• Part 1 - How Auric Sight Works

    My Theory

    That light is necessary for the brow centre to tune into and focus on auric energy. An aura being a visual representation of this energy, created by the sight centre of the brain.

    This appears to be the only logical explanation for auric sight.

    Auric sight - as with all forms of clairvoyant sight - depends upon the eyes and the normal optical sight process to work. Physical and non-physical sight are very closely related. They are both forms of perception that allow our brains to perceive energy, of one type or another, as a sight picture. Here is why:

    Normal Sight

    Eyes receive light - light being a type of energy. Eyes focus light energy onto light sensitive nerve tissue at the back of the eye, connected to the optic nerve. Basically, this light sensitive tissue changes focused light energy into a stream of complex electrical signals. These signals are passed, via the optic nerve, to the sight centre of the brain. The brain then interprets these signals into a rich visual picture - what we call normal sight.

    Auric Sight

    The brow centre receives a more subtle type of energy than light. This type of energy can only be received by the brow centre (often called the third eye or brow chakra) when it is active and tuned in to receive that type of energy. The brow centre is situated directly between the eyes and is intimately connected with normal optical sight.

    Energy received by the brow centre is passed along to the sight centre of the brain - the same as with normal sight. The brain interprets anything it receives in it's sight centre as a visual picture. It interprets auric energy as a sight picture - as coloured bands of light surrounding the subject.

    • The eyes are the organs for normal optical sight (a physical organ).

    • The brow centre is the organ for non-physical sight (a non- physical organ).

    Both these organs, above, are situated in the same general area, i.e., the brow centre is situated in the brow, directly between the eyes. The common location and similar function of both organs (sight) suggests there is a close relationship between them, i.e., the eyes, the brow centre and the sight centre of the brain are linked. My research confirms this: that all forms of non-physical sight are closely linked with the process of normal optical sight.

    Although there is a relationship between optical sight and the brow centre - an aura is definitely not any type of light. Some people believe auras are still light, but light at a much higher frequency than normal light - that is only visible to a clairvoyant. If this were true, though, it would be possible to detect and measure this light with the sophisticated electronic instruments available today. There are scientific instruments, electronic cameras etc, that can be tuned to detect any part of the light spectrum - no matter how refined. For example: infra red, ultra violet, x-rays, gamma rays, etc, all these can be detected - but auras cannot. Therefore, it is logical to suppose that auras are not composed of any type of light.

    The Complexity Of Normal Vision

    The process of auric sight may sound very complicated, but is really very simple, when you compare it with the process of normal, optical sight - that simple, visual thing we all take for granted. Look around the room you are in now, look out of a window - what do you see? Think about all the millions of objects and colours and tones you are seeing - all at once - in incredible three dimensional detail. Think about how, no matter how fast you turn around, your brain keeps up with the fantastically complex image you are seeing. Your eyes pass on an incredible amount of information to your brain - but your brain interprets it all instantly. Normal optical sight is an incredibly complex and powerful ability. Compare this, with the few colours and swirls of light you see in a human aura - no matter how beautiful and complex it might seem - it is still a very simple picture. There is really no comparison between these two abilities - normal optical sight is vastly more complex, and requires much more of the brain's power, than auric sight does.


    Auric sight is linked to and depends upon normal optical sight, in order to function. What you see, when you see an aura, is your brain's interpretation of reflected energy, emanating from your subject. Your eyes are used to tune and focus your brow centre into this energy. An electrical representation of this energy is passed to your brain's sight centre, where it is interpreted as a sight picture by your brain. In the case of an aura, your brain shows you coloured bands of light surrounding your subject.

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