• Part 5 - Energy Body Stimulation

    Five Tactile Imaging actions are needed to stimulate the energy body. Whether you are working on secondary or primary energy centres, or simply raising energy, variations of these same basic techniques are used throughout. With all of these techniques, hold your awareness very close, just inside your skin at the site of the area being worked on. Scratch or rub each energy centre or energy pathway as needed, to help target it and make it easier to follow with your awareness alone.

    Five Awareness Actions

    1. Stirring Action

    Move your point of awareness in a clockwise circle through the surface of your skin. This is as if you were stirring the target area with a single finger, of one of your awareness hands. The size of this stirring action should be varied to suit the size of the energy centre or area being stimulated. This action can be counterclockwise if preferred, or if it seems to work better for you in that way. Do not be afraid to experiment with this.

    2. Brushing Action

    Move your point of awareness back and forth through the skin as if brushing that area with a paint brush. The size of this awareness brush is to be varied to suit the task at hand.

    3. Wrapping Action

    Move your point of awareness around the targeted area or joint, as if wrapping an imaginary bandage around it over and over. The size of this action is to be varied to suit the task at hand.

    4. Tearing Action

    Use your awareness hands in a two-handed tearing action. Imagine you are holding a small bread-roll or cake or donut on the skin, or just under it. Feel your awareness Hands repeatedly tearing it apart with your hands, over and over. The size of this tearing action is to be varied to suit the task at hand. This action is mainly used on primary energy centres, but can also be used as an alternative method for stimulating other areas.

    5. Sponging Action

    Imagine and feel your awareness hands are holding a large sponge, and that they are sponging water (energy) upwards through the entire area being worked on. This is the basic 'whole-of-limb' energy raising action. It can be used to sponge energy up just one side of a limb, but is primarily used for raising energy through the whole of a limb or body part. This action is normally only used for energy raising. For example, if raising energy through a leg, feel as if that whole leg were being sponged, as if using a large invisible sponge through the whole of the leg to make water move upwards through it.

    Note: With all the above awareness actions, it is the action of feeling your point of body awareness moving 'through' your physical body that stimulates the energy body enmeshed within it. This motion causes energetic stimulation and movement within the energy body itself. Imagine the awareness action is causing a kind of Ripple Wave effect in the energy body whenever it moves through it.

    NEW Instructional Notes

    The NEW system does NOT require a deep level of relaxation, or even a great deal of preparation for that matter. Once these techniques have been learned, it is possible to raise energy at any time: even while traveling, walking, talking, working, watching TV etc. For all the following training exercises, use a normal level of light relaxation only. The exceptions to this is where problems are encountered getting the NEW system to work; or where stubborn blockages are being cleared; or where the primary energy centres are being worked on.

    • I recommend sitting in a comfortable chair with your legs resting reasonably straight and slightly out in front of you, and with bare feet. Place a pillow or cushion under your feet. Do not sit cross legged during training sessions as this makes awareness targeting and learning how to raise energy more difficult than it needs to be. Once these techniques have been learned you can return to a cross-legged position and adapt these techniques to suit yourself. But for now, just relax and take a few deep breaths, generally settle yourself and begin the exercises.

    • Do not wear any tight clothes, especially on legs, as this will cause body awareness sensations that will interfere with awareness targeting and energy movement in that area. I advise bare feet or loose socks. Shoes and tight socks can also cause slight pressure sensations that will interfere with awareness targeting and stimulation actions.

    • When secondary energy centres or groups of exchange ports are found not to respond, continue on with the next exercise anyway; after working on them for the suggested length of time. Do not stop your progress and concentrate solely on a seemingly blocked area. Work on these and then move onto the next exercise. Working around blockages in this way helps increase the flow of energy through and around them; which helps to energize and clear them in a roundabout way.

    • I suggest eyes are kept closed and that they are not be allowed to look towards the target area being worked on. I have found that looking towards the target area, even from behind closed eyes, tends to dilute the feeling and effectiveness of awareness actions.

    • For all the above, some people have reported difficulty learning to focus their awareness without using their eyes to aid targeting and awareness actions. It is therefore permissible to have eyes open and to use them to aid awareness targeting and awareness actions by looking at the area being worked on. I suggest both methods be tried to find which is most effective for you during the crucial learning stages. If the eyes are used though, again, I suggest once these techniques have been learned you wean yourself off using them as soon as possible. Many of the coming exercises in these tutorials do not allow the eyes to be used in this way.

    • While deep physical relaxation and/or the trance state are not necessary for the NEW system, if you have difficulty feeling and stimulating your energy body while learning the system, some preliminary deep physical relaxation and trance work will usually help overcome problems.

    Caution: The NEW system has minimal side effects if used correctly. If, however, at any time while using the NEW system, energy related symptoms arise that are disturbing or worrying, please stop using it immediately. The general rule for dealing with any problems that may arise while doing any type of energy work is to stop and take a break from all energy-related development exercises, including trance work. These should be returned to only when symptoms of the original problem are no longer apparent. A break, from a few days to a few weeks, will solve most energy-related problems completely. If problems reoccur when the NEW system is returned to though, take another longer break. Continue this process until the problem reduces to a tolerable level, or disappears altogether. If worse comes to worse and a particular problem continually recurs (say your feet are too sensitive to awareness actions) skipping the exercise that seems to be causing it will help by working around the problem area until it repairs itself, develops and settles down.

    Preliminary Stimulation

    Some of the early development exercises in the NEW system appear to be fairly laborious, but this work is only done in the very early stages. They yield great rewards by way of clearing blockages and increasing energy flow, so are well worth doing. This is real energetic development work in the truest sense of the word, and everyone has to start at the very beginning here. With a little individual attention, the smaller energy centres quickly become awareness and energy sensitive, and will soon begin responding in progressively larger groups. Much less effort will then be required to stimulate large groups of them into activity. Once they are properly sensitized, a few simple waves of awareness will be found to stimulate large groups of energy centres and exchange ports. For example, both feet can be made to respond energetically with just a few passes of awareness through the whole of both feet; as opposed to the early work of stimulating dozens of smaller centres in each foot, one at a time.

    The early stimulation exercises given here are specifically designed to isolate and stimulate individual energy centres and small clusters of energy exchange ports. Picking through them like this, one bit at a time, allows blocked areas to be identified so they can be cleared, repaired, redefined and strengthened. Each successfully cleared and stimulated area increases the flow of energies into and through the energy body significantly. This level of energy work, while admittedly seeming a little tedious in the early stages, is very progressive. The energy body has a memory and learns and adapts very quickly. Individual secondary centres and energy exchange ports do not have to be worked upon every time, only in the early stages. This preliminary work must be continued, however, until these smaller centres begin to respond in larger groups.

    Redefining Energy Pathways

    Connecting energy pathways in the energy body can become blocked and narrowed to the point where they become virtually disconnected - just as the physical body can malfunction in specific areas. Energy pathways can be healed and redefined by repeatedly drawing energy into, through and around them. The energy body, like the physical body, learns quickly and develops a kind of energy memory of often repeated awareness actions. As energy is consciously drawn through the energy body, energy pathways become highlighted in the energy body's substance. The more often energy is drawn through them the stronger and more well defined they become, and the more energy can thus be drawn through them.