• Unexpected OBE

    I was sitting on my bed reading...all of a sudden I got really really tired.. (I can't really explain it..like I was up then the next minute I felt like I'd been drugged) I laid back and shut my eyes and next thing I know I'm obe looking at myself!

    whoa.. so I try to move around only Im just kind of flailing and not getting any momentum (well I have been out of body several times but this was the most ....err..awake I've ever been..like the least cloudy..hard to explain but I seemed much more awake than real life..thinking on a much higher level..usually my obes are really cloudy and murky) anyway I kinda flailed there and then I woke up..I shut my eyes again and I was out a gain.. I went through this same thing about 10 or 15 times ..of maybe....hmm...20 second obe's ...maybe 15..I dunno.. until the phone rang and I couldnt get back to it again.

    RB Comment

    I suggest here that if the phone had not rang when it did, you would have probably lost the memory of the whole experience. Therein lies both the problem and the solution to such lost OBE memory problems.

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