• Part 8 - Energy Bounce Techniques

    Energy bounce is a simple but effective awareness technique. It makes use of the awareness resistance factor that occurs when awareness is drawn rapidly through the substance of the energy body. This helps to clear, redefine and strengthen all energy pathways, including the large, internal, bone-marrow cores; by forcing energy to move rapidly through them.

    Awareness Resistance Factor

    When awareness is moved rapidly through the energy body, natural energetic resistance is encountered. This resistance feels as if something is slowing or dragging at the awareness action being used, like you are dragging your awareness through an almost liquid substance. Awareness resistance allows you to feel the substance of your own energy body. Awareness bounce actions create an energetic ripple-wave effect through the energy/etheric body. This ripple-wave causes a gentle disruption within its substance which forces energy movement. This helps clear and develop internal pathways and structures. It can also be said to have the effect of generally loosening up the energy body.

    As an example (using a rapid sponging action), bounce your awareness up and down through the whole of one leg (pick one) from foot to hip, feeling it moving in both directions; as with the earlier whole of limb sponging exercises. Bounce your awareness from foot to hip and back, rapidly and repeatedly. Your body awareness is capable of lightning-fast movements and of flicking from one body part to another instantly, but not so when you are moving it through the energy body in this way. Slowly increase the speed of this leg bounce and you will soon feel resistance to the bounce action. You will find there is a natural speed limit of about half a second each way. If you move faster than this, your awareness will lose contact with the substance of your energy body and begin flicking from foot to hip and back, while skipping the leg in between. Once this happens you are no longer driving your point of awareness through your energy body, and are therefore no longer stimulating it.

    Bounce Testing

    Whatever part of your body you wish to bounce awareness through, first experiment with the speed, increasing the bounce frequency until resistance is encountered. Once resistance is felt, slow the speed a little until you are quickly and comfortably bouncing through your body while still retaining the feel of body awareness contact. This is the correct speed for the bounce action in that area. Do not count or time this with a watch, just get the feel for what seems like the best speed for you.

    Bounce Actions

    Leg Bounce

    As above, take your awareness through one or both legs, from feet to hips. First test for resistance to gauge the correct speed and bounce frequency, then bounce repeatedly from feet to hips and back to feet again. You will quickly develop a natural rhythm with this action and you will feel the slight dragging effect it has within your energy body. There will often be energy movement sensations in the bounce area, but these are usually fairly mild. Continue bouncing for at least a minute, or for as long as you wish. Its quite a pleasant sensation when you get used to it and the bounce action will become almost automatic with a little practice. Try splitting awareness and bouncing through both legs simultaneously.

    Arm Bounce

    First test for resistance and adjust speed to suit. As above, bounce awareness through one or both arms, from hands to shoulders and back again repeatedly. Try splitting awareness and bouncing through both arms at the same time. An alternative to this is to hold your arms wide and level, and then bounce from one hand to another with awareness passing through shoulders and chest in between.

    Spinal Bounce

    This is a wonderful technique if you suffer back tension or spinal pain. I have a few spinal injuries myself and find this very soothing and healing. Once you master the spinal bounce technique you can set it in motion and then use your mind for other things, meditation, etc. Only a small part of your awareness is required to keep the bounce action continuing in the background.

    This technique is beneficial for overall energetic development as it has a gentle stimulating effect on the roots of all primary energy centres. All primary centres (also called major Chakras) apart from the brow and crown centres are rooted within the spine. The spinal bounce technique gently stimulates all these roots without actively stimulating the more sensitive vortex-like structures that flower on the front surface of the human torso. I recommend that serious energy developers spend at least a few minutes per day on this exercise, with particular attention being paid when using the brushing action on the coccyx at the start. I find this exercise is easier to do regularly during pre-sleep each night. This soon becomes habitual, although it can of course be done at any other time, as desired.

    • Awareness target the coccyx (tail bone) at base of spine, scratching or rubbing if necessary. Pre-stimulate coccyx with a brushing action for thirty seconds or so. Cease pre-stimulation of coccyx if any erotic symptoms or strong energy movement sensations are felt. Move straight onto the following bounce action if this happens, and be more careful brushing the coccyx next time. If this is the case, reducing the amount of time spent doing this may be wise, or even avoiding the coccyx brushing altogether if it becomes a recurring problem.

    • Move awareness along the full length of spine to just above top of head. Bounce awareness back and forth, from coccyx to head, feeling this up and down the middle of your back, in your spine, all the way. Try and keep this action narrowed to the spine itself. Increase the speed of this action until you encounter resistance, then back off to a more comfortable rhythm - about half a second or so in each direction. Breathe naturally while doing this.

    • If you have spinal injuries, use a blade-like awareness action and slice from side to side, starting at the base of your spine and working your way slowly up your spine. Pay particular attention and spend more time using this slicing action on damaged areas.

    Full Body Bounce

    The full body bounce takes awareness up and down through the entire body. This can be done while in any position, but is best learned while lying down with arms raised straight above your head. Take your awareness from both feet, up through both legs, hips, torso and spine, head, arms, and all the way to just above your fingertips. Bounce your awareness back and forth, from feet to fingertips, increasing speed until resistance is felt. The bounce rhythm should be fairly quick, one or two seconds each way, but whatever feels easiest and most natural is best. Try and feel the whole of your body with each full body bounce. This whole-body feel does not have to be exact, just a general feel of your awareness moving through your body is all that is necessary.

    A variation of the above is with arms resting at sides, where awareness is bounced from feet to just above top of head. This is far more practical while sitting or standing.

    Case Histories


    Update 1:

    I started the toe work on my left big toe joint and almost immediately felt a tingling/buzzing sensation begin to develop in that joint.* I continued the stirring action, and the tingling/buzzing became more pronounced.* I went on to the next join in the big toe same effect as above.* I then tried to stimulate the right toe.* I tried for a good 7 minutes but could feel only very light sensations there.* I decided to do the rest of the toe work on the left foot first, and then switch to the right foot.* It was very simple to get all the left toes to feel the buzzing/tingling feeling.* Then I switched to the right foot, and tried all of the toes, but with still only very slight feelings there.* I then began to use the brushing awareness technique on the left toes, and although the tingling/buzzing had faded since I had started working on the right foot, they came back almost instantly, and all at the same time.* I continued for a bit, and then I noticed that my left thigh was starting to ache, so I went back to the right foot, and used the brushing technique over all of the toes.

    What happened next was strange, and for a little while I did not feel anything.* Quite suddenly, I had a sort of explosion of pain in my toes, that traveled up into my navel area, and then dissipated there.* This happened about 4 or 5 times, like a pulsing wave, and then I started to feel tingling/buzzing in my right toes.* This was now almost as strong as it was in my left foot.* I think that the initial intense burst of pain, was just my right toes and leg unblocking, so I think anyway.* Now, both my feet and their toes seem to be working equally as well, and are just as easily stimulated.

    I tried dividing my awareness, so that I could stimulate both feet and their toes together.* I found that this was a little more difficult than doing it one foot at a time, because I kept putting more attention into my left foot, and less into my right foot.* After a bit of practice, I think I will be able to do it with no problems.* I think I have progressed well, and will try this again later today.* Also, while writing this, all my toes on both feet are buzzing.* Its a really neat experience!

    Update 2:

    I had only intended to try and get my toes working again, but when I did a general awareness brushing, about 10 times over all the toes of both feet, they all came alive with buzzing very quickly.* So I went onto the sole work.* As it turns out, the sole work is extremely easy to do, and to get going, once I figured out how best to use my awareness there.* Both feet worked well, and there seem to be no blockages there.* I went onto the heel work after a few minutes.* When I began, I could feel nothing in both heels, but after working on them for a little bit, the same thing that happened with my right toes happened with both my heels, at roughly the same time.* I felt a moment of intense pain in both my heels.* This pain travelled in waves up into my lower navel area, and then dissipated there.* After about 7 of these painful waves, the buzzing and tingling feelings began in both my heels.* I find I can now turn my heels on and off, just like my toes, and there has been no more pain since these blockages cleared.

    Just as a side note:* this pain I keep feeling, Im pretty sure that it was energy blockages breaking apart.* I just want to know if it is normal for blockages to be so painful when they clear?* I mean, its not like excruciating pain, but it gave me a such a jolt that I almost fell off my chair, the first time it happened.

    After the heel work, I went on with the ankle work.* I remember thinking:* wow, Im really cruising now.* I was only about 40 minutes into it, and I wanted to see how far I would get before an hour was up.* I did the ankle stuff, and felt very little tingling in the ankles, but I did feel some.* After that, I worked on my knee caps again, but again I didnt feel a lot of buzzing and tingling, but I did feel some tingling in each leg.* I assume that the buzzing and tingling will become more intense the more times I do it, before it begins reducing as my energy body develop more.* I probably have a slight blockage in both knee caps.

    I then moved on to the legs.* Here is the part that really bugs me:* I did all of the exercises in the legs, and felt absolutely nothing in either leg.* I must have some blockages in my legs?* Anyway, I did the leg exercises for quite a while, then I proceeded to do some hip work.* Almost before I finished, I felt pressure and buzzing in my hips, as both came on line together.* I stopped applying the stimulation as soon as this happened, because I remember you said to stop as soon as you feel anything in the hips.

    Oh, as a side note, with my legs, although I didnt feel any tingling or anything while working on them this time, right now as Im writing this, both legs are throbbing kinda painfully, so I think I have blocked legs.* If this follows the same pattern as the other blockages when they cleared, maybe the throbbing is a sign they are clearing in response to my earlier work on them.


    I have been working with your NEW Energy Ways system for some months now, with great success.* A few weeks ago, I did a course in Reiki healing.* When the teacher laid her hands on my forehead, they started shaking.* I asked why, and she answered that I had a very active third eye, and that when there was a lot of energy under her hands, they always vibrated and shook.* I thought I would test this, and so when she laid her hands on my lower back, I started raising energy with the NEW system, from my feet and through my legs, to the place where her hands were resting.* To my surprise, her hands started shaking again, even stronger than before.* I stopped raising energy, and the shaking in her hands slowed down and soon stopped.* I then raised more energy to the same place, and her hands started shaking again.* I repeated this experiment several times, always with the same result with her hands shaking.* I think this experiment shows that sensitive people, can feel the energy raised with the NEW system, as well as the person raising the energy.* This experience gave me confidence, and confirmed to me that NEW Energy Ways is a very effective energy system probably the best ever.