• Introduction

    by Brian Mercer

    The idea behind The Astral Dynamics Workbook was to take all the wonderful suggestions offered in Robert Bruce's Astral Dynamics and put them into a comprehensive, progressive, implementable program. By doing this I hoped to get a bird's eye view of the entire New Energy Ways program, examining all the elements and determining how they related to one another. I also wanted to make it progressive, taking some of the more intricate, multi-stepped exercises and breaking them down over a series of days. So, rather than memorizing all fourteen steps of a given visualization exercise, The Astral Dynamics Workbook might call for working on the first four steps, then adding a few steps each day, progressively mastering the whole by focusing on its parts.

    There are several worksheets in this file: Elements looks at the various exercises and suggestions given in Astral Dynamics (the bird's eye view). Schedule is a printable calendar, a summary of the daily tasks suggested in The Astral Dynamics Workbook. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3... offer a more detailed description of the day's tasks along with references to the Astral Dynamics exercises, sample affirmations, and a place for notes. You will find instructions on how to print the entire workbook in the "Comments" section of Day 1.

    The Astral Dynamics Workbook is a work-in-progress. It began as an effort to create a way for me to learn the New Energy Ways program and Mr. Bruce has kindly offered to include it on his web site in the hopes that it might be helpful. Please personalize it for your needs. As with anything, use what works and discard the rest. If you have any constructive suggestions on how it might be improved, please feel free to email me with your comments.

    Brian A. Mercer
    Seattle, Washington

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