• Simply NEW - Lesson Four

    This lesson will teach you how to make use of the energy resistance factor that occurs when awareness is drawn rapidly through the energy body. This helps to clear, redefine and strengthen all the energy pathways. Its time to bounce into action!

    You may have noticed that if you speed up the flow of energy through your body, there is a sensation of dragging, as if your energy field cannot quite keep up with your mind. This resistance actually allows you to feel the substance of your own energy body. Awareness bounce actions cause a ripple in the energy body, and a side effect of this is it actually forces the energy body to move. By getting things moving, the energy body is much quicker at clearing and developing internal pathways and structures.

    Try it out: Using a sponging action, bounce your awareness from one foot to hip, up and down, feeling it move in both directions. Do this rapidly and repeatedly. You are capable of moving your awareness instantly from one part of your body to the next; however, this is not the case when you are moving energy through your body.

    Increase the speed of the leg bounce until you can feel the resistance factor. You will find there is a natural speed limit of about half a second each way. If you move faster than this, your awareness will lose contact with the substance of your energy body, and you will find yourself flicking from foot to hip and back, skipping the leg in between. Once this is happening, you are no longer driving your point of awareness through your energy body, and are therefore no longer stimulating it.

    Bounce Testing

    Before bouncing energy, test first to determine the best speed. Experiment until resistance is felt, then slow the speed a little until you are quickly and comfortably bouncing energy through your body while still retaining the feeling of body awareness contact. This is the correct speed for your body. Do not time it; just get the feel of what seems to be the best speed for you.

    Bounce Actions

    (Or how to replicate a kangaroo on a trampoline)

    Legs and Arms

    Bounce through legs and arms, after gauging the best speed for you, for at least a minute. Do each leg and arm individually, then split awareness and do both arms, or both legs, together. Remember to cover your feet to your hip, and your hands and fingers, to your shoulder, in these bounce actions. Try holding your arms horizontally outright, and bounce from one hand to the other!

    Spinal Bounce

    This is a wonderful technique if you suffer from back tension or spinal injuries. Once mastered, you can set it into motion and then use your mind for other things (reading this book, meditation, watching television, reading, daily activities, etc.) Only a small part of your awareness is needed to keep the bounce action moving in the background.

    One benefit of the spinal bounce is that has a stimulating effect on the roots of all the primary energy centres (major chakras) without directly focusing on their sensitive vortex-like structures on the front of the body. This exercise is excellent for serious energy workers to practice a few minutes on a daily basis. Before sleep is a good time, however it is suitable any time.

    Awareness target the coccyx (tail bone) at the base of the spine, scratching or rubbing if needed. Use a brushing action to stimulate this area. Cease if any erotic symptoms or strong energy movement sensations are felt. Move straight into the bounce action, if this happens, and be more careful brushing the coccyx next time by reducing the amount of time spent there. If the problem reoccurs, avoiding the brushing is best.

    Move your awareness along the full length of the spine to just above the top of the head. Bounce awareness back and forth, from coccyx to head, feeling this up and down the middle of your back, in your spine, all the way. Try and keep this action narrowed to the spine itself. Increase the speed, until you encounter resistance, then back off to a more comfortable rhythm, about half a second or so in each direction. Breathe naturally while doing this.

    If you have spinal injuries, use a blade-like awareness action and slice from side to side, starting at the base of your spine and working your way slowly up your spine. Pay more attention and spend more time using this slicing action on damaged areas.

    Full Body Bounce

    This action takes awareness up and down through the entire body. This can be done in any position, but is best learned while lying down with your arms raised straight above your head. When you are familiar with feeling the full body bounce, you can place your arms at your side, or do this action whilst sitting or standing.

    Take your awareness from both your feet, up through legs, hips, torso and spine, head, arms, and all the way to just above your fingertips. Bounce your awareness back and forth until resistance is felt, then move to a comfortable rhythm (usually one or two seconds each way.) The main focus is getting the general feel of energy moving through your body.

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