• A Few Last Words About Energy Work

    The length of time it takes to develop any kind of ability is extremely variable. It depends greatly upon the original state of the energy body in question, and on its natural energetic potential. Many people will find some type and level of psychic ability will begin to manifest almost immediately, while others will be slower to realize their potential in this respect. In all cases, though, NEW energetic development will be significantly faster than what is considered normal today. The complete NEW system, including primary centre work, if diligently and regularly applied, is incredibly effective and speeds development significantly. This helps to keep interest high and turns the improbable into the probable, and the possible into the very likely in the near future.

    This brings us to the end of The NEW Energy Ways tutorial. I'd like to thank you for reading my book and hope you have not only gained something valuable from it, but have also enjoyed reading it. I work very hard to make my tutorials reader-friendly. To learn more of the core skills required for further bioenergetic development, i.e., deep physical relaxation, taming the mind, the trance state, understanding and working with primary energy centres, see Astral Dynamics. More than just another book on OBE, Astral Dynamics can be thought of as being a complete course in metaphysical development.

    I plan to steadily add to the number of books, tutorials, and booklets I have available at present, energy and interdimensional weather permitting. Check my web site, at www.astraldynamics.com, for updates, addendum's and availability of new material. You will find a lot of interesting material and links on my web site, free for online reading or downloading, and more coming all the time.