• Grimstone Aftermath

    By Jacqui

    I consider myself to be truly Roberted!

    It's been a long time since Grimstone in October last year! But thought it timely to write, this as I have had some time off work for reflection and wanted to give you some feedback as you have made such a difference to me thank you!

    I have always been aware of energy, intuition, and my healing capacity, but ever since coming across your work and focussing with you for that short intensive time I have had a much stronger awareness of my own energy and have been working my way through stuff that has come up as a result, emotional, mental and of a spiritual nature.

    It has made me focus on a lot of personal work I needed and still need to continue to do!

    I am aware and coming to terms in fact accepting, (because part of me has always known) myself* and working, -and recognising the habits and patterns
    we create, reflect and mirror, and* allow ourselves to be drawn into, or just how often we stupidly give energy away! As well as working with the
    challenging games that the ego needs to survive! -And, learning even more to build and understand the true soul self and some understanding of its homeland!

    I am now so aware of the reality that I am creating! But, there's always a but! That's when the work truly begins! Doesn't it!!

    Through you I have become engaged in my own development with much more fervor. However there needs to be a warning on everything you do !




    However, it's well worth it!

    I was told that I do astral healing many years ago by a number of psychics, but I didn't think anything of it! Because I had no recollection.* However I had it confirmed by Matthew as he met me (I had no recall of this, although there was a hint in a dream) apparently he wanted some hypnotherapy, but I said* to him you don't need any of that come with me* and have some healing and I also showed him around my house! (He confirmed details with me)

    I am aware of non local attention in space when I meditate. I am also sometimes aware of parts of my body, hands etc feeling as though they are in a different place and can really feel this!

    Another thing that I am sometimes aware of in meditation and sometimes when in an everyday state, is that fiery flame like energy surrounds me and a
    sensation like huge wings flapping, have you come across this before? I also get a snake like energy on top of my head.

    I am going to look for a qigong/Tai chi class to attend, to enable me to discover more about energy and healing.

    Thank you Robert you make a big difference!* Keep on making that difference for others! Good luck with the new books, hope the writing is on schedule, and that you are eating loads of carrots to keep those eyes in shape (ref to starring at the computer screen for too long!)

    Bliss and Bless, Jacqui

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