• A Surprising Hospital OBE

    When my vision cleared, I found myself standing in a long, wide passageway. It was well lit and I could see very clearly. At the end of the passageway, there was another passage or corridor. On its wall was a large window, and through this I could see the branches of trees moving and it appeared to be a bright Summers day outside.

    I saw a long stream of men and women crossing the lawn below me from right to left. Each had an infant or small child cradled in their arms. I peered closer to the window, and to my far left saw a large desk with several uniformed nurses sitting in a neat row behind it. The line of people ended at this desk, and the people carrying the infants seemed to be registering or recording their arrival there. I sensed these babes had only recently become spirits and were being cared for by these people and nurses.

    A smiling nurse or sister touched my arm and led me back along the passageway. We passed through a large hospital ward, with rows or spotless beds on each side. Each bed was occupied by a man sleeping soundly. Each of these patients was clasping a bottle of liquor in his hands. As we passed between the beds, I had the impression all these men had drinking problems.

    From here, we moved on and soon arrived in another large ward, with a large window at the far end. All of the beds were immaculate and empty, except for one bed at the far end of the ward on the right. Here sat a woman in a chair beside a bed, with her back towards me. The sister smiled and gestured me on towards the woman, and then left me. I walked on until I reached the woman. As I grew abreast of her, the woman stood up and faced me with a smile. It was only then that I saw the woman was myself, but many years older and with snow-white hair. The experience ended as soon as I recognized myself, because I was quite shocked by this realization.

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