• Part 11 - Energy and the Immune System

    In many ways the bio-energetic aspect of the energy body can be likened to a perfect energy reflection of the physical body. Parts of the energy body can also be likened to many of its biological functions. The bio-energy circulatory system, for example, contains arteries (large energy conduits) and veins (smaller energy pathways). Like its physical counterpart, parts of the energy body can become dysfunctional if energy flow (blood) becomes blocked or reduced.

    The bio-energy aspect of the energy body is not just a mere reflection of internal life processes, it also has a profound effect on them. If parts of the energy body become blocked or damaged the stage is set for disease to manifest within the physical body. Clearing energy blockages can therefore be thought of as being good preventative medicine.

    Blood is the mirror image of life energy and has many of the same functions and properties. It takes energy and healing elements into, through and around the physical body. It also expels waste products (waste energies) and fights disease. Its energy counterpart can be greatly strengthened and blockages cleared so energy flow is increased to higher than normal levels. Increased energetic flow greatly empowers the body's self-healing intelligence, the incredible immune system, giving it more energy to fight disease with.


    Tests on myself and many of my volunteers have shown that an increased flow of energy into the physical body boosts the immune system; sometimes quite dramatically. This enables the body's natural self-healing mechanisms to work more powerfully and effectively. The most striking example of this boosting effect, as mentioned earlier, can be experienced when a cold, flu or virus is caught. If the full body circuit is done immediately, the symptoms will often vanish within an hour or so; or at the very least be significantly reduced. The immune system, when energy boosted in this way, seems perfectly capable of throwing off or reducing the severity and effects of any infection or virus.

    Disease & The Energy Body

    The actual site of any disease symptoms may have very little to do with its bioenergetic cause. The part of the energy body that is damaged and/or malfunctioning may be remote from the actual site of pain and/or disease symptoms it is causing or contributing to. This is particularly so with diseases like diabetes, which is usually caused by a disease-damaged or malfunctioning pancreas. Juvenile diabetes is actually classed as an immune system disorder; according to the latest scientific studies, that is.

    Every organ in the physical body receives minute bio-electrical messages from the brain through a complex network of interconnecting nerves (and nerves are related to energy pathways). These messages tell the physical organs how to function: what to make, how much, and what not to make, i.e., the correct quantity of insulin to keep the body healthy and alive. The bio-energy aspect of the physical body works in-line with these processes and effects them considerably. It is therefore reasonable to suggest here that if any of the bio-energy pathways within the energy body become blocked or damaged, that these messages could become garbled and/or blocked. The continuing good health of the physical body can thus be energetically thwarted and disease conditions allowed to manifest and thrive.

    Blocked toes, fingers and dead areas on the soles of feet and palms of hands, for example, can have a great effect on the functionality of the major organs of the physical body. The particular energy needs of major organs often flow into the body through seemingly small and unimportant parts of the feet and hands. If you examine acupuncture and reflexology charts, you will see many precedents that support this theory. These small energy pathways have been charted and used by Eastern medicine to assist with healing for many centuries.


    Sea and motion-sickness are commonly treated by wearing a little strap, with a small ball or two set in it, on the wrist. These balls are regularly rubbed and/or pressed into the inner wrist to alleviate whole body nausea. These small devices are quite effective and hence are available from most chemists today; even though there is no scientific explanation available as to how they work. Smoking and other addictions are also successfully treated with acupuncture by placing a small needle device in a part of the ear. While this does not work in all cases, overall it shows consistently beneficial results. I personally know several previously-heavy smokers that completely lost their urge to smoke the instant this device was attached. And when it was removed the urge to smoke returned; until of course, enough time had passed for the chemical addiction to fade. So what does all this tell us? It provides us with repeatable evidence that small and seemingly unrelated parts of the physical body, i.e., earlobes, can have major effects upon the biochemical and bioelectrical processes of the whole physical body and its internal organs.

    It can help, if you are suffering a serious disease, to check acupuncture and reflexology charts to find the exact energy pathways (meridians) that provide energy to any diseased or malfunctioning organs you might have. Trace these pathways along the skin of your body (draw them in ink as a reminder if you like) and consciously draw (or bounce) energy back and forth along these pathways. While doing this pay particular attention to any energy blockages or damaged areas encountered along the way. These blockages may be involved with the cause or continuance of the disease condition.

    I have not at the time of writing this tutorial gathered enough data on NEW system results to be able to realistically forecast any effects the NEW system might have on any specific disease condition, so can only speculate here. But theoretically, the NEW system should be beneficial to any disease condition that can be helped by a revitalized and boosted immune system. I will update this tutorial with more data on this as it comes to hand, in future editions. And by the time the full book version of this tutorial is published I expect to have several well-documented case histories to present in it.

    *If you have a serious health problem of any kind and decide to use the NEW system to compliment your current medical treatment, I would greatly appreciate it if you kept a diary of your progress. If your condition improves, I would very much welcome a copy of this diary, plus any medical records and reports you can furnish me with. If shipping these to me (in Australia) is a problem, please contact me via email first to discuss the matter. See my web site at www.astraldynamics.com for instructions on how to contact me.

    *With all the techniques in this tutorial, please do not use them as a panacea or cure-all to treat yourself, and please see a medical doctor if you are sick.

    Serious Disease

    Stress, pollution, fatigue, physical unfitness, plus exposure to many different types of electromagnetic fields we live amongst, all take their toll. These can have a cumulative negative effect upon the delicate inner workings of the energy body, which can reduce the natural flow of life energies into and through the energy body. The negative aspects of our modern environment, I believe, tend to reduce the body's ability to raise and store energy naturally, by causing energy blockages, narrowing energy conduits and damaging bioenergetic structures. Our Western lifestyle seems anathema to strong, natural energy flow and correspondingly to good health for all.

    It is my observation that persons suffering from serious diseases like cancer and AIDS have widespread major energy blockages, and a correspondingly reduced flow of life giving energy into their bodies. These blockages can become quite extreme in the latter stages of any terminal illness. The more advanced the disease condition is, the more severe will be the energy blockages. I have observed total energy blockage in the hands, arms, legs and feet of people in the advanced stages of cancer.

    Whether energy blockages are the actual causative factor with any serious disease may be scientifically debatable, but they do appear related. Energy blockages may be a natural side-effect, a symptom of the disease. The big question is of course: which comes first, the chicken or the egg - the energy blockages or the disease? It is reasonable to suggest, though, that a reduced flow of energy into and through the physical body may be directly related to many disease conditions. If energy blockages are cleared and a stronger flow of life giving energy restored, which will naturally boost the immune system, any disease condition should, theoretically, show improvement. And my research strongly supports this theory.

    Getting Serious About Energy Raising

    I suggest that seriously ill persons want to give the NEW alternative a fair go, they get serious about energy raising. Ideally they should spend as much time as possible per day raising and storing energy. The full body circuit should be used extensively, plus all the other energy raising and storing ways given within this tutorial.

    There is NO limit to how much energy can or should be raised. The more energy raised and stored, the more energy the physical body has to defend and heal itself with. The energy breathing exercises in particular should be done as often as possible, especially in high energy areas, until this becomes a habitual part of breathing.

    A watch alarm can be set to beep every half-hour or so during the daytime. One of the energy raising methods can be used to raise energy for a few minutes every time it beeps. Another way to remind yourself to raise energy is to get into the habit of doing it whenever you are watching TV, say whenever advertising appears. With a little practice energy raising can be done with the eyes open, even while watching TV, or while walking and talking. It only takes a small part of the mind and awareness to keep energy raising awareness actions moving.

    Tumors and Dysfunctional Organs

    For tumors and diseased organs, I also suggest energy be taken to the site of the problem and fed directly into the tumor or diseased organ itself. The etheric wrap technique, modified to suit, can be used for this purpose. Awareness Hands can also be taken inside the body and used to massage the diseased organ or tumor directly. They can also be used to sponge energy up to and into the affected area. This type of treatment will cause energy to flow directly into and through that area of the body, as well as helping to remove energy blockages in surrounding areas, which will also help. These alternate techniques should not, however, be used to replace the full body circuit, which is the mainstay of the whole NEW system. Please note that if energy is raised and fed into a tumor, it will not cause that tumor to grow. It will instead empower the physical body to dissolve and absorb that tumor.

    Perpetual Energy Raising

    Energy raising can become a habitual and continual action, much like breathing. It can take some time before it becomes habitual, but is well worth the effort. In its simplest form this only requires a small part of body awareness be held within the Sub-Navel at all times. The best way to learn this is to start doing it, and to do it as often as possible. Simply focus a part of your awareness in your Sub-Navel every time you think of energy, health or development. A psychological trigger can also be used to encourage this. For example, every time you see an advertisement of any kind, or a TV commercial, flick your awareness into your Sub-Navel. Every time you do this, try and hold it there for as long as you can, in the back of your mind, while you go about your day to day life. Another simple trigger is an alarm watch set to beep once every half-hour or so, to remind you to raise energy regularly.


    Volunteers with diabetes have had great success using the NEW system to help their condition. I will make medical documentation available in the full book version of this tutorial when it is published.

    One lady volunteer suffering from type #1. juvenile diabetes of 26 years duration, with a total non-functional pancreas and full insulin dependency, was able to reduce her insulin dosage by 85% in three months using the NEW system twice daily, thirty-minutes per session. Her blood sugar levels began changing a few days after beginning her work with the NEW system, and progressively improved until her pancreas returned to almost full functionality; so far. Of note, this lady's body weight began dropping steadily since starting the NEW system; with no change in diet or exercise. Detailed medical records of this case will be made available in the full book version of this tutorial; plus a full report on these changes by her diabetes specialist.

    For any serious disease, apart from regular feet and leg stimulation, the full body circuit should be done for a recommended thirty minutes each sessions, twice per day. A diabetic should also use a deep, side to side brushing action on their pancreas (solar plexus area below the ribs) for several minutes each session. A close check must be kept on blood sugar levels at all times, as insulin requirements may change without notice. And any reduction of insulin dosage should only be done under the supervision of a qualified medical doctor or diabetes specialist.


    The only volunteer I have worked with long enough to give feedback on has been my own mother, currently 76 years old. She has been religiously using the NEW system for three years now. History: five years ago she was diagnosed with lymphoma, and with a malignant tumor on a kidney. The kidney was removed and she underwent chemotherapy. At this time I gave my mother regular contact healing and she survived, but she did not want to use the NEW system at this time. However, three and a half years ago (at the time of writing this tutorial) she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her oncologist wanted to urgently remove one of her lungs and booked her in to hospital to have the operation a week later. But given her age and health, and the fact she is a long-term smoker, he said her chances were quite low of surviving the operation. With this type of tumor, apparently, chemotherapy was not an option. This frightened her so much she agreed to put her life on the line, to refuse surgery and put all her trust and strength and effort into using the NEW system alternative. A truly brave and trusting woman my mom; also my best friend.

    However, it did not take her long to learn the NEW system. She was amazed by the sensations she experienced while learning it, and this spurred her on to even greater efforts. Her health has slowly but steadily improved since that time and the tumor in her lung has not grown or spread. Of note, my mother still smokes a pack of cigarettes and drinks a bottle of red wine per day. Her arthritis has also improved greatly, she walks better (now further and more often) and has put on some much-needed weight. She has also successfully treated (with the Etheric Wrap technique) a badly sprained knee, sprained ankle, spinal pain, and various other injuries; completely recovering from each injury or problem within a week or two at most; which is phenomenal for a woman her age. She now uses the NEW system for every pain or health problem she gets and absolutely swears by it.

    Her oncologist almost fell off his chair when she visited him for a checkup two years after being diagnosed with lung cancer. To quote him "My dear lady, I thought you were dead!" was his amazed greeting. He could give her no explanation as to why the tumor had stopped growing, but requested regular three-monthly visits to keep a check on her progress.

    Also of note, mum's mental faculties and memory have also greatly improved. Like when she was much younger, she can now do The Times and LB cryptic crosswords in under an hour (less on a good day) without using a dictionary, which she claims is cheating.

    I am not saying everyone using the NEW system will have the same results as my mother. But it is reasonable to suggest, faced with the evidence I have before me, that the NEW system may be beneficial to good health in cases like this. Lets face it, apart from medical treatment, when you have cancer the only thing your body has going for it is its immune system. And if you can boost the immune system the physical body can often accomplish wonders under its own steam.

    Once again, please do not use the NEW system as cure-all or panacea, and please do not hesitate to consult a qualified medical doctor if you are sick. However, if you are faced with no viable medical treatment or alternatives, you now have a NEW alternative to consider.

    Other Diseases:

    Unfortunately, as I said earlier, I have not yet had the opportunity to test the NEW system with people suffering from a wider variety of serious diseases. This tutorial will be updated as soon as information comes to hand and a addendum's will be placed on my web site at: www.astraldynamics.com

    I have not had the opportunity to work with aids patients thus far, so at this time have no data at all on the response of this condition to the NEW system. But it is my considered opinion that any disease that can benefit from a boosted immune system will show significant improvement.

    Energy Raising During Sleep

    Myself, plus many other volunteers, have noticed a peculiar phenomenon that boosts the NEW system and consequentially the healing ability of the physical body. This only seems to happen when you fall asleep while strongly raising energy. In the morning, more often than not, the physical pain you went to sleep with will either be gone or significantly healed.

    I believe falling asleep while raising energy causes the energy raising action to carry over into the sleep state. And as the sleep state itself causes a naturally increased energy flow, it is reasonable to suggest this combination may promote stronger natural healing of the physical body during sleep than would otherwise be possible. Some of these cases may seem like miracle cures, and this does not always happen, but cases like this are not that unusual.

    Two examples

    1. One woman volunteer, a veterinary worker with long-term juvenile diabetes, was savaged by a feral cat. The cat's tooth passed completely through her finger and pierced her fingernail from beneath. She also had several other nasty lacerations on the same hand. She sought immediate medical attention and had her wounds cleaned and bound. Within three days, however, a serious infection took hold, causing swelling, redness and serious pain. Her doctor gave her injections of penicillin and warned her, because she was a diabetic, that the healing process would be very slow (diabetics typically have only 1/4 normal healing capacity) and that she might lose her finger; and to be prepared. Desperate and in terrible pain (on my advice) this woman spent the entire evening raising energy and treating her injured hand with NEW techniques. She fell asleep while doing these. The next morning she awoke with no pain, no swelling and no infection. Her wounds had closed over and were covered with a very light layer of pink scar tissue; not scab tissue as one might expect. Now this level of healing is, medically speaking, quite impossible even for a normal healthy person; but it happened. This woman's doctor was totally flabbergasted and could not even begin to explain how this had happened. Her wounds continued to heal normally with no recurrence of infection.

    2. Another woman volunteer, aged pensioner aged 75 years: At the start of one rainy season this woman was so badly crippled by arthritis she could not walk or do anything. She told me she felt so bad she just wanted to die and never wake up. On my advice she spent the entire evening raising energy, nothing elaborate, and fell asleep doing this. She woke up the next morning with no pain or disability whatsoever. She got up, had breakfast, cleaned her house and took her dog for a walk before she remembered how sick she had been the night before, and realized what had happened. So far this lady's arthritis has not returned and its been two years so far. Needless to say this lady now practices the NEW system daily.

    Recommended Daily Regimes

    The following regimes cover most energy requirements. They start with minimal exercises for general development and good health, progressing to more intense workouts for those undertaking serious development work, and for those with serious illnesses.

    Stage One

    Start by brushing feet and hands for several seconds each, preferably in pairs. Bounce legs and then arms, again preferably in pairs. Then bounce spine from coccyx to head for several seconds or more. Then use the two part breathing circuit: Half a dozen or more energy raising breaths should suffice for each part. This is recommended as being done three times per day, with each session taking two or three minutes. The absolute minimum is one session per day, done before falling asleep. As previously stated, falling asleep while raising energy causes a carry-over of energy raising actions into the sleep state, which is highly beneficial.

    Stage Two

    Same as stage one above, but more time should be spent on each part. Either continue the two part breathing circuit for several minutes, and/or use the full body circuit. Particular attention should be paid to any problem areas, known energy blockages or diseased areas. This should be done twice a day, morning and night. Travel and waiting time should also be taken advantage of for energy raising.

    Stage Three

    Same as stage two, above, but morning and night sessions should be continued for thirty minutes each. If privacy is a problem, this can be done in the bathroom. When treating any serious disease, the disease site or organ should be identified and treated with suitable brushing actions. A book on anatomy should be consulted to identify the exact positions of internal organs.

    Stage Four

    Similar to stage two, above, but with four or five sessions being done per day, instead of two. All available travel and waiting time should be used for raising energy. Perpetual energy raising should also be nurtured, with energy being raised at every available opportunity. Falling asleep while raising energy should be attempted every night, and with every nap taken during the day. This regime should only be used for treating serious disease, and not for normal development purposes. This level of energy raising, while beneficial to any disease condition, may be counterproductive to overall energy development if too much effort is use with awareness actions.