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    Hall of Learning Hall of learning and www.glidewing.com are partners of Astral Dynamics. www.glidewing.com handles all products and services pages and sales.

    Brian Mercer: Coauthor of Robert Bruce for the Mastering Astral Projection Book, and the Mastering Astral Projection Audio Companion. A terrific website with information and history concerning Mastering Astral Projection, and also about Brian's other books, including his Sci Fi trilogy, The Kaladrious Reflection

    Dreamland Radio: The incredible undiscovered country website and radio show with Whitley Strieber.

    Robert Bushman: Up-to-date bibliography facility of Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) and Near Death Experience (NDE) going back to the 1800's. Over 2,000 bibliographical references, arranged by subject and author. Includes Arabic, Danish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Thai, publication references. Compiled and maintained by Robert Bushman.

    Caroline Needham Artist extraordinaire, based in Scotland. The artist behind many of the superb illustrations in Robert Bruce's books and online works.



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