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    This article takes a fresh look at auras - what they are, where they come from, and shows how anyone can learn to see them. Seeing auras is not as hard as you may think - if you go about it the right way. This is an easy step by step guide to doing just that. It starts right at the beginning, with the easiest to see of all auras - the aura of colour - and working up, in easy stages, to the more illusive and difficult human aura.

    An aura is the most visible part of the subtle energy processes going on within all physical objects. All matter has an aura of some kind - even a humble rock - but it is pretty dull when compared with the complex interplay of rainbow colours that make up a living human aura. Auras emanate from all physical objects, life forces and colours, as well as from many other energy sources.

    The first step in this tutorial makes use of a little known fact - that colours have auras.

    Every colour has it's own unique aura. This is of a completely different colour from the original. Auras, given off by bright, primary colours, are much denser and far easier to see than any other type of aura. Using the auras of colours, as a training aid, has most people seeing an aura the very first time they try.

    I have been able to see auras for many years. I was not born with this ability, but taught myself - the hard way. It took me several years before I could see enough of an aura to make it a worthwhile practice! I know the problems inherent in developing auric sight, and this new training method is designed to help overcome them.

  • Introducing Robert Bruce

    Robert Bruce is an internationally respected author, mystic, and speaker.For over 30 years, Robert has explored the mechanics, energetics and dynamics of paranormal and spiritual phenomena (how things work); especially Out-of-Body Experience, the human energy body, healing and self-healing, spiritual development, psychic self-defence and higher-self communications.
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    Re: heat

    Hi Leon,
    I would just halt any energy work just now that you may be doing. When your practice starts to affect your close relationships I think

    susan Yesterday, 10:56 AM Go to last post

    Re: heat

    I know that place - it is about love. Do two presences occupy the same space? No, only the One. One is life or One is death. Both options will take you

    olyris Yesterday, 09:35 AM Go to last post

    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    In last night Dream I was to my mothers birth home….that house was build new the year I am born 1956. Mother was there also...outside I see a big animal

    IA56 Yesterday, 05:22 AM Go to last post


    Something is going on with me. I feel heat of human bodies around me I mean I feel the human energy as warmness, because of it I keep distance from people…

    Leon Yesterday, 01:16 AM Go to last post

    the nature vs nurture debate

    Spiritualised humans are default 40% nature, 60% nurture ("light/love").
    Ordinary folks stick with 60% nature, 40% nurture ("love/light"

    olyris 17th May 2019, 08:04 PM Go to last post
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