• Double Mind Split by Conn

    I have been having some odd OBE-type experiences lately, and this morning has prompted me to write about it here on the forum in some more detail. I hope someone can explain this, although a similar experience I posted was described as a double mind-split, I'm not so sure it's simply mixed perceptions...

    Anyway, this morning I decided to practice a little trance before getting up, so I just cleared my mind and waited for the sensations to come... soon enough, I found myself in trance (I always know I'm in trance, usually by hearing an intermittant noise which seems related to my state of consciousness - I can't explain it better).

    Soon after noticing this noise, the projection reflex kicked in, without me trying. I decided to go along with it and project... and when I recieved my astral sight, I was looking up at the ceiling of my bedroom, exactly as I would if I opened my eyes. However, I could see my astral arms, only completely transparent. However, I noticed my left hand was completely orange, but after moving it, I realised it was just my lightshade on my ceiling, that was somehow reflecting onto my hand, as when I move my hand it went transparent. Anyway, that wasn't the important part.

    I could see a strange face looking down at me, which was transparent much like my arms, but it looked inverted. It WAS me - I was looking at a transparent copy of my face from inside my body, as if my physical body was a glass mould of my body, and I (my projected double) was stuck inside! I tried to get out by climbing out with the rope technique, but all that happened was the face got bigger and clearer, but I could get no further than that... by the way, as I climbed, my astral arms moved like I was really climbing a rope... very cool

    The next thing took me by utter surprise. I stopped climbing, and started thinking that I was possible just in control of my etheric body instead of the higher subtle copy - I attempted to turn myself, or twist myself, and it worked... I felt nausea coming on, probably from my physical body... then something really weird happened... somehow, I moved further down my body, and was, to my utter surprise, looking out through my stomach area! I couldnt see any internal organs or anything similar, only a layer superimposed over my sight that appeared to be my body, but was transparent yet at the very same time easy to make out the detail and texture.

    I tried unsuccessfully to get out of this "container", but could not, and just closed my eyes and waited until I thought I had snapped out of it... every time I "woke up", I tried again to initiate an OBE, and about 3-4 times I had this IBE (Inner Body Experience, as I would describe it), each time being able to move inside my transparent body (but not without difficulty). At the fifth attempt, instead of initiating my projection using rope, I just started imagining myself out-of-body, and then I realised I *was* out of body, flying out my house and onto the street. Success!

    I posted a similar experience recently about this IBE-type phenonamen, and Robert Bruce stated that it was symptoms of a double mind split. Fair enough, but surely a double mind-split would have symptoms of mixed memories between an obe and dream? In this IBE, I was fully conscious, and my sight was crystal clear. Could there be another explanation?

    I would be very happy if anyone who has heard or experienced anything even remotely similar to post it here, just to give me some peace of mind

    Regards Conn