• Part 10 - More NEW Energy Ways

    Energy Centre Spin

    Primary energy centres are non-physical vortexes of energy that look, clairvoyantly, like spinning wheels of multicoloured light. Although secondary energy centres cannot so easily be observed, it is logical to suggest they would also have similar attributes. The natural direction an energy centre is spinning in can often be felt with the stirring awareness action, especially with the larger skeletal joint centres. If you feel resistance while using the stirring action, try reversing the direction of that action. If the new direction feels easier and more natural, or has a more positive effect, then there is a good chance that centre will respond better to the new stimulation direction.

    Awareness Momentum

    After repeating any awareness or energy raising action several times you will find it will tend to continue of its own accord, even after deliberate awareness actions have ceased. I call this effect Awareness Momentum. This seems to be caused by a kind of energy body memory taking over and continuing often-repeated body awareness actions. This makes the learning and practicing of NEW techniques and procedures much easier.

    Etheric Wrap Technique

    Etheric Wrap is an extremely versatile technique. It is particularly useful for clearing energy blockages and restoring damaged parts of the energy body. Energy blockages and damaged areas can easily be detected once you get used to the NEW system; as your body becomes more energy sensitive. Areas that are unresponsive; that tingle noticeably; are heavy; sting, buzz or burn; or act in any way different from the rest of your body, sometimes indicate energy blockages or damage in that area. These areas will thus need special attention to restore them.

    When you draw or bounce awareness through your body you may also come upon areas that feel heavier or lighter or fuzzier. Or you might come across areas that provide more, or less, resistance to bounce actions, or that seem to deflect them. These areas should be suspected as being damaged and of needing restoration work.

    Etheric Wrap Technique

    Use a wide wrapping action over the damaged area. Using your imagination, imagine an endless white bandage of pure energy flowing from your awareness hands. Feel this bandage of energy flowing into the damaged area as you wrap it. Feel the substance of your own energy body flowing into it. This action is to be varied to suit the size and position of the area being worked upon.

    For example, if you want to etheric wrap a leg:

    • Awareness target your foot, then begin wrapping from toes up, as if you were carefully wrapping an overlapping energy bandage around it.

    • Feel your energy flowing into that area, into the foot, through your awareness hands.

    • Continue wrapping up over foot, over ankle and on up leg, all the way to the hip.

    • Take your time over this, overlapping the wrapping action all the way.

    • Repeat this as often as required, wrapping up and down the leg, as this cannot be overdone.

    If you need to work on a particular internal organ with the etheric wrap technique, first find out exactly where the organ in question is inside your body. Surprisingly, many people do not know where many of their internal organs are situated. Move your awareness hands inside your body and feel for the organ in question. Feel your awareness hands massaging the organ and feel an endless white stream of energy flowing into and being absorbed by the organ.

    Note that some energy blockages will not show up for some time. Many will only become apparent after energy development has been underway for some time, weeks or even months. The energy body will begin restoring old energy pathways and structures (internally reconnecting itself) as it develops. This means it may be some time before energy reaches some parts of the energy body, hence the delay in the appearance of some energy blockages.

    High Energy Areas:

    The levels and qualities of available background energy can vary a great deal, from day to day and from place to place. For good quality energy raising, seek out and take advantage of high energy areas and times like:

    • Sunset and Sunrise.

    • Green wooded areas, like parks and forests.

    • Oceans, beaches, lakes, rivers, rapids and waterfalls.

    • Mountains and hills.

    • Storms, rainy and blustery windy days.

    • Early morning sunshine.

    • Moonlight and starlight.

    • Places where there is art and/or music.

    • Happy and excited crowds.

    If you raise energy regularly, you will become progressively more sensitive to energy. You will soon begin to feel high energy days and high energy areas, and be able to take advantage of them. Your body will start tingling automatically when in the presence of high levels of energy, as you learn to taste the energies that abound in the world around you.

    A potentially negative side-effect of the above is the effect low energy people can have upon high energy people. If a high energy person comes into contact with a low energy person, often the energy deficit in the low person will cause a flow of energy into them, taken from the high energy person. One way of looking at this is as unintentional energy vampirism. Another way of looking at this is as unintentional energy healing.

    Direct contact or touch is not necessary with low energy people, and you only have to be talking to them for this energy flow to happen, even over the telephone. Energy transfer is not weakened by distance as long as there is some kind of empathic connection to carry the energy. Some people may not seem to be energy depleted, but are veritable bottomless pits with insatiable appetites for energy. Everyone knows someone like this. You only have to be with them for a short time and your energy just seeps away. You quickly become bored, mildly-depressed, and soon begin feel tired and start yawning. Low energy people like this should, ideally, either be convinced to practice energy raising themselves, or avoided as much as possible.

    The effects of low energy people can be countered to some extent by raising energy while you are associating with or talking with them; or by raising energy after this has ended. It can also help if you avoid physical contact and avoid making direct eye contact with them. You don't have to hide your eyes from people like this: simply look at the area between their eyes, instead of directly into their eyes during conversations.

    Daily Energy Raising Time

    There is no limit to how much energy raising can or should be done, as long as this is taken only into the Sub-Navel storage centre. The more often energy is raised the more energy will be stored therein, and the more energy will be available for physical, bio-energetic and pure energetic purposes. And remember, it is more beneficial for long-term development to raise energy gently and for longer periods of time, than it is to raise large amounts of energy in short bursts only.

    Mouth Centres & Exchange Ports

    There are some fairly robust secondary centres along with a high density of energy exchange ports (tertiary centres) in the lips, tongue, mouth and throat. It is likely these extract life energies from food and drink, as these are chewed and swallowed. These also seem capable of transmitting energy through voice and song, as well as exchanging energies between lovers through kissing and et cetera.

    As a related side note: in my opinion these structures are also connected with the primary energy centres (major Chakras) located at the base of the throat and within the heart; and to a lesser extent with the brow and crown centres. The energy all these areas are capable of generating and absorbing can be substantially increased through direct awareness stimulation.

    Pre-Stimulating Mouth Area

    Each of the below awareness actions should be continued for twenty seconds or more. Stimulate more of your mouth, lips, tongue and throat if you wish. These stimulation techniques can also be used prior to starting a full body circuit to enhance the mouth/throat part of those procedures.

    • With tongue pressed gently against lips, or protruding slightly, centre awareness on lips and use a brushing action, back and forth across whole of lips.

    • Open mouth slightly and stick your tongue out a little. Centre awareness on the tip of tongue, and use a wrapping action around it. The area to be worked on is about what could comfortably be protruded from your mouth if your tongue were gently protruded, without forcing it.

    • Close mouth and relax, then use the mobile, rotary stirring action (as used to stimulate soles of feet and palms of hands), on the top surface of tongue.

    • Use a wide brushing action along tongue, brushing back and forth, covering the whole length of tongue from base to tip.

    • Roll tongue back and press it gently against roof of mouth; without straining it. Focusing on the inside of mouth and not on tongue, brush the whole inside lining of mouth: top, bottom, sides, and inside of lips, in whatever way feels easiest, covering the whole inner lining surface.

    • With mouth closed, use a whole-of-mouth sponging action, taking in lips, mouth and tongue and throat, to base of throat, moving this action back and forth. Bend this action as it passes down your throat, then back up to your lips. Imagine you have a thick, bent tube inserted in your mouth and that this tube extends deep into your throat. Not a very comfortable picture, but this is just to give you the general idea of the awareness action required. Feel your awareness moving back and forth through this tube; taking in your lips; the whole of the inside lining of mouth and tongue; and then moving it deep into your throat to its base where it joins your chest, in and out repeatedly.

    Mouth Area Sensations

    Awareness actions on the lips and tongue can cause some very peculiar energy movement sensations indeed. Strong tingling and buzzing sensations in the lips and tongue, plus a noticeably salty, metallic kind of taste like you get if you touch the terminals of a small nine-volt torch battery to your tongue, are quite normal. This energy taste sensation is probably the easiest way to demonstrate the effectiveness of the NEW system to other people. This proves how direct energy stimulation can be caused by awareness actions and felt as physical sensations.

    Food Energy Awareness

    Pre-stimulate mouth, as shown above. When eating and drinking, feel yourself chewing and swallowing and extracting the life force from your food and drink. Eat and chew slowly and swallow thoughtfully, using your awareness to suck the maximum amount of life force out of all food and drink. Take this energy down into your throat and swallow it into your body as you swallow food and drink. This energy will naturally flow into the energy body's storage areas from there.

    This works with any type of food, but more value can be gained from a natural diet of fresh, high-quality, organically grown foods. The fresher and more naturally foods are grown, prepared and eaten the more high-quality life energy they will contain. But whatever you eat, this technique will assist to extract the maximum energy value from your food; even if you live on pizza and beer as certain friends of mine seem to thrive on.

    Crowd & Excitement Energy

    Learn to take advantage of any high energy situation. Excited and happy crowds can release massive amounts of emotional energy into the surrounding atmosphere. This energy can be drawn in and used to increase energy levels. Centre awareness strongly in your Sub-Navel centre and reach out with your feelings to the whole of the surrounding crowd. Feel for the energy that is permeating the atmosphere as you feel the crowd and its excitement. Draw this energy into your body, taking it directly into your Sub-Navel; using the direct energy raising technique given earlier.

    As a related side note, I have had several reports from athletes taking part in the road-test of the NEW system, of this technique positively affecting their athletic performance. Using the direct and wind energy raising procedures prior to and during athletic events, gives them a tingling, adrenalin-like energy boost. They claim this physically invigorates them, empowering and improving their efforts and times, giving them that slight edge when they most need it.

    The above seems a reasonable claim given the strong and noticeable effects energy raising actions can have upon the physical body. To support this: martial arts experts are well known to raise and use energy (often called Prana or Chi) to empower their prodigious feats of strength and agility. The NEW system can be used to compliment these existing energy raising systems, as with martial arts, or as a stand alone system to enhance athletic performance. And when at the top-end of athletic competition you are looking at mere hundredths of a second separating winners from losers, even the slight edge provided by an adrenalin-like energy boost at a crucial time could make all the difference.

    Wind Energy

    Here is a great outdoor exercise for raising energy through the hands alone. This can be done at any time with no preparation. This is particularly invigorating in windy, blustery weather, say where a breeze is blowing off the ocean, lakes or mountains. If this is combined with energy breathing (next section) it can also have a very positive effect upon respiratory disorders. This technique is very easy to do and can even be taught to very young children. It also makes for a great demonstration exercise when teaching a novice. Of note, I have had very positive results using this method to help treat asthma and other types of lung disorders, in both children and adults.

    • Pre-stimulate hands, if necessary, or simply start fresh and just let it happen.

    • Hold fingers wide, hands at sides, and feel the temperature and texture of the wind moving through your fingers.

    • Raise arms slightly, palms out with fingers still spread wide, holding awareness firmly centred in whole of both hands. Feel the energy in the wind. Feel your hands, and feel energy flowing into your hands and into your body.

    • Draw the wind's energy in through your hands at the start of each IN breath. Take it up through your arms, over shoulders and down over chest, and flow it into your Sub-Navel centre. Continue flowing energy into it for the remainder of the IN breath.

    • Relax during the OUT breath and feel all the tension and negative energy flowing up through lungs and out through mouth like a dark cloud of waste energy, for the whole OUT breath. Flick awareness back to hands and feel the wind again, at end of OUT breath, ready for start of next IN breath.

    • Continue the above processes for as long as you wish, you cannot overdo this.

    Note:* The speed of the above energy raising process should match the natural breathing cycle.

    Energy Breathing

    The air we breathe contains a lot of energy and a small amount of this is absorbed into the body naturally through breathing. The mouth, nose, throat and lungs are full of internal energy exchange ports that aid this purpose. The energy absorbed by these can be increased by adding awareness actions and imagination to natural breathing. This is very simple to do and all that is required is to become consciously aware of the air entering your nose, moving into and through nasal passages and down into your lungs. Your awareness must follow the leading edge of the air, all the way in as it is breathed IN and your lungs fill, and all the way OUT as waste air is exhaled.

    Imagination can be used to enhance this even more by imagining the air being breathed is charged with coloured energy, and by feeling this colour being absorbed into the lungs. The expulsion of waste energy can also be enhanced by feeling waste energy leaving the body as a cloud during the OUT breath, and by imagining this as being a dirty colour.

    The above exercise is beneficial for any respiratory disorder as well as for generally increasing vitality levels. This is especially so on windy, blustery days where wind is blowing off the ocean, a lake or a mountain range. I have used colour breathing, added to the wind/hand energy method given above, for some years now to assist with the healing of respiratory disorders, and for breaking asthma attacks. I have successfully taught the basic wind energy raising and energy breathing procedures to children as young as six years of age, with positive results.

    Children, you will find, have extremely sensitive energy bodies and vivid, powerful imagination's. It does not take long to teach a child how to do this, although they will often collapse on the ground laughing because of the strong tingling and tickling sensations this can cause in their sensitive hands. This can tend to put children off using this method, but the intensity of these sensations will always reduce fairly quickly if they persevere. I have found that a little honesty, combined with a reward system (ice cream?) works best with children.

    Nasal Stimulation

    There are some small energy centres and groups of exchange ports in and around the nose that can increase the effectiveness of energy breathing, if they are pre-stimulated. These are, apart from being related to the natural process of breathing energy into the body, also related to the energetic support structures of the brow and crown centres (major Chakras).

    Do each of the following stimulation actions for twenty seconds or so.

    • Using stirring action, stimulate tip of nose, circling the entire tip, including nostril entrances.

    • Using a small brushing action, stimulate inside nostril entrances. Feel as if you are repeatedly pushing a small artists paintbrushes deep inside each nostril with your awareness, in and out.

    • Using a slightly larger brushing action, stimulate the entire length of your nose, brushing from upper lip, over nose, past eyebrows and ending at hairline above brow. Continue this up and down, over and over, feeling the whole of your nose as you do so.

    • Using a whole-of-nose sponging action, move awareness through nose, from upper lips to the middle of brow ridges, back and forth, over and over, feeling whole of nose as you stimulate it.

    Energy Breathing Technique

    • Breathe deeply and slowly IN through nose and OUT through mouth. Feel the life giving air and its energy entering your body. Follow the leading edge of this air. Feel this entering and caressing your nasal passages. Feel it moving down the back of your throat and down into your lungs, to the very bottom of your lungs. It is easy to feel this depth as being much deeper than it really is, and accuracy is not required. Feel the air and its energy moving deeper, flowing deep into your belly and entering your Sub-Navel centre.

    • The above is easier to do if you concentrate only on the leading edge of the air being taken in, so your awareness moves with the front part of the whole air intake only. Trying to follow and hold awareness of an entire breath is otherwise very difficult.

    • Breathe OUT slowly through mouth. Be aware of the leading edge of your breath rising up from deep within your lungs, and up through your throat and out of your mouth. Feel waste energy leaving your lungs and body along with the waste air as a dark cloud, for the entire OUT breath.

    • Flick your point of awareness back to tip of nose ready for next the inhalation and repeat the entire process. Do not breathe rapidly or you may hyperventilate. Slow, deep, regular breathing produces best results.

    Continue the above process for as long as you wish.

    Adding Colour

    With the above energy breathing technique, colour can be added to increase its effectiveness; or for specific purposes, i.e., Colour Healing methods. It is easier adding colour to breathing, again, by focusing only on the leading edge of each lung-full of breath, during each IN and OUT breath. With practice this colour can be expanded to fill more of lungs with colour, and to expel larger clouds of waste colour.

    • To the IN breath, imagine the air you are breathing in is made of a bright, sparkling colour. Any colour can be used, but never a dull, murky, gray or black colour.

    • Feel the leading edge of this brightly coloured energy moving into you with each IN breath and filling you with life giving energy. Feel this energy being absorbed into your whole body as your lungs fill.

    • With each OUT breath, imagine the air is dirty yellow-brown like cigarette smoke, murky gray, or even black, and feel this as being dirty used-up energy and disease leaving your body.

    Scent Stimulation

    There are energy exchange ports inside the nose that can best be stimulated using fragrance. I suggest an oil burner evaporating diluted fragrant oil be used for this purpose, but any type of incense, oil or potpourri method can also be used. Fresh flowers can also be used for this. For specific healing effects on the physical body, I suggest reading up on aromatherapy and using recommended fragrances given by experts in this field.

    Scent Stimulation Method

    • Repeat nasal stimulation exercise, as given earlier.

    • Hold a scented cloth, flower or potpourri (whatever) to your nose, or have an oil burner nearby, and breathe in slowly. Close your eyes and concentrate on the smell and texture of the scent. Feel the leading edge of this scented air entering your nose. Feel the texture and body of this scent penetrating deeply as lungs fill. Again, follow only the leading edge of the scent as it fills you.

    • Combine awareness of fragrance with energy breathing, as above. As you breathe in, not only feel the energy and imagine the colour, but consciously smell and feel the texture of the fragrance being used entering your body.

    NEW and Your Health

    Good health is not a requirement for the NEW system and energetic development. Ill health, however, indicates widespread energy blockages and low vitality stores in the Sub-Navel storage centre. These problems should be addressed through daily energy raising exercises. For a seriously ill person this may be a matter of some urgency. In this case, I recommend the full body circuit, plus the extra breathing exercises, be practiced many times a day until they become habitual. With a little practice it takes only a small part of the mind to do this. It will soon begin to work virtually automatically in the background as you go about your daily life. The longer and more often energy is raised and stored, the more health benefits there are to be gained from it.