• Simply NEW - Lesson Two

    By the time you begin this lesson, after practising what you have learnt until you feel confident, you may have already noticed an increase in the number and memory of your dreams. If you are progressing to this part immediately after Part A, then you will begin to notice this effect in the next few days or weeks, depending upon how much you practise, your health and the state of your energy body. This is quite normal, as your energy body develops; it becomes stronger, increasing your recall of its activities whilst out of body. Once you begin to learn to store energy, this ‘side effect’ will become quite marked.

    This lesson is divided into two parts that may be done separately, or consecutively. Follow your comfort levels here. You might prefer spending a few days practicing skills in the first section, before moving onto the second part.

    In this lesson you will learn how to stimulate the energy through your feet and legs, hands and arms. These limbs hold very important energetic pathways, and are vital in energy work. Working on them now lays a strong and stable foundation. It is through these areas, you can increase your energy levels and sensitivity.

    Remember to keep up your energy breathing, as much as you can. By doing this, you can lesson the effects of tiredness and energy depletion that this type of work can initially cause.

    5 Awareness Actions used in NEW energy work:

    1. stirring

    2. brushing

    3. wrapping

    4. tearing action

    5. sponging

    First things first – Fancy Footwork

    It may be tempting to develop major chakras, or primary energy centres first but in long run, the energy system supporting these structures become weakened, stressed and unbalanced. The NEW system builds a solid and strong foundation for more advanced energy work.

    Because the feet, with the palms of the hands, contain the highest proportions of energy points, they are developed first.

    Use tactile imaging/targeting (by scratching or rubbing) only if you need to.

    Energy Centre Spin: How to spin out in the right direction

    Primary energy centres are non-physical vortexes of energy that look, clairvoyantly, like spinning wheels of multicoloured light. Although secondary energy centres cannot so easily be observed, it is logical to suggest they would also have similar attributes. The natural direction an energy centre is spinning in can often be felt with the stirring awareness action, especially with the larger skeletal joint centres. If you feel resistance while using the stirring action, try reversing the direction of that action. If the new direction feels easier and more natural, or has a more positive effect, then use it.

    Toe work

    Target top of the joint of big toe, where it joins the foot. Give this area a slight scratch or rub until tingles slightly; following the movement with your point of awareness. Now, imagine you are stirring a pencil there, in your mind and with all your awareness centred in this circle.

    Keep stirring until you feel something happening. Now do the same with the next joint out on the big toe, the one beneath your toenail.

    Do the big toe on your other foot.

    Split awareness – brush both big toes, up and down. Really feel it.

    Wrap each big toe, one at a time. (Cartoon of a big toe and ribbon/bow)

    Sponge each big toe, one at a time

    Try splitting your awareness, and brush or sponge both toes simultaneously

    On your best foot (the most responsive one) deeply brush and sponge the toes next to the big toe, individually. There is no need for greater stimulation of these energy centres.

    Now do the other foot, spending more time on it.

    Now “paint your toenails” with an imaginary brush, on both feet together, up and down, or from one foot to the other. Change the direction, and go from side to side, in a big sweep. Really feel each movement as it travels through your toes.

    Sole Work

    You can do each sole individually, or use your split awareness and do both at once.

    Target the sole of your foot and use a small clockwise stirring action. Now slowly move this circle of movement over the entire underside of your foot and all the toes – cover the entire area.

    Now brush the soles of your feet, deeply. Continue for at least five minutes, or until your foot responds.

    Heel Work

    Use a large stirring action for extra stimulation. Heels contain large energy structures, so it’s beneficial to give it some extra attention. Remember to really feel what you are doing!

    Whole Foot Work

    Deeply sponge from tips of toes to heels. Feel this action filling the inside of the whole of each foot as you do this.


    Leg Work

    Five main leg pathways

    1. Front

    2. Rear

    3. Inner

    4. Outer

    5. Internal bone marrow core (deep sponging)

    Ankle Work

    Spend approximately 20 seconds on each part of this exercise.

    Use stirring action on inner and outer left ankle centres, on bony lumps of ankle joint, one at a time.

    Use wrapping action around whole of left ankle.

    Repeat all above exercises on whole of right ankle.

    Try splitting awareness and wrapping both ankles at the same time.

    Knee Work

    Spend approximately 20 seconds on each part of this exercise.

    Use a tearing movement, large stirring action, then brushing action, on left kneecap.

    Repeat above actions on back of left knee joint.

    Use wrapping action around entire left knee joint.

    Repeat all the above exercises on right knee joint.

    Try splitting awareness and wrapping both knee joints together.

    Hip Centres

    There are four hip centres, one on each hip joint, and one on the inner thighs, where your leg joins your groin area. These last two are connected with the chakra that deals with sexual energy, so it is important that once you feel any sensations, you stop. Following the hip work will be some suggestions should you find the energy in these centres too distracting, or to be frank, sexual.

    On one hip joint at a time, use a wide stirring action as per size of the joint. Then wide brushing up and down, side to side on front part of hip joint, then side, followed by back area. These centres aren’t as sensitive as the groin ones, but it is still important to stop working once any sensations are felt.

    On inner groin centres, first use a stirring action, about an inch or two in diameter. You do not have to move your legs to do this. Next, use a narrow brushing action, and move awareness back and forth over the centre. Cease stimulation as soon as this centre shows any sign of becoming active.

    Finally, use a wrapping action around each entire hip joint, one at a time, and taking in all four centres of each. Because of the shape of the hip joint, this exercise needs to be done at a slight angle, which might feel awkward at first. Just do your best.

    Try splitting awareness, and cover two hip joints at once, in whichever direction is easiest. Moving in opposing directions might work well for you.

    Try a figure of eight awareness action, stimulating all eight hip centres with a single action.

    Caution – Groin Crease Centres:

    The groin crease centres are the largest, most powerful and sensitive secondary energy centres in the entire body. It is not recommended experimenting with these centres just to see what might happen. These can cause some extremely heavy throbbing and pulsing energetic sensations, which can all too easily spread into the genitals themselves. Do not overdo the stimulation of the inner centres. Once you feel a slight pulsing, throbbing, tingling or buzzing in them, leave them alone and proceed on to the next exercise.

    It is quite normal to feel some fairly strong throbbing sensations in the groin crease centres, and even to feel some slight sexual arousal; especially when you first begin working on them. This does not normally cause any problems so please do not become alarmed, unless these sensations become intense or overly distracting. If sexual arousal is felt as starting, immediately move onto the next exercise, as this is a sure sign the groin crease centres have become active.

    Be aware that over stimulation and overly strong energy movement sensations within the groin crease centres will tend to lock body awareness into the genital area, and into the genital primary energy centre. If this is allowed to continue, it can cause unusually strong, urgent and continuing sexual arousal; making further development exercises very difficult at that time.

    If you do find yourself becoming sexually aroused, or unable to focus on further energy work, stop what you are doing and force your awareness away from that area. Clap your hands, yes, applaud yourself – it happens to lots of people. Focus on the tingling in your hands that clapping creates, until you are no longer diverted.

    If that doesn’t work, go for a short walk. Even slapping yourself round a bit in the face, an icy cold shower, all the typical things one uses for unwanted sexual arousal, might work. Other ideas: soaking hands and feet in icy cold water, vigorous exercise.

    Next time you work in the groin centres, be a little more careful. However, if over-stimulation and genital awareness locking continues to reoccur at each session, discontinue inner groin crease centre work entirely, and skip these in all future development sessions.

    Feet & Legs – Quick Reference Guide

    (Using split awareness, or individually, as per comfort levels)

    1. Big toes – Stir both main joints; brush and wrap whole of each big toe.

    2. Lesser toes – Brushing and sponging only on each of these.

    3. All toes – Wide brushing action across all toes on each foot.

    4. Soles – Mobile rotary stirring action over entire surface of each sole.

    5. Wide brushing action on each sole.

    6. Heels – Deep, wide stirring action on each heel.

    7. Whole Foot – Sponging action through whole of each foot.

    8. Ankles - Stirring action on inner and outer bony sides of both ankle joint.

    9. Wrapping action around each ankle.

    10. Knees – Tearing, stirring, brushing, wrapping knees.

    11. Legs – Brush each leg (4 pathways), from foot to hip, both directions.

    12. Hips – Stir, then brush, each hip centre (see cautions).

    13. Wrapping action around whole of each hip joint. Figure eights.

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