• Part 9 - Energy Raising and Storage

    Feel all the coming awareness energy raising actions as if you were drawing a large sponge up through each pair of limbs, and were sponging liquid up through them, feeling the whole of them as you do this. Try and stay as physically relaxed as you can while doing these, but don't worry if you tense up a little or tend to twitch a bit at times. A little physical tension will not interfere with this type of energy raising. In time, you'll learn how to do this while standing, walking and even running.

    A deep level of physical relaxation is not required for any of these training exercises; unless physical tension is suspected as interfering with the energy raising process. If tension is a problem, deep physical relaxation and/or trance systems (See Treatise on OBE, or better, Astral Dynamics), should be practiced first.

    If awareness cannot be easily split, and two limbs cannot be effectively worked upon at the same time, it is permissible to work on only one limb at a time. It is much more important to raise some energy than it is to be able to split awareness actions and follow this tutorial exactly as written. Just do your best with all the exercises in this tutorial and adapt them to suit your needs and capabilities.

    Do not worry if one leg or arm does not appear to respond well. Usually one side of the body will be stronger and will thus be easier to draw energy through than the other. Keep trying with the unresponsive side and continue trying to use arms and legs as pairs, when doing these exercises. If one leg or arm is all you can feel, draw energy through it but do not neglect the unresponsive ones. Unresponsive body parts require more development work and should be concentrated on with the energy blockage clearing exercises given earlier (see early training units). If unresponsive areas are present, some time should be put aside for extra work on these at the start of each training session.

    Areas with a weaker flow of energy are signs of energy body inactivity. Regular stimulation will revitalize these areas and the energy pathways therein will widen and redefine, progressively allowing more and more energy to flow through them. In time and with regular development work, the entire energy body will come online and energy flow will steadily become more evenly distributed. Any part of the energy body that feels in any way different from the rest of it should be suspected of having an energy blockage. It should then be treated with appropriate energy blockage clearing exercises.

    Energy Raising

    Basic Procedures For Leg Energy Raising

    There are two ways to raise energy into your body: with awareness alone or with awareness aided by the natural breathing action. First, here are the basic procedures for raising energy with awareness alone. These are generally used as a part of the full body circuit (coming up later) or for raising energy to primary energy centres. They are also very useful on their own for when it is impractical to do anything more elaborate. For example: if you are too tired to do anything else and just want to raise some quick energy to empower your sleep and dreams, while in the process of falling asleep.

    • Pre-Stimulating Feet: First brush back and forth across all toes of one foot, with a single wide brushing action, for about thirty seconds. Next, use a wide brushing action on the sole, also for about thirty seconds. Finally, draw a deep sponging action through whole of the foot, for about thirty seconds. Repeat the above process on your other foot.

    • Split awareness and repeat above sponging action with both feet at the same time, if possible. Continue this process until some activity is felt in one or both feet. If you have no trouble doing this and get a good response, pre-stimulate using split-awareness with a whole of feet sponging action only, for all future exercises. The most common energy movement sensations felt with this type of pre-stimulation are whole of feet heaviness and fuzziness, with mild overall tingling and buzzing.

    • Splitting awareness (optional) reach down and grab the energy of both feet with your awareness hands, and pull energy upwards. Sponge it up through the whole of both legs to your hips. Feel the whole of your legs as you do this. The action of feeling awareness moving up through legs forces energy to flow upwards through them.

    • Take energy up over front of hips (avoiding genitals) and flow this directly into your Sub-Navel energy storage centre - midway between belly button and pubic line and two inches inside body, depending upon the size of your body, of course. The Sub-Navel target area does not have to be exact, as long as energy is made to flow inside the body somewhere roughly in the middle of the lower navel area.

    • Feel the energy flowing deep into your belly for a moment, feeling your Sub-Navel centre sucking it all in like a vacuum cleaner. Then flick your awareness back to your feet, ready for the next upwards energy raising sweep.

    • Develop a rhythmic drawing action, sweeping and sponging energy upwards through your legs, over and through the front of your hips, and deep into your Sub-Navel storage centre.

    • Take two to three seconds over each upward sweep - but whatever feels most natural is best.

    • At the end of each upwards sweep, flick awareness back to your feet, ready to start over.

    • Alternate legs, if you are drawing energy up through only one leg at a time.

    When you get a good flow of energy moving you may feel a slight pulsing, bubbling sensation in your lower navel area. This feels a little like warm, localized stomach wind near the site of the Sub-Navel storage centre. The exact site of this sensation varies slightly from person to person, but is usually within a couple of inches of the Sub-Navel storage centre. This sensation indicates leg energy is successfully stimulating the Sub-Navel centre and being stored therein.

    Basic Procedures For Arm Energy Raising

    Energy can also be raised through the arms. This is normally only used as a part of a full body circuit or for stimulating the higher primary energy centres. However, energy can also be raised on its own in this way when there is a need for it.

    • Position: If sitting in a chair: either hang your arms by your sides, or rest them palm upwards in your knees. If you are lying down: lift your hands above the bed, with your elbows resting comfortably beside you on the bed surface, while you stimulate your hands. Rest them flat on the bed again once they become active, if you so wish. Natural comfort is the most important thing with these exercises, rather than following every instruction here to the letter.

    • Pre-Stimulating Hands: Stimulate all fingers with a wide brushing across them; and then both palms with a large brushing action along their length; and then the whole of both hands with a large sponging action (as show earlier) feeling whole of hands, wrists and all fingers. You can work on one hand at a time, or both together with a split awareness action. Cease pre-stimulation when energy movement sensations are felt, i.e., a heaviness, fuzziness, tingling or buzzing in hands.

    • Split awareness (optional) and draw energy through both hands with a large sponging action. Continue this action on up through the whole of both arms to your shoulders; and from there take the energy to the back of your neck. The back of the neck is where it will be joining in with the energy stream being raised through your spine, as part of a full body energy raising circuit (coming up).

    • If this technique is used on its own, take energy through shoulders; down over chest and stomach; and then take it directly into the Sub-Navel storage centre, with a single, sweeping, sponging awareness action.

    • Feel the energy flowing into your Sub-Navel centre for a moment, then flick your awareness back into your hands ready for the next energy raising sweep up through your arms.

    • Use two to three second upward energy sweeps; flicking awareness back to hands at the end of each upward sweep, ready to start on the next.

    Raising Energy With Breathing

    Now we get to the part where you start putting all that you have learned into practice and begin raising and storing energy in your Sub-Navel storage centre with a full body circuit. A full body circuit stimulates the entire energy body, using the above two basic energy raising techniques. This steadily increases energetic flow and vitality levels while causing widespread bio-energetic development, in a safe and progressive way.

    Breathing creates a natural motion within the energy body: that of something flowing into and then out of it. This creates a natural upwards and downwards, inwards and outwards motion. This is very useful when combined with body awareness-based energy raising techniques. The breathing action also gives energy raising actions a natural rhythm, creating regular energy pulses throughout the energy body. Awareness actions quickly take on their own momentum which makes them easier to do, especially when used with the natural breathing rhythm.

    Arms and Legs

    If you are just starting out with these exercises, the first step is to loosen up and stimulate the your feet, legs, hands and arms. Repeat the above two sections on basic arm and leg energy raising (referring to earlier sections as needed) until you get some energy movement sensations. If nothing is felt, however, continue with the following exercises anyway. Energy will still be drawn into your energy body and stored even if nothing is actually felt. This process also helps stimulate inactive areas into greater activity.

    Full Body Storage Circuits

    Two Part Storage Circuit

    The Two Part storage circuit is a simple procedure designed to take arm and leg energy directly into the Sub-Navel storage centre. This soon develops a natural rhythm, making it easier to continue for lengthy periods of time. Feel free to vary the positions of your arms and legs to whatever feels most natural to you. This circuit can be done while sitting, lying down, standing or even while walking and running, but is best learned while lying down with arms spread wide or extended above your head.

    I like to use this circuit when I am raising energy outside, e.g., while watching sunrise or sunset. I find there are larger than normal amounts of available energy at these times, as well as in other beautiful natural settings; although this observation may be entirely subjective. If I am alone, I usually stand with legs and arms wide, eyes closed, and feel for the wind with my hands, and then for the Earth under my feet, as I raise energy into myself. The only caution here is that large amounts of energy can make you a little dizzy while standing in this position, especially if your eyes are closed. I have staggered and almost fallen over several times while doing this, so please be careful.

    Use The Basic Leg & Arm Energy Raising Techniques, as given above, for the below circuit.

    • Before IN breath, centre awareness in feet.

    • During the whole IN breath, raise energy up legs, and flow it into Sub-Navel.

    • Continue flowing energy into Sub-Navel until IN breath is completely finished.

    • When the IN breath finishes flick awareness instantly into hands.

    • As OUT breath starts draw energy through arms, down chest, and into Sub-Navel.

    • Continue flowing energy into Sub-Navel until OUT breath is finished.

    • At the end of the OUT breath flick awareness back to feet again.

    • Repeat above steps 1 - 7 continually, settling into a relaxed, natural rhythm.

    • IN and OUT can be reversed for the above sequence, if preferred.

    • If you cannot split awareness, alternate legs and arms, using one limbs at a time.

    Full Body Storage Circuit

    The full body circuit is the end result of all you have learned here so far. This combines awareness energy raising with breathing, as with the above technique, but covers the entire body with a continual flow of energy, rather than having two separate flows. This stimulates the majority of energy conduits, pathways and energy centres in the entire energy body. It also gently and safely stimulates all primary energy centres, as well as their roots in the spine and brain. The full body circuit is the ultimate energy development tool. No matter what part of the energy body being developed of for whatever purpose, it will require development of whole-body energy circuitry to allow, support and power it; which the full body circuit provides.

    The full body circuit should be done, if possible, for a minimum of fifteen minutes per day to gain significant long term benefits. Thirty minutes or more is even more beneficial. This exercise can be split into many shorter sessions, if more convenient. Even a ten second session is valuable. Better use can thus be made of waiting and traveling time, as the full body circuit can be done anywhere, anytime and in any position. There is NO limit to the length of time this can or should be done for, and the more often the better, provided all relevant cautions given herein this tutorial are heeded. With a little practice the full body circuit will become virtually automatic. It can then be combined with other types of meditation and trance work. Try and make this a part of your daily life and raise energy as often as possible. If you raise a little energy, even if just one or two breaths worth every time you think about energy, raising energy will slowly become habitual.

    If a full body circuit is done for just a few minutes prior to falling asleep, the extra energy raised will increase the vividness and power of your dreams and lucid dreaming. It can also cause more frequent spontaneous Out of Body Experiences and make these easier to remember. The extra energy provided by these techniques empowers all subtle and dream bodies alike.

    The awareness actions used in the full body circuit can be fairly wide and do not have to be narrowed to just the spine. Allow the action to spread out as energy is raised up through your back. Hold awareness close, feeling the movement as you take your awareness down the front of your body. This part of the action can, again, be quite wide and should be allowed to spread out as it descends, then narrowing again slightly as it starts to flow into the Sub-Navel.

    Use slow, reasonably-deep, natural breathing and hold awareness firmly in your body at all times. Pre-stimulate feet and hands and bounce awareness through your whole body a few times before starting, as necessary. The full body circuit can be done in any position, but is best learned while lying on your back with arms resting comfortably at your sides. All preliminary stimulation exercises can be skipped if many short sessions are being done during the day.

    • Before the IN breath, centre awareness firmly in feet.

    • During the whole IN breath, raise energy up legs, through hips and spine to back of neck and on up to top of head.

    • Hold awareness firmly in whole top of head and feel energy flowing into and accumulating in the crown centre, until the IN breath is completed. Note that the crown centre is quite large and covers the whole top of head above hairline.

    • As the OUT breath starts, sweep awareness down over face; into mouth; down throat and out over chest; then down over stomach; flowing energy deep into Sub-Navel for remainder of OUT breath.

    • At the end of OUT breath, flick awareness back into feet ready for beginning next IN breath.

    • Repeat the above process continually, settling into a natural rhythm.

    • IN and OUT can be reversed if preferred.

    • If awareness cannot easily be split, again, alternate arms and legs, drawing up one side of body at a time. IE, first draw up left leg and left arm to top of head on the IN breath, then down front of body on OUT breath. Next draw up right leg and right arm on IN breath, then down front of body on OUT breath. Alternate sides with each new breath.

    Joining Arms Into Full Body Circuit

    Once you are comfortable with the above full body circuit, try and join your arms into the energy flow as well. This increases overall energy flow as well as drawing in different types of energies through your hands. But including your arms in this way should also be considered optional. It can be omitted if you have difficulty with it, or find this addition makes the process too complicated. It is far more important to have some kind of a full body circuit that you can use and do well, rather than to literally follow every step of these techniques.

    • During the above full body circuit, as body awareness passes where hands are resting, on its way upwards, draw energy in through hands and up arms as well. Raise arm energy in line with the rest of the energy flow from this point onwards, in one fluid, upwards, whole-body energy raising sweep. Feel your arm energy joining into the spinal energy flow at the back of your neck; or just feel it as generally rising with the flow and joining in. This does not have to be exact. Smoothly continue the awareness action upwards into the crown centre. Continue the full body circuit, as given above, from here on. The only change is the addition of arm energy into the flow with each upwards sweep on the IN breath; and everything else stays exactly the same.

    The continual awareness motion around the body used with the full body circuit does not have to follow an exact path. It does not matter if it wavers slightly this way or that, or if it spreads out or narrows as it moves around your body. As long as you are feeling your energy raising action moving roughly in-line with the procedure given above, this will have a good overall effect on your energy body.

    If the full body circuit given above does not suit you for some reason, or if you find it too difficult, please feel free to stick with the Two Part storage circuit, as given earlier. This is a much simpler and easier circuit to do and will have the same general result, i.e., causing whole energy body development. Its more important to have some type of energy circuit that works for you than it is to follow my directions here to the letter.

    Direct Sub-Navel Energy Raising

    When your body becomes more energy sensitive, say after practicing energy raising for a few weeks, you will find yourself becoming more aware of many other types of subtle energy. You will also become more aware of your Sub-Navel storage centre. Once this begins to happen you will be able to draw energy directly into it through both arms and both legs, all at the same time. When you first start doing this though its best to start with only the legs, drawing energy up through them as a pair. The arms can also be used on their own, as a pair, drawing energy in and down to the Sub-Navel. Once each of these methods has been practiced on its own for awhile, an attempt can then be made to combine them and draw energy through both arms and both legs simultaneously.

    This technique is very versatile and can be done anywhere and anytime, to take advantage of high energy areas and situations. But this should not be used to replace the full body circuit. Direct energy raising, while effective as an energy raising method, does not cover the entire energy body. This is simply a useful alternative energy raising method.


    Pre-stimulate and bounce feet and legs, as necessary. Centre awareness in Sub-Navel centre. While holding this, reach out with more of your awareness and become aware of the whole of both legs and feet. Feel your legs as being attached to your Sub-Navel centre, imagining they are part of a large upside-down V, with the Sub-Navel at its tip. Feel a vacuum-like emptiness in your Sub-Navel centre. Feel energy flowing and being drawn up through the whole of both legs simultaneously. Do not brush or sponge your awareness up your legs, just feel the energy flowing up through them like water under pressure, in a continual stream. Feel the energy/water flowing deep into your Sub-Navel and being stored therein.


    Pre-stimulate and bounce hands and arms, as necessary. Centre awareness in Sub-Navel. While holding this, reach out with more of your awareness and feel of the whole of both arms and their hands. If your arms are resting at your sides, feel them as being attached to your Sub-Navel, like they are part of a large M. If arms are resting in a raised or other position, imagine another figure, say a V or a T. Feel a vacuum-like emptiness in your Sub-Navel. Feel energy flowing and being drawn into and through the whole of both arms simultaneously. Do not brush or sponge up your arms, just feel the energy flowing up them. Feel this energy flowing up both arms to the shoulders, and then feel each of these energy streams flowing down over the front of your chest, before flowing down into the Sub-Navel. Feel the energy flowing into Sub-Navel and being stored therein.

    Arms & Legs Together

    Pre-stimulate limbs, as necessary. As above, centre awareness strongly in Sub-Navel centre. While holding this, reach out with more of your awareness and feel the whole of both arms and both legs simultaneously. Create a feeling of emptiness in your Sub-Navel, a feeling of vacuum and suction, drawing energy in through both arms and both legs, all at the same time. Feel the energy flowing into your Sub-Navel and being stored therein.

    All the above actions create a strong energy demand in the Sub-Navel. Energy will be drawn into the body through the hands and feet in response to this energy demand. Again, this should not be used to replace the full body circuit, but can be very useful under certain circumstances.

    A simple litany can be used each time you do the above, to help program your energy body to respond to this Sub-Navel vacuum-type energy raising action. For example, "I...am...Energy..." can be repeated slowly and with deep feeling several times, silently, as you centre awareness deep within your Sub-Navel and reach out through all your limbs, feeling your Sub-Navel sucking energy into itself from all directions at once.

    Energy Flow & Effort

    As mentioned earlier, a deep state of physical relaxation and/or the trance state are not generally required for the NEW system. Effort can thus be put into awareness actions without breaking any delicate mental state. Once your body becomes more energy sensitive, more effort can be applied to energy raising actions, where necessary. The amount of energy that can be raised is directly affected by the application of will to awareness actions. This is particularly useful when there are low background energy conditions; for those times when a greater energy flow is required; and for clearing stubborn, unresponsive and blocked areas with brute awareness force.

    For normal energy raising and development, however, I strongly recommend that only a normal level of awareness effort be used. This is not only easier but far more natural and the result will be a more even and robust development of the energy body as a whole. If too great an awareness effort is used all the time, it will cause too rapid expansion and growth in the delicate bio-energy circuitry of the energy body. This will make developing energy structures too weak, brittle and delicate to be of much practical use. Forced development through excessive effort grows large but delicate and unstable energy pathways. These will retract back to their original narrowed state fairly quickly, often becoming even smaller than they were before, if they are not gently nurtured during their development.

    Use increased effort to clear blockages and to overcome low background energy conditions, but not for general energy raising and long term development purposes. And if the flow of energy into the Sub-Navel storage centre does not equal the energy expenditure used to raise it, temporary energetic exhaustion can also be the result. This is though, often an unavoidable side-effect during the early stages of energy body development, while blockages are being cleared, redefined and grown.

    Please keep in mind that when a blockage is cleared it can often cause high energy usage, far in excess of the amount of energy available or being stored at that time. This can result in fatigue and temporary physical exhaustion; seemingly for no apparent reason. Often more energy is used to clear and repair blockages than can be raised and stored, thereby causing a temporary energy deficit. This can also cause noticeable energy movement sensations to continue for some time after energy raising actions are ceased. Energy will consequentially sometimes continue flowing into depleted areas because of continuing energy demands therein. Blockages can also clear themselves spontaneously as a result of earlier development work; for no apparent reason. Because of this you may experience energy movement sensations outside of development session times, say in the middle of the night or during the day for no apparent reason. This is a very good sign, however, and shows your energy body is responding well to the overall development process.

    Physical Side-Effects

    The NEW energetic development system, especially in the early stages, will occasionally cause temporary swellings, lumps and rashes, and even watery blisters to appear on the skin.* These, I believe, are all caused by narrowed energy pathways, having a greater than usual energy flow forced though them, and by energy blockages being cleared.* This seems to overload the nerve endings in the physical body, which temporarily affects surrounding tissue and skin, causing these peculiar side-effects.

    If you do get any of these symptoms though, please treat them as you would any normal swelling, rash, blister or infection, and consult a medical doctor if you are worried.* Energy-related rashes and blisters, will normally itch and sting quite noticeably, when energy is drawn through them.* These heal unusually fast though, if you continue regular energetic development work, with them often disappearing overnight.

    And finally, if your energy body does not respond at all, even after several weeks of regular effort, I advise a full physical checkup by a medical doctor.* Energy blockages of this magnitude are not a good health indicator.* This can indicate early disease conditions, that have not yet become symptomatic.* As early diagnosis of many medical conditions, is paramount to their successful treatment, this can be thought of being a potentially beneficial side-effect of the NEW system.

    Self-Healing Side-Effects

    The NEW system can be used, to concentrate the body's own natural healing energies in a specific area.* This can aid the healing of any physically damaged or diseased area, minor or major.* Myself, as well as many of my volunteers, have had some particularly notable success using the etheric wrap technique (coming up below) to heal damaged knee joints, injured through sports and exercise, with pain and swelling often disappearing like magic overnight.* Any painful, damaged or diseased area of the body can be soothed by using the etheric wrap technique.* It is not, however, advisable to forgo proper medical treatment for any condition, but the NEW system can aid the healing process.

    My volunteers and I have also had a lot of success using the NEW system to fight off colds and influenza.* With these, for best results it is important to use the full body circuit for at least thirty minutes, immediately the first symptoms of the coming illness are felt.* If done early enough and strongly enough, it will often stop common illnesses dead in their tracks; or at least reduce their severity and duration.* I am not making any outrageous claims here.* I am simply reporting my observations and speculating on a frequent phenomena associated with the NEW system.

    To speculate on how this may work:* it is reasonable to suggest that the NEW system may stimulate and energize the immune system in a subtle bio-energetic way.* This is not an unreasonable supposition if you consider the, often extremely strong, bone-deep energetic movement sensations that are commonly felt while using the NEW system.* These are especially noticeable while raising energy through the legs.* It is possible that deep bio-energetic movement inside the legs, affects bone marrow and antibody production therein, with this being strongly linked with the human body’s blood production and its immune system.* Try this for yourself and then, if you find it works, you'll be living proof that this may not be such preposterous speculation after all…

    Continuing Energetic Demands

    Once an energy blockage has been cleared, there can remain a continuing energetic demand in that area.* The energy body will often continue flowing energy through newly cleared areas until energy demands therein are fulfilled.* Energy movement sensations may thus continue to be experienced for some time after stimulation actions have ceased, continually or intermittently.* Energy blockages can also clear themselves spontaneously, in response to earlier energetic development exercises.* This can happen at any time of the day or night, which can cause energy movement sensations to be felt for no apparent reason at the time.* A cleared blockage or depleted area of the energy body can take several days or more to heal and repair itself, once energetic flow is restored to it.