• Simply NEW - Lesson Three

    Hands and Arms

    The chakra points in the hands receive and transmit energy, to put it simply. Both the hands and feet have many minor chakras; as they both also draw atmospheric subtle energies, with the feet and legs drawing more earthy energies.

    As with the feet and legs, many small areas and individual energy centres in the hands and arms need to be worked through in order to clear blockages, redefine pathways and generally loosen them up. This early work progressively increases their energetic potential, which increases the amount of energy that it is possible to draw through them. Again, please keep in mind that much of this early work is only done while the NEW system is being learned. This work is very progressive and large areas will quickly come ‘online’. Activation then becomes a simpler matter, with large brushing and sponging awareness actions being used to stimulate whole hands and arms in pairs. And in time, these become rapid, whole of limb energy sweeping actions.


    Work on each finger, starting with your thumbs, in the same way and in the same order as you did with your toes, on both hands, one at a time. Unlike the toes though, all the finger joints can be worked on with the stirring action (if necessary or desired), because they are easier to target the smaller toe joints. Using the stirring action on each finger joint should be considered optional, however, and only done if energy blockages are present, i.e., if the fingers and hands cannot be made to respond with brushing and sponging actions. It is easy to tell if any area is not responding, as no energy movement sensations at all will be felt coming from the areas being worked on.

    Note: If you are having trouble doing these exercises, try looking at each finger as you work on it. Once you have done the exercise a few times, stop using your eyes. The main thing here is getting your fingers and hands responding.

    Work through every joint and knuckle in each hand with the stirring action, starting with the thumb joints where they join your hands, one at a time. Use the stirring action on top of the joints only, and not on the sides or underneath. If you are having trouble getting your hands working, however, you may like to do both sides and undersides as well. Use the stirring action on all thumb joints, but using it on the finger joints is to be considered optional.

    Use a narrow brushing action to stimulate the entire length of each finger, one at a time, on top of both hands until they respond. Try and feel this action inside the whole of each finger as you do it. Turn hand over and repeat this with each finger and thumb on its underside, in the same way.

    Use wrapping action around the whole length of each finger, one at a time. The position the hand is held in can be varied to suit what is easiest for you to feel, palm up or down. Use a narrow, overlapping wrapping action, slowly spiraling up each finger length as you wrap it. Continue this for thirty seconds per finger, or until they respond, and for longer if desired.

    Use a wide brushing action, as if you were using a large paintbrush, and stimulate the back of each hand, covering all fingers from fingertips to a few inches above wrists, one hand at a time, for thirty seconds or more, even if they respond well earlier. Feel this action as if you were drawing your awareness through the whole of each hand.

    Use wide brushing action across all fingers, from side to side, covering all fingers.

    Try splitting awareness and repeating the above actions on both hands at the same time.

    (Remember to try out different stirring directions!)

    Hand and Palm

    Spend at least 20 seconds on each of these exercises.

    As with the soles of the feet, the palms of the hands and undersides of the fingers all contain a high concentration of energy exchange ports. These overlay and feed the complex energy structures within the hands and wrists.

    This is the same process as with the soles of your feet. Do on the palm of each hand, one at a time. First use a tight, mobile stirring action, moving this action about until you have covered the whole of the palm of each hand, including the underside of all fingers.

    Next, use a wide brushing action, back and forth, from a few inches above the heel of palm to fingertips, covering the entire surface of palms and undersides of all fingers.

    Using a large sponging action, move awareness through whole of hand, back and forth, feeling whole of hand.

    Do the other hand, then try splitting awareness and brushing and sponging both palms together, from above wrists to fingertips.

    Palm work, as with sole work, can also cause intense energy movement sensations in the palms and fingers. These sensations will usually reduce more quickly than those in the feet.


    Spend at least 20 seconds on each of these exercises.

    Use a large stirring action, then a wide brushing action, on top of left wrist.

    Repeat both above actions on underside of left wrist.

    Use wrapping action around entire left wrist.

    Repeat all above actions on right wrist.

    Try splitting awareness and wrapping both wrists together.


    Spend at least 20 seconds on each of these exercises.

    Use wide stirring action, tearing, then brushing action, on outer left elbow.

    Repeat above actions on inner left elbow.

    Use wrapping action around entire left elbow joint.

    Repeat all above actions on right elbow.

    Try splitting awareness and using wrapping action on both elbows together.


    Each shoulder carries several large secondary centres, similar to the groin area, but work on these does not carry any cautions. Spend at least 20 seconds on each shoulder exercise. You may find it easier to hold your arms akimbo while working on armpits and wrapping shoulder joints.

    Use a fairly large stirring action, then tearing followed by brushing action, on each of these joint centres.

    • Outer shoulder joint (point of shoulder).

    • Armpit.

    • Rear of shoulder joint.

    • Front of shoulder joint.

    Use wrapping action around entire shoulder joint, with arm held akimbo.

    Repeat all above exercises with right shoulder.

    Try splitting awareness and wrapping both shoulders at the same time, arms akimbo.


    Move awareness back and forth, from fingertips to shoulder, a dozen times in each direction for the following exercises. Take approximately three seconds over each upward arm sweep and the same down.

    Along outer left arm, use wide brushing action from fingertips to wrist, to elbow, to outer shoulder.

    Repeat above on inner left arm, from fingertips, inner wrist, and inner elbow to armpit.

    Repeat on whole of left arm, using sponging action, feeling all of arm, inside and out.

    Repeat all above exercises on right arm.

    Try splitting awareness and repeating sponging action with whole of both arms at once.

    Hands & Arms – Quick Reference Guide

    1. Fingers – Stir each thumb joint, then brush and wrap each finger and thumb joint.

      Use wide brushing action across all fingers, side to side.

    2. Hands – Wide brushing action along back of each hand, fingertips to wrists.

    3. Palms – Rotary stirring action, then wide brushing action on each.

    4. Hands – Use whole of hand sponging action, through both hands.

    5. Wrists – Stir inner and outer, then use brushing and wrapping action.

    6. Elbows – Stir inner and outer, then use tearing, brushing and wrapping action.

    7. Shoulders – Stir inner, outer, front, back, then use tearing, brushing and wrapping action.

    8. Arms – Wide brushing action along outer, then inner, pathways.

    9. Sponging action through whole of each arm.

    Again, please keep in mind here, after working so laboriously and painstakingly through your energy body, that most of the above exercises are only used during early training. The NEW system is very progressive and large parts of your energy body will soon begin responding to single, larger awareness energy sweeping actions. This will become apparent when you start working with some of the more advanced energy raising practices and full body circuits ahead.

    Practice working on stimulating the energy centres and pathways in both of the arms and legs, until you feel confident with their sensations, before moving on with the lessons.

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