• First OBE by Rich

    After getting a bit despondent at my lack of progress lately, I had decided after some advice (see earlier forum posts) to go back to basics. I have also been praying to my "Higher Self" to help me have an OBE and become more Psychic.

    This is last nights experience:

    Woken by a very loud buzzing (Is my neighbour DIYing again? was my first thought), then I realised it was me! I was vibrating all over, very violently, I thought that I might wake everyone in the house. (This was exactly the same buzzing that I had about 10 years ago that frightened me so much) But this time I knew what they were and relaxed into it. I also became aware that I was seeing very clearly yet my eyes were still closed.(Very clear, sharp sight).

    I lifted off the bed a bit shakily and headed towards the dresser. I then swung around and started heading for the wall over the bed that joins us to our neighbours. "Woooahh! I don't want to scare them" I thought, so I swung round and headed for the window. As I got closer to it, I braced myself for impact but just felt a slight resistance as I passed through into the garden. Absolutely amazing! Up there above the ground, it felt so good, so natural?

    Then BAM! Back into my body, but it was still vibrating very loudly. So I tried it again. Up and out of the window. I was having a real blast.Then, once again, as I got out, I was put back into my body and the window changed into a larger room where some young people approached the bed. This made me a little nervous (but I did ask to become more Psychic) so I welcomed them. They just smiled slightly and then left.

    The scene changed again into a large Hall? Filled with soldiers (WW2 type uniform, Polish / American?)( I have Polish parents). They were just sitting around, chatting and some of them were aware of my presence but did not speak. What was the significance of this? I don't know but they seemed vaguely familiar.

    Then it ended, I looked at the clock, it was 2:30. This just blew me away. I know that this was not a lucid dream as I have had a few, this was as clear as if it had happened Midday.

    I just had to share this with you all on here as soon as I got up.

    Cheers, Rich

    NB: I found out later that my mother had spent the day with a friend who was an Airborne soldier at Arnhem in WW2. This had been on her mind that night. (I was unaware of this). Anyway, it seems I connected with my mother somehow and this affected my OBE.

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