• Disjecta Fragmenta (Scattered Thoughts)

    Do unto others as you would be done by (treat others as you would like to be treated yourself) are probably the wisest words ever said. They have been said many times by many masters, in many languages...

    117.* You cannot put God in a box, and you cannot learn God from a book.

    116.* A balanced perspective is required if one is to preserve reasonable logic and truth.

    115.* The wise saying 'Know Thyself' can also be translated as 'Know Your Enemy', because most people are their own worst enemy.

    114.* When the serpent burns a path through you and changes what you are, then you will see the light my friends and you will know. . .Forever.

    113.* No invention in human history lets you make errors faster than a computer... with the possible exception of a handgun and tequila. (anon)

    112.* If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well matters very much. (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis)

    111.* All that one gives one gives to oneself. If this truth is understood Who will not give to others? (Ramana Maharshi, l970).

    110.* The thought that 'letting someone go' eases their passing into the spiritworld life is only partly true. While grief (which is perfectly natural) does tend to hold a new spirit close to the earth plane, it also allows time for a 'letting go' from both sides. And time is not important to a new spirit; while love is and love helps, even grieving love. God is merciful and as this is a perfectly natural thing, it is accounted for. (RB)

    109.* I find it beneficial to bow my head and say 'God is wise' and to accept painful medical conditions, if I can do nothing about them. Angry thoughts and emotions against what life brings us can sometimes attract more of the same. Painful medical conditions can be thought of as karmic tests, as well as life-path modifiers. For example, a ruptured disk will modify your life by forcing you to avoid manual labour and sports, and to take up more intellectual pursuits. Accepting the pain and guidance such conditions impose upon us can help enormously, often removing the need for more of the same. (RB)

    108.* Information or memories about past lives are spiritually useless, especially when given to you through the senses of another person. This amounts to no more than spiritual window dressing, often egotistical in nature. Past lives must be personally 'experienced' and 'realized' through one's own senses, before they can have any spiritual meaning or worth at all. And if you have to ponder a past life memory or message to discover its meaning and how it applies to your current life, you just won't get it...and probably never will.

    107.* Life is like a tale told by an idiot: full of sound and fury...but signifying nothing. (William Shakespeare)

    106.* Climb to the threshold of your own beliefs, Not with the statements of others, But with the footsteps of your own experience.

    105.* The personal, hands-on approach will never let you down when it comes to spiritual evolution.

    104.* Try on new ideas as you might try on a new coat for size. But never buy a new coat just because it seems to fit. It must be practical, comfortable, within your price range, and look good on you to boot.

    103.* To all appearances, humankind seems to be inexorably staggering towards the abyss of self- destruction. But let this not blind you to all that is good and beautiful and kind and brave and holy in life. If you have the eyes to see, you'll find these spiritual qualities in abundance everywhere.

    102.* Always consider the pearls of wisdom offered by people of maturity, especially the elderly. It is historical fact that listening to one's elders is highly-beneficial to the living of one's life. We may not like to admit it, but they are usually right.

    101.* Just because a person is well known or has their name on a book or movie title, it does not follow that they represent, teach or live in spiritual truth and wisdom beyond the level of the proverbial village idiot. And I unashamedly include myself here, because like all of you, I am also an imperfect human being.

    100.* Learn to think for yourself! Experiment and learn from all that life offers you.

    99.* Question everything, especially the sacred cows of dogma.

    98.* Do you think God is just going to sit idly by, watching His children and all of His beautiful creations destroy themselves without lifting a finger to help? I think not! However, God does seem to have the habit of only appearing at the eleventh hour. So have a little faith and believe that He will not forsake us when our hour of need appears.

    97.* If you look at the world today, you will see all the many faces of evil, ignorance and bigotry, seemingly all around you and at every turn. You will also see widespread, soul-deep depression as spiritually minded people struggle to exist and realize their ideals in a faithless material world, more suited to robots than to spiritually evolving human beings. But let this not blind you to the wondrous variety of spiritual life lessons such a world as ours can provide. For it is only when this is realized that life's whips and barbs begin losing their stings, and a little light can be seen shining down from above.

    96.* It would be easier to teach a kangaroo to type than it would be for a yuppie to ascend into heaven.

    95.* There is far more life beyond your bank balance and credit rating than you could ever possibly imagine.

    94.* Money cannot buy any significant level of spiritual wisdom. Love and tears, sickness and health, suffering and joy, hard-life experience and wondrous good-fortune, are the official coins of real-life physical incarnation.

    93.* The most precious moments of your life will come to you like a thief in the night. Recognize these when they appear and you will be truly blessed.

    92.* On a good day, if you close your eyes and are still, sometimes you can still see forever twinkling like a precious jewel through a halo of spiritual fog.

    91.* If one skips dinner, then attends a wedding and mixes a large amount of champagne with strong pain killers, one tends to fall out of boats and spill drinks over really nice people (cringe).

    90.* Build your own foundation belief-system from the wealth of your own personal life experience

    89.* If you truly want freedom from all the pressures and influences and controls the powers-that-be use to control the living of all our mundane lives, you must be prepared to take on personal responsibility for everything: including your health, your emotions, your intellect, your beliefs, and all your thoughts and actions. In a nutshell, you must begin living your life for yourself and start making your own life choices.

    88.* It would seem ironic that the path to truth is so clearly marked, yet all the signposts seem to point in the wrong direction. This makes sense in a warped sort of way. Could you be perhaps on the right path and not even know it? [David Kitson]

    87.* Often, only by distilling something down to its raw, abstract essence will the truth (often unsuspected for what it is) come shining through.

    86.* Life, its a learning experience in every sense of The Word.

    85.* The glamour psychic abilities hold, if sought for their own sakes, provides great distraction from true spiritual progress. Instead of stripping away inner barriers between ones self and ones higher self, new barriers are created and old ones reinforced.

    84.* One should not look outside oneself for true spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

    83.* Psychic abilities are side-effects of spiritual development, best not sought for their own sakes.

    82.* Realizing ones mortality is a life-empowering spiritual exercise.

    81.* Ones higher-self exists deep in ones own heart, so one does not have to travel far to find it.

    80.* Its far preferable to get in touch with ones own true inner-self, aiming at developing contact with ones own true higher-self, than it is to seek contact and help from unknown spirit beings.

    79.* Achieving true inner-happiness and the enjoyment of ones life are heavily-dependent upon character, attitude and ones sense of humor.

    78.* Good-quality material fills our inner minds with beauty, grace and character. But the reverse also applies.

    77.* One should never waste the opportunity to enjoy what life offers, while ever-expanding ones life experience and spiritual horizons.

    76.* Every life is important. . . and always way too short.

    75.* One cannot unread, unwatch or unsay something. What is put into ones mind, or into the minds of others, is there forever.

    74.* The only things that truly matter are of the heart: of all the burdens one has eased and of all the smiles one has collected during ones life.

    73.* One must learn from all life has to offer, both good and bad, and try to get through it all with slightly more wisdom than one started out with.

    72.* The strongest protection against evil is a close relationship with ones Creator.

    71.* One must realize that life is not always the deadly serious matter it often appears to be. It has its ups and downs, its hero's and villains, its entrances and exits, but if one has the right attitude and a good sense of the ridiculous, one can get through it almost sane.

    70.* Psychic abilities are distractions which, in themselves, are worthless trinkets when compared with true spiritual evolution.

    69.* Music, the arts and culture, have profound effects on ones inner and outer realities. Long-term exposure changes the way ones brain works, which in turn changes the way one thinks.

    68.* Psychic abilities are of the bioenergy body and mind, not of the spirit. These are things any black mage can accomplish just as well as any saint. These cannot be used to measure true spiritual advancement.

    67.* Ones spiritual worth can only truly be measured by the number of smiles one is gifted with.

    66.* The saying 'Praise The Lord and pass the ammunition' expresses an appealing down-to-earth spiritual realism I both admire and find invaluable.

    65.* Maintaining ones composure in the face of fear, even while trembling like a leaf on the inside, is true bravery.

    64.* Ours are not the reasons why, ours is but to do and die...often wondering intensely about the meanings of our lives...(RB)

    63.* God created this universe of hard life experience to train the faithful.

    62.* To hear God, one only has to listen for Him. To see God, one only has to look for Him. To bathe in God's glorious presence, one only has to reach within and feel for Him. To be loved by God, one only has to love God before all else, passionately and with all ones heart, Amen.

    61.* In realms of eternal brightness, how could one find the warmth of the Sun? In realms of eternal darkness, how could one find the cool of the shade? Opposites exist for enigmatic, contrasting reasons, oft' maddeningly obscure to us mortals.

    60.* Evil should never be tolerated. Its presence should be avoided where possible. Its influence should be fought where it cannot be avoided. And its touch should always be abhorred...

    59.* The evil ones, living or otherwise, deserve only our enmity and resistance. They are the opposition, the enemy, and as such are there for us to fight and push against.

    58.* Evil spirits are just as valid and necessary to the life process as are good spirits. Evil entities provide balance to the forces of nature. They give the good something to push against. Imagine a weight lifter trying to lift weights in outer space. Without gravity to defy him/her, they cannot lift weights. Gravity provides resistance to strength, which in turn enables strength to exist and thereby lift heavy weights. And the heavier the weights lifted, the stronger grows the weightlifter.

    57.* The concepts of Sin and Soul corruptions must always be accounted for. The bad people in life learn their lessons and accrue karma, and in turn are used by Karma's instrument, Universal Law, to enact karma upon others. Nothing is wasted.

    56.* Everything is accounted for in your current stage of life, and everything has a reason at this level of reality. But everything can be changed, i.e., if you change your needs through free will and the realization process, changes occur in the currents of universal law to reflect the changes in your needs. Then and only then are conditions able to change.

    55.* Looking into the future, one might believe this is destiny unchangeable. But what is seen of the future is not the actual future, but visions generated within the Akashic Records by probability energies. What is seen is not 'written' per se. Everything can be changed through the application of free will and the realization process.

    54.* Life's path is created through the act of living and walking it. It does not exist ahead of each footfall upon the path of life.

    53.* Through the realization process' life can and will change. This is the only thing that can change life and life's path, from what one could deem to be the mundane destiny of the masses.

    52.* People live as they should, but it does not have to stay that way. Free will is always a factor.

    51.* If persons are brought up believing they must struggle to make their ways in life, the need to struggle is thus created. Universal law provides this 'needed' struggle, until such time as these persons 'realize' they do not need to struggle any more. Once this 'need to struggle' is gone, the life conditions causing struggle go away.

    50.* If one is tuned in, aligned, with universal law, and one listens to ones intuition, one can not only find solutions to problems, but can to some extent avoid the negative aspects that might be generated by the solutions.

    49.* Within the currents of universal law: Every problem generates its own solution, Every need generates its own fulfilment, Every evil act generates an opposite reaction of good, Every good act generates an opposite reaction of evil, These opposite reactions are necessary aspects of life.

    48.* Everything in your life is just as it should be at the moment. You honor what you are here for, our purpose in life, by living your life to the full.

    47.* No human being is capable of realizing and expressing true love for you in quite the same way as your dog can.

    46.* Filling the mind with knowledge and experience is not the road to enlightenment. Emptying the mind is. Only then can the great abstracts inherent to illumination be realized.

    45.* The question 'Who AM I?' should be understood, not answered. There is only ONE, so how can one be anything else?

    44.* To be, or not to be, is a question most profound to individual and collective humanity.

    43.* Enlightenment is often so absurdly simple it boggles understanding. Intellectually stunning, or beyond belief, are most descriptive aptisms. A staggered process of realization is required to maintain precarious notions of sanity. Many small realizations, leading to more and more significant realizations, culminating in veritable milestones of realization. Eventually, through this staggered process, some fine day, one stumbles blindly onto the big one. After this, it all comes down to a matter of belief, as the razor's edge is walked.

    42.* If you prune away all the layers of flesh from us humans, we are only what our brains are. The brain exists in personal inner-metaspace, and everything outside it can aptly be called outer metaspace. This includes the physical dimension and all other dimensions. The brain cannot tell physical input from nonphysical input, all is sensory input and all gets processed according to how the brain has learned to process sensory input. My intuition tells me that only by creating and expanding on such a simple model will we every begin to understand all this. And in so doing, we might just learn a little more about how the brain works and what consciousness really is, maybe even where it is. If we do this right, we might even be able to prove it one day. At the very least, we'll be able to work within its boundaries and make progress.

    41.* If the bough beneath you breaks, remember, your birthright soars awing.

    40.* Life is strange and sad and funny and wonderful all at the same time. I have learned to accept (but still wonder and marvel in absolute awe) how life works shimmering threads of universal law around and through us all. It is both utter simplicity and utter complexity, both foolish and profound, invisible and visible -- and most clearly the all is opaquely indivisible with the ONE.

    39.* Try not to embellish your own seemingly-dull existence by borrowing from the glory of your distant ancestors. Be proud of who you are now -- you are enough already! And most assuredly you will be more as the fullness of time has its way.

    38.* If you have children: love them, parent them, be their friend and confident, but be not their judge and jury as one day you might inadvertently become their executioner.

    37.* We all love our children and try and make them into what we think they should be, for their own good. It hurts us when, while they are busy learning all the myriad lessons life has to offer them, they seem to fail or take wrong turns in life. But failure is first cousin to success, copesmate to blessed victory. Sorrow and pain are great teachers! Winning is not everything: its how the game of life is played that truly matters, and how we handle all our successes and failures along the way.

    36.* Children are little adult spirits with bodies and minds that have just not had time to grow up yet. But they will, most assuredly, and what will they think of us then? Will they still love us -- probably. But more importantly will they still like us! And will they want to spend their precious time with us?

    35.* We all come into this world the same way: naked and alone, often kicking and screaming, and we leave this world in roughly the same way.

    34.* No one owns anyone else! We are all free spirits here!

    33.* Everyone on this planet wants the same things: to be loved and accepted for exactly who they are, not who they 'should' be, or who their parents, family and friends 'think' they should be.

    32.* Many parents alienate their children through years of well-meaning coercion and over-zealous parental judgment. They don't mean to but they do. Then they wonder why they see less of their children as they slowly drift away into adulthood. The truth is, many children grow intimidated and feel they cannot do anything right by their parents, and this gets steadily worse as they grow older. Before you know it, this grows into an infuriating psychological reflex: some adults call: The Attitude Of Youth. Go figure it eh.

    31.* Being good at life does not happen overnight. It takes so many years and so many tears, but many fears are overcome along the way.

    30.* One of the greatest wrongs inflicted upon the youth of today is the desire to skip through childhood and grow up faster. Trying to be an adult without the necessary experience and maturity causes great stress and insecurity. Trying to be cool at the same time is pure insanity.

    29.* If your hearts desires are to fish, surf and write poetry -- be good at them all or you'll surely starve, drown or fall upon deaf ears -- either of which can be fatal.

    28.* As self-discipline leads to self-mastery and spiritual progress, so self-indulgence leads to self-abuse and spiritual decline.

    27.* So many people have told me over the years, after asking my help and advice: that their lives are so busy they just don't have time for spiritual exercises and daily meditations. But these very same people watch 30+ hours of TV per week. Go figure it eh -- I guess its a matter of priorities.

    26.* Undisciplined Television watching will most assuredly rot your brain and damage your life. Choose what you watch carefully, then turn the blasted thing off! Be radical: talk to friends, play sports and games, make love to your spouse, read a book, go for a walk -- anything is better than mindlessly gazing into Couch Potato land.

    25.* Desire not money is the root of all evil, and the quest for enlightenment requires desire be rooted out.

    24.* If being your true self includes accepting one or more of the seven deadly sins as being part of your natural makeup and character, you'll be committing slow spiritual suicide if you do not at least resist.

    23.* How much money a career path will make you in the future should 'always' be a secondary consideration to long-term happiness and personal fulfillment.

    22.* Following one's natural inclinations, one's likes and dislikes, not only ensures happiness, but is the only realistic way to forge a career that will hold any kind of meaning and value later on.

    21.* Know and be true to your own self in all things, for it is more than enough just to be yourself.

    20.* Its hard enough being yourself these days, let alone a composite of everyone and everything that's considered cool.

    19.* Walk boldly, live your own special journey, and you will most assuredly discover your own glory along the way.

    18.* Have courage and take that first little step!

    17.* A true life's path can only be created through the act of walking it.

    16.* Destiny is rarely suspected before it is born, before it 'happens' to us.

    15.* Please trust me: there is far more to life &, love than just body-parts!

    14.* If you really want to find yourself, get to know your inner-self first before you start hunting afield. If you don't know where to start, one or two weeks solitude somewhere spartan and secluded, with no radio, TV or PC, is a decidedly good start. If you spend enough time alone you are bound to meet up with your true self sooner or later....its inevitable.

    13.* Believe it or not I find myself speechless today. My fingers are poised over the keyboard but my mind is silent, sprouting no words of wisdom or wit to share. But that's probably just as well for we all talk too much these days. In fact, come to think of it, hardly anyone seems to listen these days. And when they do, don't be fooled by their apparently attentive silence: look in their eyes and you'll see they are not really listening but politely awaiting their turn to speak. Most people today are total strangers to solitude and silence, but strangely, I only truly know I am alive when I am silent and go within. My own personal mind's eye inner space is, to me anyway, the most wonderful place to be. Try it and you'll learn to love it as much as I do, of this I am sure.

    12.* If you find yourself surrounded by family and friends that you can't really discuss the things in your life you really care about, i.e., OBE, meditation, etc, then as my son Ben says 'its time you got yourself a new gig'. You don't have to abandon family and old friends, but you can expand your circle of friends with people more attuned to who you are now, rather than with who you used to be. The best way to do this is to get out there in the market place of life and do something. Think about what you like doing and start searching for like-minded people. Put an add in your local paper, 'seeking a friend' or join a meditation or development group, or start one up yourself. You don't need knowledge and metaphysical skill in order to sit around in a semi-dark room with a group of friends following a taped meditation. And you'll find the discussion that follows and the friendships you'll make will, more than anything else, help you grow into who you'll become tomorrow.

    11.* What have I learned this week...hmmm...let me see. Well, I've learned that nice people do exist (thanks Keith!) and will appear as knights on shining armor when they are truly needed. But also that its wise to keep a good stock of beer in the fridge to save the necessity of offering guests cooking sherry. (I really do cook with it sometimes...hic!).

    10.* Pain and suffering are great teachers. They test our limits and teach us who we really are.

    9.* Question 'everything', most especially partisan beliefs and the assumptions of others, even if they are famous. Just because a person has given talks and written books on something does not mean they are right. Scientific method does not always fit in with metaphysical research and exploration. But this is no excuse to throw out the baby with the bath-water. Its really all we have going for us.

    8.* Mankind is continually gifted with small pieces (pieces of knowledge) of an incredibly complex esoteric jigsaw puzzle, and always has been. But these precious gems are more-often-than-not cast away, trodden into the dust, tossed unceremoniously into the too-hard basket because they don't fit in with partisan opinion. For many years I was ridiculed for my thoughts on the nature of OBE, most especially about my theories on Mind-Split phenomena. But no one is laughing now. All I did was take a few pieces of puzzle (repeatable phenomena) and study and experiment with these until I understood them well enough to develop a theory.

    7.* Angels and advanced spirit beings (whatever you'd like to call them) do not deliberately hide the nature of reality, of life and death, nor the nature of metaphysical reality and the hierarchy and workings of spiritual beings. One could easily say, and wrongly I think, that we are not capable of understanding, or are not ready for such rarefied esoteric knowledge. But the simple truth is that the majority of people do not want to hear the actual truth. They are not prepared to listen because it may offend heartfelt beliefs. The only problem with heartfelt belief without proof is that it is either based on non-repeatable phenomena, or wishful thinking, or a construction of both. And taken to extremes, heartfelt belief often becomes mindless dogma.

    6.* This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is important, because I'm exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving in it's place something that I have traded for it. I want it to be gain, not loss, good, not evil, success, not failure, in order that I shall not regret the price I paid for it.

    5.* Just as the practice of deep physical relaxation is the key to successful wake induced OBE, so the practice of daily trance meditation, contemplation and introspection are the keys to successful spiritual development.

    4.* The best advice I can give anyone aspiring to significant spiritual-cum-psychic development is: sacrifice at least an entire day, from waking to bedtime, meditating. Make sure you are completely undisturbed for the entire day. Repeat this one day sacrifice as often as you can, until you learn to love your time alone. Your ego will rebel, your body will want to be up and doing things, your mind will get bored and frustrated and will try and trick you into breaking your resolve. But do not give into these things. These are things of the flesh, not of the spirit. All these things must be overcome through strength of will and self-discipline. In time, you will come to know yourself. Through this you will find peace of mind. Everything you need to progress will then be yours for the taking. Never give up!

    3.* Do unto others as you would be done by (treat others as you would like to be treated yourself) are probably the wisest words ever said. They have been said many times by many masters, in many languages. But while people nod sagely and agree with the wisdom of these words, they are seldom put into practice. Why? Because this advice does not seem to work in the modern world. You treat everyone nicely and, before you know it, people are abusing your niceness and taking advantage of you, thinking you weak. But if you ponder awhile, this wisdom does not advise meekness and submission. It advises fairness and kindness in all things. And lets face it, in this imperfect modern world that's about as much as anyone has the right to expect from others.

    2.* When you were born, you had a mature, ageless spirit, contained in a babies body with an empty brain. This is the highest manifestation of higher-self most people will ever experience. The higher self does not need language to think and be and create. After birth, we spend our whole lives filling our brains with language and learning and experience. But then, one fine day, some of us undertake the task to still the mind and achieve pseudo emptiness, so we can once more reach out to our higher selves, buried under tons of language and millions of hours of memory. If we achieve our goals, we achieve emptiness and learn how to think and be and create without language, in blissful abstract emptiness. With this comes the higher level / higher self connection we were all born with. For most people, this task is too difficult to conceive of let alone achieve. But only through this process can one be all that one can be. Animals also have the same emptiness at birth. But they do not suffer from language as humans do, so maintain a stronger contact with their higher selves. They also share at some level, or are connected with, the very same higher-selves as we are, our many-legged brothers and sisters. So, next time you look into the eyes of a baby, have a little respect. You will never get any nearer to God in this lifetime.

    1.* What price would you put on your own freedom? Historically, this apparently simple thing carries a very heavy price tag.

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    Robert Bruce is an internationally respected author, mystic, and speaker.For over 30 years, Robert has explored the mechanics, energetics and dynamics of paranormal and spiritual phenomena (how things work); especially Out-of-Body Experience, the human energy body, healing and self-healing, spiritual development, psychic self-defence and higher-self communications.
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