• Success with ROPE by Zufo

    I just had the most successful attempt at a conscious projection ever. I don't recall much in the way of sight but I do know that I was successful in exiting and regardless of it not being quite like expected, I am thoroughly confident that I now know what to do to project. I know that I can do this!! I am so happy.

    The entire problem all along had been that I had not been thinking within my projected double's mind, but had kept my thoughts within the body's mind. When I realized this, everything started to work. I lay down and started climbing the rope. Immediately I found new force in my actions. I started to climb and move up. I kept thinking about my body lying further and further below. It is marvelous how powerful a thought can be. I started to notice a static resistance being caused by the effort I was putting into climbing. This static resistance was coming from my body as it excitedly climbed.

    The effect was a glass ceiling, so to speak, where the climb was forcing me upward but the resistance from my body was stopping me. The result was a tense feeling of being squeezed.

    I tried to force my way through by carrying on, but noticed that I was weakening and at times started to drift off. Each time I came back I was a little refreshed and then suddenly, I realized that I should be focusing my consciousness right at my brow chakra. As I moved into that region, I immediately sensed not only freedom from the squeeze, but the vibrations went wild. I soon escalated to a very high vibration, and my heart chakra was racing madly. But the sensations were a blessing of a long time frustration relieved, and they served to give me focus and intent rather than distraction. But it was a challenge near the end. I got no sense of any immediate negative energies, but I did get a weird thought go through my mind like a flood of doubt, right as the apex was in process. The thought that maybe everything I had read was a trick after all and I was going to go mad or somehow seriously damage my mind, body, or soul (or all). Even the preparation for this was suspect as being a clever part of an elaborate plan to 'get' me.

    It was a cross between faith and sheer stubbornness over the time already invested that kept me on. The maelstrom of sensations reached a shrill peak and then subsided. I was floating blind and paralyzed in total peace. I felt that maybe I had stopped too soon and caused the process to roll back down hill, but this was different from all the failures. I am quite familiar with how they feel. My heart centre was purring sweetly, and I felt fluid. Although I couldn't see anything, or move about as I had expected to, I recalled the instructions to direct my paths by my imagination. So I did. I directed myself through my apartment, out into the hallway and downstairs into the laundry room. I felt this to be distinctly different from usual imagination of the same exercise in that I felt I could perceive sensations of actually being there, although somewhat vague. I proceeded to go out the door to go outside, to float down the street. As I was in the process, my girlfriend came to my sleeping physical body and attempted to wake me. She literally scared the hell out of me (and consequently herself as I startled with quite a bolt!).

    I wondered what the consequences of this would be as I settled back down as I had read nothing of this anywhere. I started to feel like my body was being dragged by my feet by an unseen force, and that I was also being held down by something. This didn't last long and I reluctantly came back to the waking world.

    That is my experience.

    Thank you Robert, for the book (which has become somewhat of a bible) and the personal advice. I am on my way.

    Sincerely, ZUFO

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