• Simply NEW - Lesson Five

    The energy body contains several energy circuits. The circuits you have been working on developing in the previous lessons are the storage circuits which travel through the feet-legs and hands-arms to one of the main storage centres. In this lesson, you will learn how to raise and store energy, which will counteract any physical tiredness (energy depletion) you may have been experiencing.

    This lesson aims to provide a solid foundation for future energy work through increasing personal storage levels. Initially, the NEW system focuses mainly on numbers 2, 4 and 5 in the following definition of the energy body.

    Five Main Energy Circuits

    1. Master Circuit – Kundalini Circuit

    2. Storage Circuit - 3 Main Energy Storage Centres

    3. Major Chakras or Primary Circuit - Seven Primary Centres

    4. Minor Chakras or Secondary Circuit - Supporting Secondary Centres

    5. Tertiary Circuit - Energy Exchange Ports

    All of these circuits have different jobs, on all the three levels. They all work together supporting each other’s needs and functions. All are important parts of the bioenergetic structure of the physical body.

    Energy Storage Centres

    The human energy body has three main ‘batteries’, or energy storage centres, where different kinds of energies are stored.

    The Sub-Naval The Sub-Heart The Sub-Brow
    Midway between belly button and pubic line, two inches inside average sized body.
    Centre of chest at base of sternum, two inches inside average sized body.
    Between eye socket ridges in centre of brow, two inches inside average sized body.
    Raw physical vitality energy storage.
    Raw emotional energy storage.
    Raw mental and psychic energy storage.


    Note: The Sub-Navel storage centre is the most important and safest to actively fill. The three storage centres are interconnected. As the Sub-Navel centre is being filled, it automatically overflows into the Sub-Heart storage centre, which overflows into the Sub-Brow storage centre. So when energy is directed solely into the Sub-Navel centres, the two higher centres above it are automatically filled at the same time.

    If the procedures given in this book are followed, the three storage centres will fill and develop together, naturally and in a well-balanced way. And when it comes to long-term energy body development, balance is extremely important. Directly filling any of the two higher storage centres can have many adverse effects, similar to working predominantly on the major chakras, including: unbalancing the energy body significantly lowering overall energy levels slowing or hindering energy development work in the long run, affecting emotional, mental and psychic stability. There are no safe short cuts with the NEW system, although it is a short cut when you look at its results – progress is much quicker.

    If you long for psychic abilities, then practice regular trance meditation and work daily at filling your Sub-Navel centre; as well as doing other parts of the NEW system. Make trance meditation and energy raising a part of your daily life, and your energy body will safely and progressively develop in a natural, balanced and healthy way. Any dormant psychic abilities will begin to manifest when they are ready, when the energetic conditions which allows them are created.

    In theory it might sound like a good idea to work solely on the higher centres (or major chakras) if psychic abilities are being developed, but a lot of potential problems can come up doing it this way. These can all be avoided by preparing the secondary centres first, and overall progress will always be much faster and safer if this rule is followed.

    Secondary Energy Centres – The Minor Chakras

    The minor chakras are very similar to the major chakras, but are smaller, simpler and have fewer functions. Their main purpose is to refine, transform and condition energies received through the tertiary system (energy exchange ports) into energy with specific qualities, as required. The minor chakras in the hands and feet, elbow, knees and groin area were activated and stimulated in lessons 1 and 2.

    Energy Exchange Ports

    Energy exchange ports (tertiary system) are tiny pore-like energy centres with very simple functions. These are much like the millions of tiny pores and hairs covering the skin of the human body. Their basic function is to absorb and discharge energies; and on a higher level to detect energy. The whole surface of the skin is lightly covered with these, but they are heavily concentrated in several main areas.

    • Soles of the feet

    • Palms of the hands

    • Nasal passages and lungs

    • Lips, mouth and tongue

    • Genitals

    The first two lessons focused on activating and stimulating the energy exchange ports in the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands. This approach significantly increases the amount of energy you can work with, as well as familiarising you with energy sensations. The bounce techniques in Lesson 3 will also contribute towards your overall energy body development through removing blockages more quickly.

    The next step is learning how to raise and store energy.

    Energy Raising

    There are two ways to raise energy in your body: with awareness alone, or aided by breathing.

    Basic procedure for Leg Energy Raising

    Pre-stimulating feet: Single wide brushing action back and forth across all the toes of one foot for about thirty seconds. Next, a wide brushing action on the sole, also for about thirty seconds. Now a deep sponging action through the whole foot, again for about thirty seconds. Repeat on other foot. Now split your awareness, and repeat sponging action on both feet (if possible) until some activity is felt in one or both feet. If this is easy for you, in future, pre-stimulate both feet together just using the deep sponging.

    Splitting awareness (optional) reach down and grab the energy of both feet with your awareness hands, and pull energy upwards. Sponge it up through your body, feeling the whole of your legs as it moves up towards your hips. By moving your awareness up through your legs like this forces the energy to flow upward.

    Take energy up over front of hips (avoiding genitals) and flow this directly into your Sub-Navel energy storage centre – midway between belly button and pubic line and two inches (five centimeters) inside body depending upon the size of your body, of course. This area does not have to be exact, as long as the energy is made to flow roughly in the middle of the lower navel area.

    Feel the energy flowing deep into your belly for a moment, feeling your sub-navel centre sucking it all in like a vacuum cleaner, or whirlpool (or whatever imagery works best for you.) The flick your awareness back to your feet, ready for the next upwards energy raising sweep.

    Develop a rhythmic drawing action, sweeping and sponging energy upwards through your legs, over and through the front of your hips, and deep into your Sub-Navel storage centre before flicking back to the feet again.

    Alternate legs, if you are doing them one at a time.

    When you get a good flow of energy going, you might feel a slight pulsing, bubbling sensation in your lower navel area. This feels a little like localized stomach wind. This sensation indicates leg energy is successfully stimulating the Sub-Navel centre and being stored therein.

    Practice energy raising through your feet and legs up to the Sub-Navel storage centre.

    Basic Procedure for Arm Energy Raising

    Position – Whatever is comfortable for you, as long as you can sense your entire arms without any restriction or discomfort.

    Pre-stimulating hands - Stimulate all fingers with a wide brushing action across them, followed by the length of the palms and then a deep sponging action through whole of hands, wrists and fingers. Work on one hand at a time, or split awareness and do both. Stop when energy sensations are felt.

    Split awareness (optional) and draw energy through both hands with a large sponging action.

    Continue this up through the whole of both arms to shoulders, and take the energy to the back of your neck. Here is where it will join with the energy stream being raised through your spine, as part of the full body energy raising circuit (coming up.)

    If this technique is used on its own, take energy through shoulders, down over chest and stomach, and then take it directly into the Sub-Navel storage centre with a single, sweeping, sponging awareness action.

    Feel the energy flowing into your Sub-Navel centre for a moment, and then flick your awareness back to your hands ready for the next energy-raising sweep up through your arms.

    Use two to three second upward energy sweeps; flicking awareness back to hands at the end of each upward sweep, ready to start on the next.

    Practice energy raising through your hands and arms to the Sub-Navel storage centre.

    Before proceeding to the next lesson, it is best to become familiar with this method of energy raising. Once you have experienced the different ways, you may then choose what bests suits you overall, or at any given time.

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