• Vibrations and Exit Sensations by Kacper

    Robert! I just had an amazing experience!!! For the first time I've been able to self induce vibrations and exit senstations!! ) It's all thanks to your work! And you helping me with my questions - Thank You! I am so confident now that I can leave my body the next or few times I try this again...

    Something I am really puzzeled and quite shocked about right now....

    I lay down on my bed, and started meditating. I so wanted to feel vibrations, the least,.. I've never consciously left my body. As usual my brow chakra activated right away - I have developed it really well, and since I have, I have gotten quite psychic.. The brow chakra started to pulsate warmly, I really enjoy this, I can do it at any time ) Sometimes it makes me a bit dizzy. The brow chakra has been the only center Iv'e been able to stimulate.... This time though, I figured I'd TRY again, to stimulate my heart center,... I channeled some energy from my elbows to right bellow my throat chakra... - and that's when everything went berserk!... My whole head started vibrating,.. it was a side , to side, up down up down vibration, it slowly filled my neck. and amazingly, I stayed very calm. ... I kept on thinking on what to do next, what to do next... The vibrations increased as I concentrated more on the brow chakra + My body felt HUGE, and the room made no sense to me. My heart center also started pulsating, it felt just like you described it, the thrumming on your chest. This lasted for about 2 minutes, -- my heart center was wailing.. so hard, that my body was shaking.. I stopped the OOB attempt, opened my eyes.... I put my hand on my chest and I noticed my HEART WAS POUNDING...

    I dont understand this. You said that the heart rate does not increase while projecting.... I'm not sure if it was my heart center that was doing the thrumming, or my actual physical heart. I am very certain I was experiancing Vibrations(why im so excited =) ). And that the Heart center thrumming felt like I was tapping myself on the chest. And that my concentration on my heart center triggered these, ... I've been trying to do this for a month.. Perhaps all I needed was an energy BOOST from my heart center..... I haven't really been all that happy recently, perhaps this is somehow connected to the emotional center? etc... it would make sense.

    I am really puzzled by the heart thing... Perhaps I was on some level excited by all the vertigo sensations and every thing else. Can you shed some light on this?

    I came [ ] THIS CLOSE, to projecting =)

    RB Comment

    An excellent experience.

    I'd say you are correct in that your excitement caused your heartbeat to increase. The rapid heartbeat sensation associated with obe exit feels like your heart is beating 300 beats a minute or more.

    Be careful, if you get such a heart chakra sensation, that you don't let if fool you into thinking its your real hear, as this may scare you out of the exit.

    Next time you get vibrations, keeping your eyes closed, move your physical eyes so you are looking upwards. This will increase the vibrations instantly.

    All the other strange sensations are associated with changes in your energy body, preparing for OBE and etc. These will reduce in intensity gradually. It would help if you spent a couple of weeks doing nothing but NEW Energy Ways, and trance meditation, before you try another OBE exit attempt.

    I tried the NEW energy ways just a day before this experience... I think it's the main reason why I was successful at stimulating my heart center, I had worked on the secondary energy centers in my hand. When the heart center went active, I felt energy moving from my palms->elbows->shoulder area -> heart center.

    I don't know why my heart keeps beating faster, it happens everytime I'm in trance. Im always very calm, - I've been in trance many times before. Could it be a subconscious reaction?

    RB Comment

    I think you are sensing your heart chakra and not your actual heart. Next time, take your pulse at your wrist or throat and check. If you place your hand over your heart, your hand will feel the chakra thrumming and this feels 'exactly' like a pounding or racing heartbeat.

    I've come to the conclusion, that it was in fact my physical heart doing the beating, I did check my pulse, in my neck, and my wrist ) The interesting thing is, my heart Chakra was too highly active, I know this now, after last morning's meditation - I did alot of experimentation in it, and to date, this was my most successful and wonderful meditation yet. It makes me feel warm just thinking about it.

    I meditated sitting on my bed. And 10 minutes into the meditation I was very frustrated with the fact that I was not content or peaceful in my mind. It was a perfect sunny morning with sunlight beams coming into my window caressing my face and birds singing outside. I kept on thinking "There is peace all around me, yet I'm frustrated." - Why is this so...

    This world is a reflection of reality". - When I remembered this, I instantly realized,... I was peaceful, I'm in trance, my secondary energy centers are all purring softly gathering energy, I'm living a beautiful life, with people that really love me ) This gave me such a content feeling - I wanted to stay in this state forever. I stayed in meditation for a whole Hour and 30 minutes - The longest yet for me. I was somewhere else, inside my mind, I watched my thoughts, I really realized I was alive, I could feel my conciousness live, not knowing why It keeps going and going - Figured I'd just enjoy the eternity ) I could of stayed there for hours, silent, but I had chores to do...=P

    I took your advice Robert, I'm going to use NEW system for a few weeks. I think the reason why my heart center went off like that, Is due to alot of energy blockages in my energy body, this creates a whole lot of problems, and just a day after trying the NEW system, I feel totally refreshed, on different vibrations.

    Another main reason why I failed so many times to OBE or meditate, is because, I couldn't free my mind. I was constantly confused with everything, - this confusion was my conscious mind trying to make sense of all the sensations of trance and energy body expansion, while trying to put it all in order with What I have Read - and I've READ alot. I have to understand that this is my physical mind here on Earth, trying to deal with metaphysical sensations, that I have never consciously felt. When I freed my mind like I did in my meditation, I saw a whole different part of me I never knew existed. I noticed that all I had to do was "let things happen" and vibrations/sensations would pick up by themselves, if I just left the sensations go, and didn't think about them(with my physical sensed Egoistic mind) - They would let me do anything I wanted.

    I didn't try to leave though, I wanted to stay in my happy place, working on my energy centers =)

    Thank you for all your Help Robert. I wouldn't be able to reach that state without all your help on metaphysics, and your understanding of the world as you have shared with me in previous emails )


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