• Part 12 - Energy Movement Sensations

    Energetic Resistance

    Strong energy movement sensations are primarily caused by resistance within the energy body. This is natural resistance, to an increased flow of energy through blocked or narrowed energy centres and circuitry. Many people, especially during the early stages of energy body development, will feel some very strong energy movement sensations indeed. These sensations will fluctuate from day to day, but will be found to gradually reduce in severity, as the energy body develops to handle the increased energetic flow.

    It is a big but natural mistake, to measure energetic flow into the energy body, by the strength of sensations experienced.* Always keep in mind, that energy movement sensations will always steadily decrease, as blockages are cleared and energetic resistance is reduced.* Sensations must be expected to steadily reduce, and this must be looked upon as a sign of real progress.* On that same note, some people can expect to feel only very mild energy movement sensations, even in the early days of learning the NEW system.* This can be caused by them having naturally more well-developed energy body circuitry than average.* Some energy movement sensation will, however, always be experienced unless acute and widespread energy body inactivity is present.* My bio-energetic research shows this is unusual, and a generally unhealthy sign.

    Energy Movement

    Bio-energy, when it responds in the early stages, will most commonly cause a surging, bubbling, rushing water kind of sensation.* This is especially strong and noticeable in the shins and thighs.* These can be quite intense, even breathtaking at times.* You may also feel strong, bone-deep tingling sensations coming from deep inside the marrow of your bones.* This is usually felt much more strongly in the legs, especially during the early days of bio-energetic development.* I have had many of my volunteers report to me that they have, quite literally, fallen off their chairs and been unable to stand for several minutes, while working with the NEW system.* This usually happens during early feet and leg stimulation, and energy raising exercises, because surging energy movement sensations in their legs have been exceptionably strong.* This level of energy movement sensation is not usually painful.* It is more like how it feels when you restore circulation, after your legs have fallen asleep – which is often very uncomfortable, but not exactly painful.

    There are several peculiar, sometimes very strong, energy movement sensations that can be caused by the NEW system.* It is fairly normal, while doing the energy awareness exercises on the feet, legs, hands and arms, to feel strong buzzing and tingling sensations within them.* These sensations will fade slowly, with regular use and development, to a gentle, warm and comfortable, tingling energy flow.* The degree of energy sensations depends greatly on the health and developed state of the energy body, and how many energy blockages and narrowed energy pathways are present.* The strength of energy movement sensations is also affected by many other factors, ie., the condition of the physical body, and the strength and availability of planetary and atmospheric energy; which fluctuates daily.* The energetic conditions at any geographical location, will also be found to fluctuate daily, being influenced by a great many environmental factors.

    Common Energy Movement Sensations

    • Tingling, tickling, buzzing and vibrating, in soles and palms, fingers and toes

    • Rushing water sensation, up legs and arms

    • Bone-deep tingling inside hands, feet, legs and arms

    • Heaviness and fuzziness, especially in hands and feet

    • Tingling, energetic body-rush feelings, up arms, legs and spine

    • Localised fluttering and pulsing in flesh and on skin

    • Muscular spasms and twitching limbs

    • Cobweb like tickling, like ants crawling all over you

    • Localised stinging and prickling sensations

    • Aching or burning hot or cold patches, especially in soles and palms

    • Needle-like pricking pains

    • Muscular cramps

    Reduced Energetic Sensations

    It is quite natural to think that, in time, as energetic movement sensations become steadily less intense, that you are doing something wrong or that the NEW system just isn't working for you anymore.* Please rethink this, while keeping in mind that heavy energy movement sensations will always lessen as the energy body develops.* A master of energy raising, with a highly developed energy body, will feel only a gentle, tingling warmth as massive amounts of energy are drawn into their body.* Look upon the lessening of energy movement sensations as signs of real progression in energy body development.

    Case Histories

    Following are several case histories, supplied by some of my volunteers helping road-test the NEW system.* I have included these to give readers a better idea, of some of the effects the NEW system can have in the early stages of development.* Many of these volunteers had only a very primitive version of the NEW system to work with – while it was in the throes of development, so to speak.* Some of the terminology and procedures mentioned in these letters may therefore differ slightly, from those given in the tutorial you are now reading.


    Update 1:

    I got both thumb centres working well, buzzing and tingling, at the same time, until I felt a tingling deep inside my hands.* Then I worked on all my other fingers, feeling strong energy pulsation’s, etc, all over my hands.

    I did the stirring awareness action, on one foot at a time, until I felt the energy start up, then I switched to the larger brushing action.* I started the stirring action on both heels together, and after a couple of minutes, used wide brushing actions on both soles, up and down.* Then I started doing it on my hands, but my feet continued the brushing on their own, until I felt a strong burning sensation on both soles.* I had to walk to ease the discomfort.* Again, while working on my hands, after 2 or 3 minutes, my hands hurt a little from the burning, down to the bones, like someone had smacked my hands hard.* I walked and moved my hands to reduce the feeling, as you advised.* I worked on my feet, with and without shoes, and it seems to work better without shoes, as you said it would.

    When I worked on raising energy through my legs, I got one leg going, and suddenly the feeling started in my other leg as well, but I hadn’t done any work on it.* After, I tried to move energy all through my body, raising my hands above my head.* I then bounced energy through my shoulders and arms, to my fingers, up and down.** I did the same on my legs, and after several tries on them, they felt very warm and tingling, especially strong in my feel, and I felt strong energy moving all throughout my legs.

    Update 2:

    When I tried to do the exercise again, the next day, the energy centres and exchange ports in my soles, and at the base of my thumbs, just started warming and tingling as soon as I started thinking about them, but before I actually started working on them with awareness actions.* A few moments after starting work on them, less than a minute, my hands and feet started tingling strongly also.* I had somewhat of a problem getting the feel for the brushing action this time, because of the intense energy feelings all through my hands and feet.* Is this like a "plug once" thing that you can turn on like a switch after the first time you have done it?

    Update 3:

    When working on the upper part of my body, after a few tries, I started to feel my whole body energising, tingling and buzzing, etc, making it difficult to localise my awareness anywhere.* The overall sensation is about the same as with the lower part of my body, as I mentioned in my previous letters, but is more widespread.

    One comment:* I got a cold on Friday, and by doing the energy work straight away, as you suggested, I am completely over it in just 2 days!* Colds are usually much worse for me, so I think that I may be doing something right.* As you said, this appears to be boosting my immune system and helping with colds and influenza, and it sure has.

    Update 4:

    Here is some feedback on my wife's high risk pregnancy, as you requested:* For just over a month now, she has been working with the NEW system every day.* She doesn't seem to have a problem with the split awareness at all, as I did at first, and says she feels good energy every time.* She said that she was having problems with getting the feel for her toes individually, because when she tries to do this exercise both her feet start tingling all over.* I told her to skip this part for now, and to only work on her soles, heels and ankles with larger awareness actions, as you suggested.

    Her doctor told her today, that her blood sugar level is now completely normal (he was very perplexed as to why, repeated the test, and asked us many questions – but we didn’t mention the NEW system).* As a result, she was immediately moved off the "high risk pregnancy" status.* I'll let you know how it goes with the other exercises.

    Note:* This lady had a healthy baby, with no complications, a few weeks after this last letter.


    Update 1:

    First off, I am left handed, and find that my left foot works better when doing the NEW exercises.* When I started the energy exercises you sent me,* I felt the entire base of my foot buzz quite noticeably, and not just at the big toe joint.* When I began to draw energy into my right knee I become light headed.* Both feet felt like there was something like water rushing into them and up through my shins.* This sensation was very strong!* All I did was concentrate on my big toe, and all of a sudden I got this overwhelming dizzy sensation, and could actually feel the energy pouring into my body.* After a while I started getting cold, and could not concentrate a lot on what I was doing.* Even now, hours later, with my feet propped under my desk, I can still feel a little energy going into them.

    I noted that after a while, my right foot started working better than my left.* Perhaps this is because I am partly ambidextrous (left-handed writer, right handed batter and thrower), I am not sure.* As it was, that was my first time and I experienced quite a big rush of energy.* Where it went I don't know.* That storage centre below my belly button was hard to sense, because of the intense energy I was feeling in my whole body.* I’m glad I was sitting down while I was doing it, because if I wasn’t I would have fallen right on my ass!!!

    Update 2:

    As I was trying to relax before sleeping tonight (after completing those NEW exercises) I had some strange things happen.* First off, it seems as if my consciousness was wandering.* For a second I heard the people in the next room perfectly, as if I was in the room with them.* Secondly, my ears and head were acting strangely.* I kept getting this rush of energy, like an ethereal punch on my face.* This wave of energy would hit my face audibly with a sort of WHUMP!! Feeling and sound.* Also I noticed an incredibly bright flash in my eyes as this happened.* It did so quite a few times.* Also, this time the tingling and muscle spasms and twitches, hit me AFTER the exercises and not during them.

    Strobe Effect Note:* The bright flash and mild facial concussion, as described above, comes from the brow centre strobing visually.* This is seen in the mind’s eye, as it pulses accumulated energy upwards into the crown centre, as is its nature.* The facial concussion effect, comes from their support structures in the facial area, reacting to the strobe

    Update 3:

    A suggestion on stimulating the energy centres, is to listen to some music that is spiritual and relaxing.* I popped this new age CD into my player this morning, and immediately my spine tingled and I felt strong energy rushing into me.* The energy centres in my feet turned on by themselves, with no effort from me, and wave after wave of energy rushed up through my legs and into my body.

    Update 4:

    I can now do energy work at any time.* In class, walking, and in cars and busses while travelling.* For me it didn't seem too hard.* My only concern is that I learned this stuff kinda fast.* I mean, its sorta freaky how easy the NEW tutorial you gave me was to use, and how fast it was to learn.* When I try this in cars, first off it seems harder to feel that rushing water effect in my legs, because the car is shaking and vibrating itself.* Also, certain parts of the road seem to be a lot stronger, energy wise, than others.* Specifically, I notice a greater surge of energy over certain parts and a dwindling of energy over others.* It seems stronger and more noticeable as I move through open or tree lined green areas of land, and weaker in the more built up areas in the city and industrial areas.

    Update 5:

    As I relaxed in bed today, I decided to try to draw energy using the NEW system (my feet evidently don't need to be touching the ground any more).* Anyway, I was drawing energy while I was falling asleep, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere this huge surge of energy woke me up.* It was the type that was very vitalising physically.* I suddenly felt this energy coming from all over.* It was like the energy was pouring into my skin everywhere on my body, and I'm not sure where it went from there. It was a very intense and interesting experience.


    Update 1:

    I begin by sitting on the couch with bare feet.* I close my eyes and focus on my breathing until I reach a state of light relaxation.* Focusing awareness on top of right big toe, I feel nothing for a while, and have to touch and scratch it a couple of times with my fingernail, to center my awareness there.* It soon starts to throb hard.* Next I work on left big toe.* This takes slightly longer.* My feet are cold.* I can feel the awareness stirring action I am using, and the effect it is having.** I work on each toe individually, brushing them one at a time.* I feel a tingling in all my toes.* I keep at this for a while, but I am having trouble balancing and splitting my awareness – stimulating my toes in pairs.* My feet feel like they are building up speed, so I sweep their energy up through both my shins to my right knee first.* I feel a tingling in my right kneecap, then my left.* The energy seems to have stopped in an area below my left knee, in the calf at the back of leg.* I feel like a band is extending half way around my leg at this location, and blocking the energy flow.* This feels a bit painful, as I try to focus on it and draw the energy through it.* My feeling is of my body being distorted and twisting to the right.* I don't know if I am physically twisting or not (like looking over ones shoulder) but I think I'm bracing in order not to turn.* I try several sweeps up my left leg again, but the pain is still present.* My distortion settles and I feel straight again.

    Update 2:

    As before, I sit on the couch with bare feet flat on the floor.* I start with my right big toe, and start awareness stirring a spot on the top of its main joint.* This starts to become itchy.* Go to my left big toe, and there isn't as much response, but enough to let me know its there.* I keep trying for a while, then decide to move on to my other toes.* They respond well, and my feet feel kind of prickly all over.* I move awareness up my right leg to its knee.* This leg is tingly and responsive up to the kneecap.* I try and bring the energy up my left leg, and again find there is a painful spot on the back of my leg, so I keep trying to bring energy up through this leg, to clear the blockage.* It still hurts, but the pain is not sharp any more, just a dull and heavy ache.* I keep pulling up right leg, and up through groin area into the lower belly button region.

    My left leg is still not very responsive, and has another heavy spot around the back of my left thigh.* I try pulling energy up both legs at the same time with my awareness hands, and feel some tingling running up my thighs and into my lower back.* Now I pull the energy up my legs and into my lower heart area (my hands and fingers start to feel very tingly as I do this).* I figure now is the time to stand, so I do, but I seem to be rocking and feel distorted again (its hard to keep my balance).* I open my eyes, but can't focus, so close them again and proceed.* I try pulling energy up to my throat, brow and crown centers.The top of my head is tickling a lot all over, so I move its energy back down over the front of my body.* In line with my breathing, I move the energy up and down, but its hard to my keep balance, so I sit back down again before I fall over.* I repeated this for a few minutes while sitting, and then stopped.* As I am writing my notes, immediately after this session, I feel a little light-headed, and the heaviness in my left leg is still very noticeable, but not as bad.* I am feeling some tingling and energy movement.* Strongest areas are:* feet, pain in left leg and knee area, belly button area, and the tingling in my crown center.

    Afterthoughts:** Today, after the energy work, I felt a lot easier at work for much longer than usual.* I felt more optimistic about a lot of things, and felt generally happier.* I had more energy, and was more relaxed and clearer headed than usual.

    Update 3:

    I am not sure if I should try this in a car, but I had a long car ride, and so I thought it would be appropriate to attempt it, especially while waiting at traffic lights.* As usual I started with my right big toe, but by doing this the whole foot seems to activate this time.* My left foot still did not have much feeling, but it must be there, because once I start pulling up both legs, the pain came back into my left leg.* I can't focus too easily while driving, but just enough to pull it up and down my body a few times.* This produced an energetic feeling afterwards, and cleared my head.* My left leg seems to ache after an energy work session, for approx. 1 hr afterwards.

    I don't know if it was because of the NEW energy work, but I didn't get my daughter's cold (I have been very susceptible to viruses this winter), and this was a notable exception.

    I want to report something very out of the ordinary for me.* I was with my boyfriend this evening, and I suddenly became very emotional.* I have only ever felt this way before, during a very select few meditations.* At first it was just a flicker in my chest, and then it felt like I was going to burst.* It was a feeling of absolute, all encompassing love (it made me bawl).* I felt so overwhelmed by this, I was soon sobbing uncontrollably.* It came upon me in a wave, and lingered for about 20 minutes. This is very unlike me.

    Sub-Heart Note:* The Sub-Heart storage centre was being worked upon and deliberately filled in the above case history – experimentally and under my direction.* These experiments produced consistently negative emotional results.* It caused episodes of temporary emotional unbalancing, in the majority of volunteers trying this, with bouts of strong emotional feeling, tears, and rapid mood swings between depression and ecstasy.* The results of these experiments were similar enough to be predictable.* I therefore do not advise the direct filling of the Sub-Heart energy storage centre.

    Sub-Brow Note:* Other negative results came from similar experiments, where the Sub-Brow storage centre was deliberately filled – again under my direction.* This caused everything from headaches, migraine, depression, paranoia, delusional states, and psychic instability – all short-lived, thank goodness, showing how unwise this practice can be.* One of my volunteers (the worst case) had a kind of psychotic episode, that lasted for well over a week.* I subsequently discovered she had a history of mental instability, but it seems very likely this experiment triggered the actual episode.* All volunteers recovered and stabilized completely, shortly after this unwise practice was stopped.* I therefore most strongly advise, that the Sub-Brow energy storage centre is never directly filled – not under any circumstances.

    Update 4:

    It was hard getting started today, and I found it hard to focus.* I wiggled my toes to get my awareness centred there.* Then I brought the energy up my legs to my knees, then up through my thighs, and through my groin area (no pain in my leg today, only a light tingling spot), and on up through my body to my crown centre, and then back down again.* It feels that in some areas, as I energy draw into them, that they automatically become tense (especially arm and thighs).* I have to consciously re-relax them before I can continue.* Today, it almost feels like its calming my senses, instead of intensifying them.* I feel very relaxed and have a great sense of well being after the NEW exercises.

    Update 5:

    Today, I concentrated on the full-body energy circuit.* After I felt comfortable, and that it was flowing well, I brought my hands up to my face to see colours.* I saw no colours this time, but the heat off my hands was almost like basking in the sun.* It was sweet smelling too.* I smelled my hands later, and the nice smell had disappeared.

    I came down with a cold the next day, but after doing the NEW full body circuit straight away (as you suggested), the pain in my ears, throat and nose disappeared completely.* When I finished and got out of my chair, the pain and fatigue was completely gone, and I felt great!* WOW!! does this NEW system ever work!!

    Self-Healing Note:* Apart from my own experiences with doing this, I have received a large number of letters similar to the above, from volunteers who have fought off colds, virii and influenza.* They have often circumvented the onset of illness completely, or at the very least minimising it to a couple of days, with only mild symptoms being experienced.


    Update 1:

    I had minor sensations in all my toes, nothing very strong, and tingling was the most prominent feeling.* Strong tingling in my soles, accompanied by lots of muscle contractions and twitching in my ankles and legs, and some stiffness.* The brushing action on my soles made it more pronounced, and almost uncomfortable.* The toe work also seemed to make me sleepy.* I felt a strong tingling in my heels.* It burned a bit and felt kind of like a cramp.* It didn't hurt much though, mostly just strong tingling like the rest.* My ankles and knees were about the same.* I couldn't feel much on the insides of my ankles, but everything else had the same tingling feeling.

    Update 2:

    Moving energy up through my legs felt good and refreshing.* It caused a lot of twitching and vibrations in my legs, a bit of stiffness, but no actual pain.* When I focused on my groin centres, I had immediate strong sensations, in all 4 centres, on both legs.* I didn't spend long doing this though, because of your warnings about this in your NEW research tutorial.* It was mostly a tingling, throbbing feeling, and it burned a bit as well.* It lingered after I had stopped, and made me feel a bit tired.

    Update 3:

    Basic Energy Raising: My legs-responded well, sensations as before (tingling).* Sub-navel storage centre vibrating and bubbling noticeably.* This exercise cleared my mind and woke me up.* I felt the sensations better when I went more slowly, maybe 5-6 seconds from my feet to my Sub-Navel centre.* I had no real problems with my arms, but I didn't try coordinating my arms and legs together.* I also did not have as much response from my arms, and had fewer sensations in them this time.* After a while, my groin area became uncomfortably sensitive, hot, tingling and throbbing inside all its centres.* I couldn't move my focus away from it, and so I had to stop and go for a walk to ease it.

    Update 4:

    I didn't do much structured work over the last week, mostly just in 5-10 minute segments.* All sensations as before.* After 5-10 minutes the sensations in my groin began again.* It seems that as soon as I focus my awareness in any part of my body, my groin starts to tingle, throb and burn.

    Note: I don't know if this is related to the NEW energy work or not, but my stomach has been very upset the last day or two.* It feels like I am very hungry all the time, and I am already eating about twice as much as I normally do, and it doesn't seem to help.

    Note:* The over-stimulation of this man’s digestive system is, in my opinion, related to the stimulation of the Sub-Navel energy storage centre.* After receiving many similar reports, this side-effect shows the strong effects the NEW system can have upon the physical body.* In all cases, this side-effect has settled down fairly quickly, usually within a couple of weeks, and has caused neither weight loss nor weight gain.* Also, this man’s oversensitive groin centres settled down after a few weeks, and caused no further problems.

    Update 5:

    Strong tingling, coolness, numbness, stiffness in arms and fingers, palms, wrists, elbows, shoulders.* Stiffness is like when I first wake up.* No problems moving energy up my arms.* Not much resistance felt when using the energy bounce action in my arms, but I found it a bit difficult to speed up the bounce faster than about a second each way.* No feelings of fatigue today.* My arms and hands felt tingly and a bit stiff for a while, after these exercises.* Strong sensations in raising energy up my arms.* Bubbling in lower stomach, coolness in arms and chest, and in most of my upper body.

    Both targeting and stimulating have gotten a lot easier, without me really having noticed it.* My concentration has improved also.* I still feel the heat in my groin area, but it has reduced and is not as distracting.* I have not felt any incredibly strong sensations, and everything is about the same level of* tingling.* A couple of areas are a bit less responsive now (shoulders and insides of ankles), but not much.

    I still get some lingering heat in my groin area.* This is not arousing, just mildly uncomfortable.* Also, my mind/perceptions seem a bit distorted sometimes, but only while doing the exercises.* I feel almost dizzy at times.

    I woke up after a nap, and found I was seeing the room around me through my closed eyelids, but my angle of vision seemed different.* I felt like I was looking down on myself, instead of forward from myself.* I think I might have been having, or about to have, an out of body experience, at the time.

    5 – “Mr. S”

    UPDATE 1

    I started the toe work on my left big toe joint and almost immediately felt a tingling/buzzing sensation begin to evelop in that joint. I continued the stirring action, and the tingling/buzzing became more pronounced. I went n to the next join in the big toe same effect as above. I then tried to stimulate the right toe. I tried for a good* minutes but could feel only very light sensations there. I decided to do the rest of the toe work on the left oot fi rst, and then switch to the right foot. It was very simple to get all the left toes to feel the buzzing/tingling eeling. Then I switched to the right foot, and tried all of the toes, but with still only very slight feelings there.

    I then began to use the brushing awareness technique on the left toes, and although the tingling/buzzing had aded since I had started working on the right foot, they came back almost instantly, and all at the same time.

    Mr. H.

    I'd like to describe an example of how NEW is helping me greatly with an injury. First, I'd like to say that since starting to develop my energy body I haven't been ill once. This has been going on for a year now. I always used to catch a cold in the winter, at least once, but last winter I didn't get one at all. I've also been skipped by a couple of colds my girlfriend had this year.

    Anyway, now for my case of specific self-healing. Two weeks ago I rolled out of bed but my leg hadn't woken up yet, so when I tried to walk I collapsed and hurt my foot quite badly. I caught a nail on something and ripped it half off, and I bruised the rest of my foot. The worst thing was the second toe (next to the big toe) - it was bruised very badly and was very swollen. Walking was almost impossible, and has been for the past two weeks.

    I applied all the usual treatments and most of my foot healed over time. However, that second toe, the heavily bruised and very swollen one, just would not heal. The swelling never went down, and the bruise remained. Last night, I decided to apply NEW to see if I could get the bugger healed.

    It worked like a charm. As I lay in bed last night, doing my usual energy work, I concentrated on the bad toe. I drew more energy through that specific toe than I normally would - in fact, I never concentrate on single digits when I'm doing energy work any more. This time I did though. As well as raising energy through it, I applied the etheric wrap technique. As I "wrapped" the toe, I visualised a lot of bright white healing energy sinking into it. After a few minutes of this, I carried on with the rest of my normal energy work and fell asleep shortly after.

    Now, remember that for two weeks the toe hadn't improved at all. This morning, after doing that healing energy work on it, the swelling has decreased by at least 50%, in fact it's closer to 75%. The bruising has been markedly reduced, and the toe hardly hurts at all now (unless I apply direct pressure to it). I can now bend it, and walk on it without having to limp.

    Energy healing work really can help with injuries. All it took for me was a few minutes of concentration and some energy work before I fell asleep.