• OBE by Chris

    I had a nice OBE this weekend... went flying around the carribean islands... visited a city and saw a cafe... flew over to it and looked at the name... "Zyre" cafe. It happened as I was doing energy raising through the feet and legs in the morning after waking up.

    My vision went to a grey color as I started feeling surges of energy. Then I relaxed into it and let it flow and I just floated out up to my ceiling... after a sec my vision became extremely crystal clear... I was so fascinated by the ability to zoom into things like grooves in wood or cracks in the ceiling paint. I could magnify them greater than my eye ever could.

    Then, happy to be out again, I floated over to my window and made for going through it. I felt it resist hard. I immediately realized I was still vibrating very close to the physical level so I focussed on raising my vibration and knowing I could pass through it. As I did that my hand went through the glass and I beg to go out the window... but about half way out I was siezed with a very strong tickling sensation in my gut as if someone's hand had literally reached inside me and grabbed an organ... it didn't hurt is was like somen suddently grabbing the side of your belly or rib cage... tickled intensly. I backed up and it went away. I tried again and the same thing happened. I backed up and it went away. I was dumb founded... so I decided to leave by the front door.

    Went there through that and down the stairs and outside with no probs. After my journeys and meeting with my guides was over I phased back into body. I opened my eyes and immediately looked at the window wondering what the problem was. Immediately I saw the culprit. On my window seal I have a big long flashlight I left in my room. I imagine that since I was still vibrating close to the physical that everytime I tried to pass through the window, the lower half of my energy body passed over or through the flashlight with batteries in it. The electromagnetic energy caused the intense tickling in much the same way putting 9 volt batteris on your tongue does. It was a nice little confirmation of for me that I was actually out of body and passing over a physical area that gave me stimulous feedback that could be verified afterward.

    Anyone else had these sensations when encountering electrical lines etc?

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