• The Silence of Our Dead

    By Michael Ross

    Why are the dead so silent?

    Since time immemorial, human beings have been desperate to contact their departed loved ones.

    In the mists of time, for example as during shamanistic ceremonies, the same problem of guaranteeing legitimate contact was problematic then as it is now in this new age era.

    The medicine man and keepers of the secrets in earliest civilisations probably let down as many allegedly primitive communities desperate for one word, one quick vision from their departed loved ones, as do mediums and soul retrievers nowadays in spiritualist churches and new age workshops.

    Most of us interested in paranormal matters have probably experienced some wonderful contacts but it is likely we have also been faced with inconclusive evidence that we are being contacted by our dead.

    What is going on?

    It seems to me there are various possible explanations why the dead, for the most part, are silent.

    The astral/spiritual worlds do indeed possess a "gulf" whereby the "lower" personality is just not capable of penetrating the spirit worlds easily at all.

    Most religions express this thought- some in an extreme fashion- whereby all attempted contacts with the dead are totally rejected as a sin against God, the nature of spiritual law ..whatever.

    On the other hand some new age writers and philosophical belief systems seem to suggest that it is of the utmost necessity to ensure there is a constant interchange and communication between the dead and the living. The trouble is, many new age writers maintain that one need only think of the dead and there they will be..e.g. I think of ,say, my late grandmother ,converse with her in my head and whatever comes from her during this imaginary conversation will actually be her soul/spirit communicating with me. This may, indeed, be the case but for most people this might be pretty unsatisfactory.

    There may be a very good case to be made that this is a good start in communicating with the dead since undoubtedly we have to think of them in a pictorial, strongly vivid manner in order to achieve initial contact.

    But then it would be so easy for our imagination to start building up a strictly imaginary scenario which might not have any basis in (spiritual) reality. For example it is possible that I can picture my dead grandmother..initiate a conversation..e.g "How are you doing Grandma?" and she replies, "I am doing fine and you are going to do well in your new job.. blah... blah...."

    In other words my subconscious mind with its imaginative creative abilities could have provided a nice comforting message which has not come from my grandmother..instead, virtually self - generated , it merely served to give me a nice positive impression to get me through the next few days or whatever.

    The Austrian seer and clairvoyant , Rudolf Steiner, founder of Anthroposophy, has suggested that it is an urgent demand of the times that communication with the dead is undergone to ensure the spiritual evolution of mankind.

    Not in the manner of merely trotting along to the nearest spiritualist church to get a moral boosting message or guidance that our dead grandmother is functioning well in an alien sort of environment but that the dead desperately need our thoughts, positive interaction and constant input in order to progress themselves.

    It is a two way process. We cannot merely be recipients of efforts made by our loved ones in their spiritual environment. It appears they need us as much as we need them.

    They, literally, feed on what we bring to them in sleep.

    When we sleep our soul visits the astral, spiritual worlds and the fact that we do not remember the vast majority of our experiences is primarily due to our own lack of spiritual development whereby we, literally, cannot "download" all sorts of experiences into our physical brain.

    Fortunately, there are enough primers on meditation, spiritual development around these days to explain all sorts of techniques in order to achieve "continuity of consciousness" into the sleep state to ensure heaps of lucid dreams, out of body experiences, genuine spiritual contact with beings and places in the astral or spiritual spheres.

    The only thing lacking, as usual, is the effort and persistence in order to achieve this necessary goal.

    The more we bring our "warmed up" thoughts...positive "after-life" enhancing thoughts.... to our dead prior to sleep the more it is likely that we will fill their souls with the nourishment they need.

    Steiner suggests that we remember our loved ones as they were when they were alive in a happy situation..for example when they were walking with us somewhere..in a happy carefree sort of mind. He advises us to visualise them as they were..their speech, physical characteristics, style of walking etc.

    This is of course, very difficult if there is still an overwhelming sense of grief which acts like a thick curtain between them and us. The old adage"let them go" is singularly appropriate here, hard though this can be.

    It may be that we will then have the subtle feeling that our dead are trying to approach us during the day.

    The initial trouble with this is that it is likely to be a fragmentary, barely noticeable feeling.."I felt that my loved one was there..I couldn't see her..didn't hear her voice..but I just sensed somehow she was there..and trying to communicate something."

    The tenuous nature of this sort of communication, is of course, frustrating and liable to lead to one giving up...it being too subtle an inner sensation to persevere with. Surely it is not so subtle...almost innocuous? Perhaps it is. Things ..especially in the spiritual world...are not what they seem. But, anything worth having is best thoroughly worked for.

    Eventually, over a period of time, it may be observed that one's dream life has changed.

    More "dream contacts" with our dead may ensure..probably mixed in with a lot of subconscious fabrications but, over time, it may be noticed that all the dream imagery forms into a more stable, consistent with a more coherent and seemingly logical framework.

    Perhaps even more visible evidence will ensue. i.e. when the "third eye" chakra begins to function actual visual images of our dead may emerge.

    But even then it is highly likely that these experiences may be few and far between. Patience..that hardest of virtues..is the key in this regard.

    What else, then accounts for the seeming spasmodic appearances and visitations of our loved ones?

    Well, one other aspect to seriously consider is that they are in a different frame of mind.

    For example, many writers on out of body phenomena have stated that, as soon as one is out of the physical body during a fully conscious astral projection ones "priorities seem to change".

    One may have intended to visit a specific place or "target" and found on leaving the body that one has been swept up into a far more interesting, intriguing environment than one expected. All sorts of fascinating, absorbing situations may arise and one may quite simply, like a child, forget all about the ice cream and enjoy the puppet show.

    Furthermore, there may be subtle changes in consciousness. One, indeed, when out of the body, whether during an astral projection when alive or in the more permanent version at death, may find oneself in a sense unconcerned about "earthly matters."

    For example, one can recall many reports of people having a Near-Death experience whereby, say, a happily married mother of young children is critically ill and finds herself travelling down the usual tunnel configuration, meeting a dazzling being...and what is very surprising, wanting to stay there and have the feeling, almost of complete detachment, about her husband and children left behind.

    This is not always the case in such experiences but there are and have been sufficient examples which indicate that the after death environment takes on a priority which seems to exceed the most overwhelming experiences on the earth plane..e.g. the love of a mother for her children. This must be very strange to contemplate but many people have experienced this and it may be that the soul , on reaching "home" truly finds it to be the case that one's spiritual home is the priority.

    There are also all sorts of accounts which give one the impression that the dead, indeed, have a new set of priorities. It is amazing to think that souls birthed into the spiritual worlds can apparently make very few attempts at reaching their loved ones still on the earth plane.

    But an appropriate analogy may be that it is perhaps similar also to us emigrating to a totally new country. The unfamiliarity of the language, culture and scenery takes a lot of getting used to and we are totally engrossed into getting used to this whole new world.

    Millions of people have prayed, petitioned, begged God, the spiritual world, the latest Guru etc. for just one sign, one message, one glimpse that their loved one is all right.

    They would give anything for that sure, certain and completely genuine connection with their loved one. And they have, in the vast majority of cases, been sorely disappointed.

    It appears that the contact we earnestly desire with our departed has to be worked on by ourselves..in a slow, patient endeavour as outlined previously. This is undoubtedly difficult to achieve..

    It may start of as a very mild feeling within that our loved ones are near.

    Naturally, we would all prefer that the contact was a clear image, voice or physically certain touch from our dead. But it appears, from those who have endeavoured to persevere with this sort of approach, is that these visitations are extremely subtle.

    Just a subtle sensation that they are there.

    It may, as said previously, progress into more coherent dream contacts etc. and stronger feelings that the dead are really trying to break on through.

    If there is one thing that human beings surely know instinctively, is that spiritual progression and development is a slow, labourious process.

    For that reason alone, our attempts to contact the dead are bound to be an exceptional thing until we can all put aside our natural laziness and lack of faith that we are getting there. We are probably "all sinners" in this respect.

    But the silence of our dead may yet be broken.

    We just have to make the patient, long term effort to ensure that we are as much help to them in their eternal journey as we expect them to be us in our situation.

    Michael Ross
    email: Murrs22@aol.com

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