically, through experimentation, observation and reasoning. My terminology, definitions and descriptions here provide a good rule-of-thumb way to understand and deal with the nature and processes of the human energy body, without being overly technical or mysteriously esoteric.

    Five Main Energy Circuits

    1. Master Circuit - Kundalini Circuit

    2. Storage Circuit -* 3 Main Energy Storage Centres

    3. Primary Circuit - 7 Primary Centres (major Chakras)

    4. Secondary Circuit -* Supporting Secondary Centres (minor Chakras)

    5. Tertiary Circuit - Energy Exchange Ports

    Each of these circuits has many different functions, on the physical, bio-energetic and pure energetic levels. While each can be said to be a completely independent bio-energetic circuit, these are all interconnected and work together supporting each other's energy requirements and functions. All are integral parts of the underlying bioenergetic support structure of the physical body.

    The primary energy centres and their higher functions cannot properly be developed or used (barring accident or natural ability), until their underlying energy support structures have been developed to allow this. If attempts are made to develop and use the higher centres first, a great deal of time must be spent waiting for these support structures to develop in response to the new demands being placed upon them. The lower energetic circuitry will eventually develop in response to higher energetic demands but this will happen very slowly, often requiring many years of waiting time.

    Early bioenergetic development work, especially involving primary energy centres, causes some pretty major disruptions and realignments to occur within the existing structure of the energy body. New energy pathways are formed and old or blocked ones are redefined and cleared. This happens in response to the greater demands placed upon support structures, through the changed requirements and energy demands of the higher primary centres. Until these support structures develop to the point where they can meet this greater demand, energy can be taken from the storage areas of the energy body. This can drain the bio-energetic aspect of the etheric body, and can even cause the physical body itself to become energetically depleted; which can cause physical tiredness.

    While these symptoms do not always occur during early energetic development, they should always be kept in mind: fatigue, dizziness, headaches, digestive problems, depression, cramps, aches and pains, and a variety of emotional disorders can become temporary problems, in varying combinations and degrees of severity. These effects can be especially pronounced if the recommended procedures and cautions given within these tutorials are not adhered to. Primary energy centre work should never be undertaken too vigorously, or at too early a stage of development. To avoid most potential problems, and before any primary centres are worked upon, supporting structures need to be developed, nurtured and conditioned to handle a greater flow of energy.

    The first step in developing the energy body is to stimulate and clear individual secondary energy centres, energy exchange port clusters and connecting energy pathways. While this process may sound laborious, it yields great developmental rewards in the long term. Once this process is underway, energy will begin flowing more freely and strongly throughout the energy body. This alone promotes faster and healthier development in every aspect of the energy body, while also empowering the immune system and other self-healing processes of the physical body.

    Energy Flow

    The average person normally absorbs only a small quantity of the energy available to him/her each day. Energy is absorbed during sleep, as well as through other means like digestion, breathing and sunlight. Now let us say, for example, that the average person absorbs 100 units of raw energy per day, and that this is enough for his/her average daily requirements. But when this same person undertakes bioenergetic development exercises, and energy usage increases, he/she begin using 200 or more units of raw energy (vitality) per day. This deficit of 100 units will usually be made up for through the energy body's storage areas. The physical symptoms of bioenergetic depletion, as discussed above, can be the result if the storage areas become depleted.

    With a little time and attention, however, the energy body can be conditioned to handle anything. This is best done through stimulating, developing and nurturing the all important secondary and tertiary centres. The energy body can adapt and develop to fulfill any new energy requirements fairly quickly, but only if the development process is managed intelligently. If left to develop under its own steam, as a natural response to increased energy demands of higher energy centres, overall energy body development can be extremely slow.

    Secondary Energy Centres

    According to my observations: secondary energy centres share many similarities with primary energy centres (major chakras) but are smaller, simpler and have fewer functions. Their main purpose is to refine, transform and condition energies received through the tertiary system (energy exchange ports) into energy with specific qualities, as required. In a way, secondary energy centres can be thought of as something like bio-energetic electronic components of the energy body.

    The above diagram represents a typical secondary energy centre (skeletal) based upon logic. I find it easier to picture this type of secondary centre as having 4 poles and a central core running through its bone marrow core. Each pole is a small vortex like energetic structure which flowers on the surface of the skin directly above the joint, in and on the skin's surface. These poles are connected to a larger internal conduit which runs through the centre of all bones. Energy flowing through bone marrow cores may be the cause of the bone-deep tingling and 'rushing-water' type energy movement sensations commonly felt while working with the NEW system. The skeletal secondary centres are also interconnected through energy pathways running through flesh, muscles, tendons and nerves, as well as through and along the surface of the skin.

    Slightly different but with similar functions are those secondary centres attached directly to physical organs, nerve ganglias, glands and muscles. These types of secondary centres are not directly attached to the skeletal system. Some of these seem to have only one or two poles flowering on the skin surface, and others do not seem to have any surface vortex at all. I have not determined a great deal more about this particular type of secondary energy centre at this time.

    Secondary energy centres and their interconnecting energetic pathways seem fairly well in line with traditional acupuncture meridians and accupoints. Not surprisingly, striking similarities exist between the secondary system as a whole, and the human nervous and circulatory systems.

    Energy Exchange Ports

    Energy exchange ports (tertiary system) are tiny pore like energy centres with very simple functions. These are much like the millions of tiny pores and hairs covering the skin of the human body. Their basic function is to absorb and discharge energies; and on a higher level to detect energy. The whole surface of the skin is lightly covered with these, but they are heavily concentrated in several main areas:

    • Soles of the feet

    • Palms of the hands

    • Nasal passages and lungs

    • Lips, mouth and tongue

    • Genitals

    The hands and feet are the largest energy conduits into the body and thus contain heavier concentrations of energy exchange ports. These are, therefore, the most important areas to stimulate, develop and make awareness sensitive, during early development exercises.

    Energy Storage Centres

    The human energy body has three main vitality storage centres, where different qualities of energies are accumulated and stored. These are quite different from the primary energy centres (major chakras) that share the same general area with each of these, although they can be said to be energetically interrelated.

    The Sub-Naval The Sub-Heart The Sub-Brow
    Midway between belly button and pubic line, two inches inside average sized body.
    Centre of chest at base of sternum, two inches inside average sized body.
    Between eye socket ridges in centre of brow, two inches inside average sized body.
    Raw physical vitality energy storage.
    Raw emotional energy storage.
    Raw mental and psychic energy storage.

    Of these three storage centres, the most important and safest to actively fill is the Sub-Navel storage centre. The three storage centres are interconnected. As the Sub-Navel centre is being filled it automatically overflows into the Sub-Heart storage centre; and as the Sub-Heart storage centre is being filled it automatically overflows into the Sub-Brow storage centre. So when energy is directed solely into the Sub-Navel centre, the two higher centres above it are automatically filled at the same time.

    I have found that directly filling either of the two higher storage centres is a very unwise practice indeed. This can, experience has shown me, have many adverse effects. It can unbalance the energy body and significantly lower overall energy levels. This is not only developmentally counterproductive but it can also have adverse affects on emotional, mental and psychic stability. Filling all the storage centres is a lifetime's work. So it can take several months or more of regular energy raising before energy levels significantly increase. This slow start is mainly due to excess energy (energy that would normally be stored) being used up during the early development process.

    It is important to note that you do not have to actually fill the Sub-Navel centre before energy begins overflowing into the Sub-Heart and Sub-Brow centres. As the Sub-Navel centre is being developed and filled, pre-conditioned energy is fed into each of the two higher centres automatically. If the procedures given in this book are followed, the three storage centres will fill and develop together, naturally and in a well-balanced way; and when it comes to long-term energy body development balance is extremely important.

    Unfortunately, there are no safe shortcuts with the NEW system. If you long for psychic abilities, as people often do these days, practice regular trance meditation and work daily at filling your Sub-Navel centre; and using other energy circuits given in this tutorial. Make trance meditation and energy raising a part of your daily life and your energy body will safely and progressively develop in a natural, balanced and healthy way. Any dormant psychic abilities will begin to manifest when they are ready, when the energetic conditions which allow them are created.

    In theory it might sound like a good idea to work solely on the higher centres if psychic abilities are being developed, but a plethora of potential problems can arise doing it this way. These can all be avoided by conditioning the secondary centres first, and overall progress will always be much faster if this rule is adhered to.