• Introduction To Simplified NEW

    by Donni Hakanson
    Why Do Energy Work?

    NEW Energy Ways trains better body awareness for skills such as martial arts, yoga, athletics (control energy levels when required).

    NEW enhances the immune system and so aids in healing. Appears to influence weight control, appetite, improves recovery from colds, flu, etc., increases overall vitality levels.

    NEW increases personal energy levels (charisma) and well-being.

    NEW can be used with other systems – martial arts (Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Yoga, Reiki, Aerobics, athletics, etc.

    NEW can also be used to enhance any form of spiritual or psychic healing, and to empower any type of psychic ability, including out-of-body experiences.

    • NEW energy work does not need a deep level of relaxation

    • Wear loose comfortable clothes

    • NEW is easy to learn and to use

    • NEW gives quick results

    Before we go any further, try this exercise: (Time: 3 - 5 minutes)

    Read each part, one at a time, closing your eyes and following the instructions in between each section.

    Please note: this exercise is great done with a partner – one reads while the other follows. Because it doesn’t take long to do, it should be easy to find someone who can at least read it to you, if they are not interested in trying it out for themselves.

    You might find that just reading it provides enough stimulation to trigger some noticeable energy reactions in some people (although reduced in intensity compared to going through it step by step experientially.)

    Demonstration Exercise

    First of all, clap your hands and vigorously rub them together. Pause, and feel the tingling sensation in your hands, really feel, experience, sense it fully, totally. See if you can recreate this feeling with your mind, when the feeling begins to fade. See if you can build it up again by imagining you are clapping and rubbing your hands.

    In the following exercise, remember this feeling whenever the word ‘energy’ comes up.

    With your tongue pressed gently against lips, or protruding slightly, centre your awareness on your lips and you imagine you have a soft brush which is gently moving back and forth across whole of your lips, on the inside and outside, radiating energy. Pretend you can feel this movement as it sweeps back and forth. (Time: 20 seconds for this and each action that follows.)

    Open your mouth slightly and stick your tongue out a little. Focus on the tip of tongue, and imagine you are gift-wrapping it with tiny strips of sparkling energy. Feel these ‘energy bandages’ wrapping around and around your tongue. As you apply more layers, the feeling becomes stronger. Feel the tip of your tongue being soaked by the energy as it sinks beneath the skin.

    Close your mouth and relax it. Imagine you are making tiny, circular actions, like a miniature blender, across the top of your tongue. This ‘blender’ stirs up the energy around your tongue, as you imagine and feel it tingling. The vibrations from this miniature blender are so strong, they go beneath the skin, covering the entire top surface of your tongue.

    Use a wide brushing action along your tongue, brushing back and forth, covering the whole length of tongue from base to tip. Feel as if this brush of energy is traveling through your tongue; and that your tongue is a sponge and sucks up all of the energy.

    Roll your tongue back and press it gently against roof of your mouth; without straining it. Focusing on the inside of mouth and not on tongue, brush the whole inside lining of mouth: top, bottom, sides, inside of lips, and around the base of your teeth in whatever way feels easiest, covering the whole inner lining surface of your mouth with tingling sparkling energy.

    With mouth closed, tongue flat, imagine you are holding a wet sponge, and your mouth and throat are like sponges, drawing in the energy. Feel the energy dripping from the sponge soaking into your lips, mouth, tongue and throat, and sinking down to the base of throat. Move this action up and down. Bend this action as it passes down your throat, then back up to your lips. Imagine you have a thick, bent tube inserted in your mouth and that this tube extends deep into your throat. Not a comfortable picture, but this is just to give you the general idea of the awareness action, or feeling, required. Feel your awareness moving back and forth through this tube; taking in your lips; the whole of the inside lining of mouth and tongue; and then moving it deep into your throat to its base where it joins your chest, in and out repeatedly.

    Write down what you felt. Was it easy to do? What did you feel?

    Mouth Area Sensations

    Awareness actions on the lips and tongue can cause some very peculiar energy movement sensations indeed. Strong tingling and buzzing feelings in the lips and tongue, plus a noticeably salty, metallic kind of taste like you get if you touch the terminals of a small nine-volt torch battery to your tongue, are quite normal. This energy taste sensation is probably the easiest way to demonstrate the effectiveness of the NEW system to other people.

    This proves how direct energy stimulation can be caused by awareness actions and felt as physical sensations.

    Some terms used to describe the three levels of energy used in NEW:

    • Physical – the body, what you feel or sense.

    • Bioenergy and Bioenergetic - energy that relates to the physical body and its energy body.

    • Energetic - an energy process or sensation relating more to the energy body than the physical body.

    The Energy Body

    The energy body is like a mirror of the physical body, but it is made up of etheric matter. Etheric matter is not scientifically recognized, although Kirlian photography captures it. It is the binding stuff that joins matter (your body) with non-matter (your astral body), or the substance that joins physical with non-physical.

    Later on, you will learn the different pathways that energy passes through your body. For now, we will focus on learning how to sense this energy in your body. NEW focuses on working upon the supporting structures of your energy body, building a strong foundation for more advanced energy work.

    Early energy development work causes some changes to occur in your energy body. New circuits are formed, and old or blocked ones are reshaped and cleared. This happens because you are working on them and developing them consciously. Most people are unaware of how the energy in their body moves. Until these circuits ‘balance out’ and get used to energy work, most of the energy you use will come from your storage centres.

    Don’t Work On The Main Chakras First

    The primary, or main, energy centres usually cannot be developed or used properly until the energy system that supports them has been developed. If you try to work on the higher centres first, they can become unbalanced, plus a lot of time must be spent waiting for the supporting structures to develop in response to the new energy demands placed upon them. This often takes many years of waiting time. This sounds like a drag, but in the long run, it is a shortcut, especially because most people can experience things straight away with the NEW process, and energy levels become stronger more quickly.

    Notes on Energy Flow:

    The average person normally absorbs only a small quantity of the energy available each day. Energy is absorbed during sleep, as well as through other means like digestion, breathing and sunlight.

    Now let us say, for example, that the average person absorbs 100 units of raw energy per day, and that this is enough for his/her average daily needs. But when this same person undertakes energy work, their energy usage increases, so he/she begins using 200 or more units of raw energy (vitality) per day.

    This deficit of 100 units will usually be made up for through the energy body's storage areas, like a battery with reserve energy. The physical symptoms of bioenergetic depletion, as discussed in the text box, can be the result if the storage areas become depleted.

    With a little time and attention, the energy body can be trained to handle anything fairly quickly, but only if the development process is managed intelligently. If left to develop under its own steam, as a natural response to the increased energy demands (or focusing too much on the major chakras), overall energy body development can take even longer to achieve, or become unbalanced, or even ‘burn-out.’

    Side-effects of using too much energy at once

    If you use up too much of your energy storage, (or ‘battery power’,) it might cause tiredness. This only seems to affect some people in the early stages.

    It does not happen with everyone, but you might experience: fatigue, dizziness, headaches, digestive problems, depression, cramps, aches and pains, and a variety of emotional disorders can become temporary problems, in varying combinations and degrees of severity.

    These effects can be especially pronounced if the recommended procedures and cautions given within these lessons are not followed.

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