• Spontaeous Energy Surge

    By Casey

    I haven't had much success with any Astral projection methods, which I have run the gamut of...probably due to a lack of dedication.

    The single exception would be at the Feathered Pipe Ranch in Montana/04. I was frustrated most of the days because I couldn't even begin to see auras, fall into trance, project - etcetera, despite having practiced on and off since I was quite young.

    On the day Robert Bruce was doing case-basis healing, however, something different happened. I felt an incredible surge of energy well up from an unknown source in myself. I could, for once, feel the actual chakras doing their work instead of just having some vague tingling in my limbs. It was quite incredible.

    I pumped all the energy I could at the next five or so 'patients' who walked up for healing. Although minutes later when I took healing myself I felt nothing out of the ordinary, Bruce had mentioned beforehand that healing was non-linear, and I attribute my success to his (and the group's) earlier efforts.

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